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Danney Lee Williams has many compelling reasons to believe that he is the biological son of former President William Jefferson Clinton. They include:

- Williams has never met his famous and wealthy father, but the puffy eyes, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, and the big, mischievous smile are unmistakably similar.

- Danney’s mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, was a working girl when Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Williams said she met Clinton in 1984 and had at least thirteen trysts with the governor.

- Bobbie Ann Williams passed a lie detector test.

- A man driving a state car delivered $700 in cash to the Williams shack every month for years, leaving seven crisp $100 bills in an envelope left in the mailbox.

- We have many many photos of Danney at stages in his life where he resembles Bill. Visit and see for yourself.

2. Please Build a Costco in Little Rock

We Love Costco and want one in Little Rock, Arkansas! Why? Costco provides more premium products to consumers. Costco’s buyers find more upscale items for their stores.

Costco explicitly targets customers with more money. Costco has a commitment to signature offerings and never marks up more than 15%. Every decision Costco makes comes down to what the member wants.

In short, Costco has nicer products, cleaner stores and caters to a different demographic than Sam's and Walmart.

3. Bring a Diner to our Community in Chidester, County of Ouachita

I would like to bring a diner to my community.

Right now in order for us to go out in eat we have to drive over 20 to 25 miles.

I feel that bring a diner here will benefit the community as well as benefit me.