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1. Academic Boycott of Middlesex University until restoration of philosophy program

On April 26 Middlesex University announced the closure of its highly-ranked and well-respected philosophy program. This closure has no philosophical or pedagogical rationale, and in fact it has no economic justification either: far from losing money, after covering its salary and administrative costs the program contributes more than 50% of its revenue to the central management of the university. But the management unilaterally decided that it could make more money by investing its funds elsewhere. (For an overview of the situation see

Despite wide-spread international protest of the closure in the form of thousands of letters and petition signatures, the management has shown no signs of reconsidering its decision. Instead it seems dedicated to censoring all dissent: on May 21 it suspended three faculty members and several students for the 'crime' of campaigning to save their own courses and jobs.

It is time, then, for supporters of Middlesex Philosophy to take a more active stance.

2. Save Middlesex Philosophy

Petition to Save the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University and to get those students and staff who were suspended for their support reinstated

--------------------------------IMPORTANT UPDATE - May 23, 2010 --------------------------------

Bullying managers at Middlesex University have suspended two philosophy professors and several philosophy students for the crime of campaigning to save their own jobs and courses.

The suspensions come in the wake of international outrage at plans by Middlesex managers to shut down the university's world renowned philosophy centre. Students occupied the Mansion Building at Middlesex's Trent Park campus for 12 days in protest at the closure decision. Now the university bosses are threatening to suspend every student involved in this peaceful sit-in protest.

We must not let these bullies get away with trashing Middlesex University's academic reputation, shutting down successful departments and intimidating those staff and students who stand up to them.


The abrupt closure of the Philosophy programmes at Middlesex University is a matter of national and indeed international concern. Not only does it flatly contradict the stated commitment of Middlesex University to promote 'research excellence', it represents a startling stage in the ongoing impoverishment of Philosophy provision in the UK.

The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy ( at Middlesex makes a significant and distinctive contribution to the teaching of philosophy in the UK. Its set of MA programmes is currently the largest in the UK, and Philosophy is the most prestigious and highest research-rated subject at Middlesex University.

The CRMEP is now widely recognised as one of the most important centres for the study of modern European philosophy anywhere in the English-speaking world. Building on its grade of 5 in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise, in the 2008 RAE Middlesex was rated first in philosophy among post-1992 universities, with 65% of its research activity judged ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’.

More importantly, work carried out at the CRMEP is characterised by a unique emphasis on broad cultural, artistic and intellectual contexts, and a marked sense of social and political engagement.

Middlesex Philosophy is one of only a handful of programmes left in the UK that provides both research-driven and inclusive post-graduate teaching aimed at a wide range of students, specialist and non-specialist. It also happens to generate a substantial amount of revenue for the University, currently contributing close to half of its total income to the University's central administration.


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PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS NEWS WIDELY - closure at Liverpool and cuts at KCL and elsewhere have been avoided and suspensions as Sussex have been reveresed due to protest. It IS possible to stop the demented venal idiocy of university management.

If you would like to show Dean Esche what you think of this decision then you can email him at, please send a copy and any reply to

3. Name the former Middlesex Hospital site "Middlesex Hospital Square"

"I think it is an important mark of respect to all the people who trained and worked at the Middlesex Hospital, for the benefit of many, to name the site in question as the Middlesex Hospital Square. NoHo Square is just a ghastly prospect and stands for nothing..." Sir David Jason

The Middlesex Hospital was a famous teaching hospital which had served the community since 1745. It had occupied the Mortimer Street site since 1755. The hospital buildings were built by public subscription between 1928 and 1935, without ever closing the hospital.

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In 2008 the buildings of the former Middlesex Hospital were demolished. In their place, the Candy & Candy property development company planned to build an apartment and commercial complex worth close to £1.5bn, and re-brand this area as "NoHo Square".

As a result of the international financial crisis, however, Candy & Candy have now withdrawn from the project, leaving a wasteland in their wake.

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Anyone with connections to the Middlesex is invited to join the Facebook group (see link), where more information regarding the campaign, photos etc is available.

There is now a move to demolish the Middlesex's former annexe on Cleveland Street. This is a Georgian building that was the former Workhouse. Those concerned by this further assault on London's heritage are encouraged to sign the following petition (follow link) as well.

Online petition - Save the Cleveland street workhouse