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1. Against Equestrian Sport

Currently Nevzorov Haute Ecole Research Centre has the unquestionable evidence of the equestrian sport's cruelty.

We are ready to bring on a highest level a conclusive accusation against equestrianism, races and other horse-torturing activities. Also we think it is legally acceptable to claim moral damage which is caused to children, who's mental health is endangered while participating in "sport activities" which considers the cruel treatment of a living being to be normal. The above is pertinent to the audience which is unsuspicious of the real nature of equestrian sport, races and other human entertainment which include horses.

Equestrian "sport" has nothing to do with a testing of power and ability of a human sportsmen. It is parasitizing on the abilities of another creatures, namely, horse. One of the proofs is that only equestrianism allows men and women participate on equal terms.

Equestrian "sport" can not exist because it is NOT sport at all. A sport discipline tests power and endurance of men, who act VOLUNTARILY, while in equestrian "sport" the one who acts like a sportsman is a horse, which is totally absurd and conflicts with the rules of Olympic Games and de Coubertin's behest. Parasitizing on other being's abilities and prize winning through violent and public coercion of a horse discredits sport and devalues services of real sportsmen who test the limits of their abilities and facilities.

We bear in mind the extent of the problem: we understand that the equestrian industry will use any means possible to defend its financial interests. Also we understand that we can withstand and win the fight only when we close our ranks. We need your aid, the aid of the sane and the intelligent people.

Let us together stop the lies and the rampancy of the legalized cruelty. Let us mark the 21st century with the prohibition of such a shameful sport as equestrianism. Let us exclude "Equestrianism" from the Olympic Games.

You can not ignore the public opinion nowadays. Internet connects people all over the world. Through the efforts of the publicity the use of the wild animals in circuses was banned in the USA. The horse slaughterhouses were also closed there. In Australia the horse races were banned at the Victoria race track. All of these happened because of the unity and bravery of the people who are ready to make a stand against the deadly machine of equestrianism. And this is just the beginning.

2. End RODEO In New Zealand

Rodeo must be ended once and for all.

I am focusing on the saviour of horses, but I speak for all other victims of rodeo (any animal).

The rodeo mafia claim that their sadistic terrorism (rodeo) is a 'sport' and 'art'. What they don't tell you is that they are making a game out of torturing, terrorizing, maiming and brutally killing (literally) countless animal lives.

Animals are subjected to extreme violence, that would result in anything from a simple fine to a death-sentence if it were taken out on a human, in order to make them 'perform' for the crowd and the judges. This violence includes roping the animals, throwing them, and hauling their faces, heads, bodies and legs into 'chute' and enclosure walls/bars; punching and kicking the animals in the face, head, body and legs; biting the animals ears; raking the animals' tails along chutes and enclosures (sometimes breaking the tail); electrocuting the animals in the face, head and body with a 5-6000volt hand-held device (aptly named the HotShot); and the sadism continues on and on.

The animals are so tortured and terrified before they even leave the chute that some suffer and even die from heart-attacks. Once out of the chute, the horses are forced to endure open gaping fles wounds caused by the flank (or buck) strap - which the rodeo mafia will tell you is only used loose; they are forced to continue 'performing' with severed spinal cords, broken backs, broken necks, (several) broken legs, broken tails (from the chute torture), smashed skulls, eye injuries, severed mouths, cracked and heinously neglected hooves, pulled and ripped tendons, ligaments and muscles, flesh wounds from spurs... and the list goes on. Any manner of even minor flesh wounds is completely ignored.

This is not to mention the overwhelming mental anguish the horses are forced to suffer. If a horse does not perform, they are taken 'behind-the-scenes' and beaten. Sometimes to death. This includes the same torture the horse endured before they were forced to buck, and it only gets worse: some are shot repeatedly with firearms, and left to bleed to death. They are then sent to slaughter.

Those who survive their punishment are also sent to slaughter. This means they are hauled on to a filthy, unsanitary stock-truck, jammed into a space not big enough to allow even any head-movement, forced to stand (sometimes for several days travel on end), corralled into tiny enclosures at the slaughter plant where they are completely neglected (given no food, no water, and no shelter) until they are forced into a runner - deaths row - then shot repeatedly (most commonly with a captive bolt gun or a nail gun), or stabbed repeatedly in the spinal cord until paralyzed, then whilst they're still alive (some even moving), they're hung from their back fetlocks and skinned alive, and cut down the middle - starting from their delicate, once-pretty faces. The horse will only then have their misery ended when their head is completely severed off, as will their limbs. RODEO PROFITS FROM THIS.

A bill was passed to end rodeo victims' from being sent to the further misery of death at slaughter plants, but over-turned by the "ANIMAL WELFARE CO-ORDINATOR" of the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

For more information and to see the actual bill, please visit SHARK's (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) websites. It is on,, and
Have yourself a field day.

Because of the world-wide exposure of the truth about rodeo, not only the torture-devices are being banned, but actual rodeo's are being banned.

Let's make New Zealand the next country that rodeo is made illegal in.

The rodeo mafia have already denied (on international broadcasts), actual photographic and video evidence that they are cruel terrorists, and what they do to appease their sadistic desires.

The rodeo mafia are either first-class criminals or in some way associated with first-class crimes, for example murder, man-slaughter, RAPE, CHILD-PORNOGRAPHY, fraud, etc, etc.
Do your research and find out for yourself.

Let's stop people making a game out of inducing pain, terror and brutal death onto innocent, helpless animals, who's cries are ignored (and to a naive audience, are mistaken for rank wildness).

Let's stop horses with several broken legs being dragged and hauled around the ring in a spectacle, forced to walk out of the arena and stand (on their broken legs) in a tiny enclosure so small they are not even afforded the luxury of laying down, having a trailer parked in front of them so the audience can't see the misery, then sent to slaughter.

Let's end it now.
Once and for all.

3. Prevent return of Amersham horses prior to animal cruelty trial

In early January 2008 the RSPCA, assisted by other equine welfare organisations, removed over 100 horses, ponies and donkeys from Spindles Farm, Amersham and charges of animal cruelty were brought against the Gray family. Most of the animals required extensive veterinary treatment and nursing care to start them on the road to good health and some will need continued care for many months to come.

The farm's owner, James Gray, made a formal application to Oxford Magistrates Court on Friday, 4th April 2008 to have the animals returned. The Deputy District Judge ruled to return 29 of these animals into the care of the family, deemed to be family pets, and to send another 82 to public auction. This decision has been greeted with outrage and dismay by the welfare agencies caring for the animals as the case against the Gray family for offences under section 4 and section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act (2006) is yet to be heard.

It is not in the best interests of the animals for these rulings to take place and the RSPCA will investigate all other avenues of appeal. Members of the public are invited to sign this petition to show their support for the RSPCA and the other equine welfare organisations currently caring for these animals in order to secure their future welfare.