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1. Paramount Pictures Should Release "Jupiter Ascending" Internationally

One of the movies I'm really looking forward to next year is "Jupiter Ascending" by Andy and Lana Wachowski. Its premise alone had me very curious about the film itself, and how are they going to handle it.

I know there has been some bad word-of-mouth about those two, but I'm asking you to give these two a chance. I'm certain that the Wachowskis can come up with something truly special with this film.

This petition is set up with the intent of asking Warner Bros. if they could partner up again with Paramount Pictures and let them release the movie worldwide, with Warners distributing it stateside.

2. No Child Labor Made Shirts or Supplies at Beacon Cove

School District of Palm Beach County

Every day children in other countries are making our school uniforms and our school supplies.

Please sign and help us make our uniforms sweat free (not made by children).


The neighbors of North Star are concerned about the safety of our children, animals, and other neighbors who enjoy walking outdoors. If you are one of the neighbors who are concerned about the safety in our community, please take the time to sign this petition to install SPEED BUMPS along JUPITER RD.