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1. Wild Horse License Plate - Oregon

Wild Horse Solutions presently operates under the Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition (COWHC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2002. The Coalition promotes successful relationships with Mustangs, in the wild and as working partners.

Show your support of the wild horses of Oregon. COWHC is petitioning the State of Oregon for a wild horse license plate. Show your pride in Oregon history with a wild horses license plate and help support their preservation. Please add your signature to petition the State to offer a Wild Horse License Plate.

2. Millwood Alumni Car Tags

The Millwood School District has been a strong presence in the Northeast Oklahoma City community. It has produced successful talented alumnus that care about the future and well-being of the Millwood school system.

We, the Millwood Alumni Association would like to show solidarity and pride in this great school by purchasing specialty license plates that reflect our mascot and school colors.


Every state needs new sources of revenue that don't come from taxes or mandatory fees.

Every state could make a lot more money than it does now from license plates, by promoting vanity plates, limiting special plates (which have distinct designs and benefit causes or organizations) to state entities, and by allowing advertising on license plates. For more information, visit


California could earn a lot more money from license plates, to help fund state government, by promoting personalized ("vanity") license plates, by redesigning and copyrighting the standard plate and licensing the use of its image, and by allowing advertising on license plates.