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1. Review 384 Bus Route

The 384 serves a number of schools along its route. To encourage more children to use this bus route, which links Cockfosters and High Barnet Tube Stations we are lobbying Transport for London and the Mayor of London to increase its frequency before and after school.

2. 2012 Plastic-Bag-Free Olympics

Greener Upon Thames is a community-driven campaign to reduce plastic bag use in the London Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston, make London and the 2012 Olympics plastic-bag-free, and pressure our Government for a ban or levy on single-use plastic bags.

Backed by politicians, schools, local community organisations and more than 500 shops and thousands of residents, we campaign to break the bag habits of millions in London and beyond by producing and distributing literature and infomercials, organising local events and liaising with international plastic-bag-free campaigns to raise awareness about the impact of plastic bags, excess packaging and waste plastic on the environment and future generations.

London 2012: Shouldn't we be plastic-bag-free? Bagging Boris from Greener Upon Thames on Vimeo.

Greener school competition entry from Andrea Craig on Vimeo.

3. Bring the tube to Streatham

London Mayor Johnson said in passing at a Mayor’s Question Time event in February 2009 that he has ambitions to extend the Bakerloo line to Lewisham, however no official announcement was made nor further details given. Chuka Umunna, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham has now (in July 2009) obtained confirmation from Transport for London (TfL) that Mayor Johnson and TfL are considering plans to extend the Bakerloo line southwards to Lewisham and an examination of the feasibility of such a scheme is at an advanced stage.

Mr Umunna and local residents in Streatham are demanding to know why an extension of the Bakerloo line to that area as an alternative has not also been considered as part of this study. They argue that Streatham is in greater need of improved transport links and that other areas such as Lewisham are already well served by various transport connections, including the extension of the Docklands Light Railway which opened in 1999.

Instead of Lewisham, Umunna and campaigners say that a southward Bakerloo line extension from Elephant & Castle, where the line currently terminates, could run through Camberwell and Brixton to Streatham and should be considered. Such an extension would have the added benefit of relieving congestion on the very busy Streatham High Road part of the A23 (Europe’s longest High Street) and on the Northern and Victoria lines in neighbouring Clapham and Brixton.

The Bakerloo line is only one of the options available for bringing the tube to Streatham. Currently, the Victoria line’s capacity constraints make it difficult to extend it beyond Brixton. But the planned Crossrail 2 scheme, running from Chelsea to Hackney, would considerably relieve congestion on the Victoria line, creating the potential for an extension southwards to Streatham from Brixton.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr Umunna said:

“I have lived here for most of my life and people have been talking about the desirability of having the tube in Streatham for as long as I can remember.

“This campaign is a long term project. Public finances are going to be tight for the next few years but we need to build up a head of steam behind this now so that when there is more money about, we are in a good position to demand it is used to finally bring the tube here.

Mr Umunna and campaigners argue that local businesses in Streatham would benefit from the area being linked to central London by the tube. Streatham's poor transport links have too often held the area back in the past. Bringing the tube to Streatham would dovetail with regeneration of the area, such as the Streatham Hub project and more people would be attracted to visit the area and its attractions, which include one of London's only ice rinks.

Commenting further, Mr Umunna said:

"This area would benefit hugely from a tube station. As well as obvious benefits for local residents, it would give a massive boost to the regeneration of Streatham and the local economy.

4. STOP THE BLOCK | 32-42 Bethnal Green Road | PLANNING APPLICATION 07/02193

We call on the Mayor of London to refuse planning permission for the above planning application (which the Strategic Development Committee of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets resolved to grant on 13 March 2008) for the following reasons:

5. Rename TFL Underground Station ‘Aldgate East’ to ‘Brick Lane- Bangla Town’

Strangely there are two underground stations in London with the same name though there is more than enough reasons to rename one or both of the stations. Our request is to rename the ‘Aldgate East’ station to ‘Brick Lane- Bangla Town’. Why so?

Brick Lane is a place full of historic significance and well known throughout the world for many reasons. But in recent days it has been elevated to new height as the curry capital of London, the lane is cluttered with Bangladeshi restaurants serving traditional Bangladeshi/Indian sub continental food. People from everywhere visit here to satisfy their hunger for this traditional spicy food. Also every year the Bangladeshi community holds a big traditional Bangla Fair which is visited by thousands. Also the exit of the ‘Aldgate East’ is just by the Brick Lane, whereas Aldgate is at little distance.