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1. 2012 Plastic-Bag-Free Olympics

Greener Upon Thames is a community-driven campaign to reduce plastic bag use in the London Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston, make London and the 2012 Olympics plastic-bag-free, and pressure our Government for a ban or levy on single-use plastic bags.

Backed by politicians, schools, local community organisations and more than 500 shops and thousands of residents, we campaign to break the bag habits of millions in London and beyond by producing and distributing literature and infomercials, organising local events and liaising with international plastic-bag-free campaigns to raise awareness about the impact of plastic bags, excess packaging and waste plastic on the environment and future generations.

London 2012: Shouldn't we be plastic-bag-free? Bagging Boris from Greener Upon Thames on Vimeo.

Greener school competition entry from Andrea Craig on Vimeo.

2. Back the Cross River TRAM Boris!

The Cross River Tram is a Transport for London proposal for a tram system in London, England, to connect Camden Town to King's Cross, Peckham and Brixton.

It is planned to relieve overcrowding on the London Underground, and to improve transport in areas currently without good public transport, such as North Peckham & the Aylesbury Estate in Southwark, which would aid in the regeneration of these areas.

The scheme enjoys high levels of support, particularly in South London, where the tram is seen as vital in improving access to new jobs and training opportunities and attracting inward investment.

However, the scheme has been consistently delayed with a current completion date of 2016-2020, as opposed to an original target date of 2008.


3. Clarkson for London Mayor

We need Jeremy Clarkson as London Mayor. All the government/London assembly/local councils want is to make as much money as they can from car drivers. Still we have roads that are a disgrace. Ken Livingstone is not the answer.