Petition Tag - miley

1. Bring Miley Back

Don't let miley leave Disney Channel. She is a role-model for kids everywhere. we all know she has made some mistakes in the past, everyone does. so please continue the Hannah Montana series.

2. Get Miley Cyrus to do an instore signing in HMV

As a fan of Miley Cyrus like many others i would love to meet her even if it is for one minute. HMV is a big entertainment retailer and have many instore signings. It would be amazing if they got Miley to do a signing session with them and give her fans the opportunity to meet her

3. No One Should Die In MJHT

MJHT-A show which started as college based show focusing on youth and fun and not at all rona dhona type. It got an awesome response from viewers.

As the story progressed, it started becoming drama show but in that too the characters bring back the flavour.All in all this is the jaan of so many peoples who cry when there is a sad track and laugh when there is a fun track. Can you guys imagine one of the four leads (Mayank,Nupur,Samrat and Gunjan) die in a road mishap and leave show?

So the show your fan power and stop this from happening.

4. Get Miley Back on Twitter

Miley Cyrus has recently deleted her Twitter account. Not only is Miley telling her younger fans that it is okay to conform to anothers request, but she is letting herself down. We always believed her to be a strong, independant person, a great role model and someone to respect.

Now however she is showing that she may not be as independent as we thought.

5. Miley Cyrus Concierto En Argentina (concert in argentina)

Miley Cyrus te queremos en ARGENTINA!!!
(Miley Cyrus we want you in Argentina!)

Miley hace tours por todo el mundo ahora es tiempo de Argentina.Hizo conciertos en Europa EE.UU(obviamente)
en todos los lugares menos en Argentina.

6. Let Miley Cyrus do Saturday Night Live!

We want Miley Cyrus on SNL!

7. G.E.M. as the only Chinese voice for Miley Cyrus | 聯署要求鄧紫棋成為 Miley Cyrus 御用華語配音

As fans and supporters of Miley Cyrus, we are furious about Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) being the Chinese voice for Miley Cyrus (as Penny) in Disney's recent animation, Bolt. We believe that this will have negative impact to her image and reputation and propose to make an end to further disgrace of Miley by choosing the wrong voice actresses for her characters.

We propose that G.E.M. Tang (鄧紫棋), a rising Teen Pop/R&B Sensation from Hong Kong, to become the ONLY Chinese voice for Miley Cyrus, as she is similar to Miley in many ways, from her talent, age, youthfulness, to her wide voice range unparalleled to a lot of singers and artists a like. We believe that she would be the appropriate Chinese voice for Miley's characters in the Movies, TV Shows, animations etc. that she participates, and we cannot find a better person than G.E.M. to do the job.


Miley is not a slut or whore. Why does every1 think that she is a bad role model just because of a few unruly pictures?

Vanessa Hudges got off easily, and she was completely NUDE! Miley doesn't have any nude pixtures and people hate her 10x more than Vanessa. Why is this happening?


The Jonas Brothers haven't been to Nashville,Tennessee since 2006 except when they were with Miley Cyrus. But no one could really get into that concert. And now their not coming here for the burning up tour. Which I don't really find fair....

10. Bring Miley Cyrus to Australia

Hey guys. It's Amelia and Andrea and we made this petition to try get Miley Cyrus to bring her sold out tour to Australia.

There are already rumours about this being true, but we want to make sure of it and get as much support as we can.

So if you are a mega Miley fan like we are, please support us by signing the petition.

11. Miley isn't a slut

If u support Miley sign this! She is not a slut.

12. Stop the stupid Miley Rumors

at the top of my page i googled Miley Cyrus it popped up Miley Pregnant...why is that? they even said they have proof... they made a picture of miley looking like she was 9 month pregnant i have the original picture of this... theirs was edited you want proof? look up Miley Cyrus pregnant just google that!