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As evidence emerges concerning the sale of Uranium to Russia with the transfer and laundering of money, the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Bill Clinton, and the reported millions "donated" to The Clinton Foundation we the undersigned demand that a full and deliberate investigation be conducted. We demand that President Trump follow the rule of law and as per his oath to support and defend the Constitution specifically Article II, Section 3 ," he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed. "
We the undersigned believe that is our president's duty to make sure that the Laws of our nation are faithfully executed and that the rule of law exempts anyone from being above the law.
We further believe and demand that all parties, regardless of station who have been involved in this travesty to our national security be held accountable and brought to justice.

2. Pardon Kristian Saucier

Whereas during your 2016 campaign you cited the clear injustice and obvious inequality of Naval Submariner Kristian Saucier and Hillary Clinton in the mishandling of classified information,

Whereas Saucier who admitted to his error that was done when he was 22 years old and has proudly served our country for 11 years with the hope of making the Navy a career,

Whereas Saucier was repeatedly given excellent reviews by his supervisors and had risen in rank to US Navy 1st Class Petty Officer (E-6),

Whereas two other Navy men who did the same thing in mishandling "confidential information" a low level classification, remain in the military pursuing their naval careers. Their punishment fit the infraction, and did not include any prison time or dishonorable discharge and loss of benefits. Their military careers went forward, while Saucier's reputation and career was derailed,

Whereas Saucier did not face a military court though he was sill in the Navy at the time, but his case was taken up in a civilian court,

Whereas, as Saucier says in his own words, "I served my country for 11 years, I did two tours in the Middle East, and I would like to have my good name back, that's what's most important to me," he said. "Nothing can give me back the year I lost with my daughter and wife in prison, but a pardon would definitely restore my good name."

Whereas the consequences of what most would consider a "rookie error" without malice and in face of what some elites, politicians, and generals by comparison have done, we the undersigned, petition our Commander In Chief to consider this matter as you said you would during the 2016 campaign. We humbly request that you right this wrong, pardon Kristian Saucier, US Navy 1st Class Petty Officer for his eleven years of exemplary service in the Navy, Honorably Discharge him with all associated benefits.

Thank you for your consideration,

3. Call it a Republic: refer to our government as a “Constitutional Republic”

The media and most politicians continue to misrepresent our form of government as a democracy despite the fact that we are a Constitutional Republic. By changing the language, the powerful elites are dumbing down the masses and misrepresenting our entire political system. Don’t believe me? Ask a friend, neighbor or family member what form of government we have and see for yourself.

A Constitutional Republic protects against the tyranny of the majority, encourages coalition building and discourages voter fraud. It is why the framers of the constitution decided on a Constitutional Republic. Remember the reason for America in the first place was to escape the tyranny of an inferior political system that oppressed the masses.

Now we are at a tipping point where we need your help. Sign this petition that will be sent to all major media outlets, elected officials and pundits who continue to misrepresent our form of government.

4. End the US Electoral College - Use Popular Vote to Elect our President

The Electoral College was created when our country was just forming. It was created and added as the 12th Amendment to our US Constitution mainly because to use a popular vote wasn't very practical. The nation's land area was vast, the population was small, and very spread out. The former democratic models, such as Rome and Greece, would divide the land-owning men into groups, and each group of 100 got to represent 1 vote. This is the basis for the Electoral College we still use today. To read a full hisotrical perspecive, go to:

We now live in a world where almost everyone has access to learn a great deal about the candidates we elect. That was not the case in the 1700's, 1800's, and maybe even as short of a time ago as 100 years. Since we now have television, internet, 24 hour news in many formats, etc, as well as very reliable transportation, safe roads, and a much larger and better educated population than we did even 100 years ago, I am starting a petition to ask our Senators, Representatives, and state Governors/Governments to trust the vote of the people, the popular vote, and modify the 12th article of the US Constitution to allow the popular vote winner to become the President of the United States, and abolish the Electoral College System.

5. Should Government employees who plea the 5th be removed from their position

Donna Brazile has things to hide to plea the 5th and now block FBI from search and seizure of Clinton Foundation material and data to prove Pay for Play!

Let's end the Government Rats way of escaping charges!

6. Try Hillary for her misdeeds

Evidence to include but not limited to :
FBI investigation;
Project Veritas Action Videos.


Danney Lee Williams has many compelling reasons to believe that he is the biological son of former President William Jefferson Clinton. They include:

- Williams has never met his famous and wealthy father, but the puffy eyes, the cheeks, the ears, the nose, and the big, mischievous smile are unmistakably similar.

- Danney’s mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, was a working girl when Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Williams said she met Clinton in 1984 and had at least thirteen trysts with the governor.

- Bobbie Ann Williams passed a lie detector test.

- A man driving a state car delivered $700 in cash to the Williams shack every month for years, leaving seven crisp $100 bills in an envelope left in the mailbox.

- We have many many photos of Danney at stages in his life where he resembles Bill. Visit and see for yourself.

8. Petition Requesting Debate Moderator Chris Wallace To Ask The Presidential Candidates Whether Or Not They Support National Mandatory Vaccine Policy?

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. on behalf of MILLIONS of Americans (especially parents) who are extremely concerned with vaccine safety and their documented potential for causing side-effects and injury, are disturbed by the fact that the issue has been kept completely out of the recent presidential and vice-presidential debating process. This, despite state and federal government vaccination practices and policies coming under the heaviest scrutiny in recent memory by an exceedingly skeptical public.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. believe that the highly controversial topic of vaccination is the most frequently discussed medical procedure among the citizenry during the 2016 American election cycle. This is partly due to the unprecedented firestorm of international media attention given to the unwarranted ejection of the film, “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” from the Los Angeles Tribecca Film Festival; a decision which was subsequently reversed after tremendous public objection. Regarded as the most famous documentary of its kind to date, the film pertains to a CDC whistleblower who claims that the agency covered up scientific research demonstrating a connection between the MMR vaccine and the onset of childhood autism.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. believe that, at the present time, the single greatest issue of contention between those favoring and those opposing vaccines is the current trend of mandatory vaccination of entire populations, especially children, instituted through legislation that seeks to remove the right to claim exemptions on the grounds of religious, philosophical, medical, personal or conscientious beliefs. Yet, presidential debate moderators have failed to pose a single question on the matter. Instead of prompting discussion on this critically urgent issue which threatens the preservation of American liberties and freedoms, debate moderators have, instead, asked about such excessively covered topics as taxes, trade agreements, and immigration. While undoubtedly important to the candidate selection process, we believe said concerns have been discussed ad nauseam in more than a year’s worth of campaigning.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. are alarmed with the disgraceful passage of California’s “SB-277,” which abolished a parent’s right to exempt their school-aged children from vaccination. Said statute, which was locally and nationally opposed on a huge scale, was signed into law, despite revelations of scandalously large amounts of financial lobbying conducted by the vaccine industry. Since its passage, which instituted “open-ended” mandates for injecting children with numerous vaccines that have never undergone the same safety research as with pharmaceuticals, SB-277 is shamefully serving as a “model” for other legislatures.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. who are gravely concerned with the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and how that may affect vaccine policy within the federal government, believe it is imperative that the candidates, Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump, be asked to discuss, in open and public debate, whether he/she is in favor of establishing national mandatory vaccination requirements, what those mandates would look like, how they will be enforced, and what plans he/she has as president to support his/her position on this issue?

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED …. understand that Mr. Chris Wallace, the host of Fox News Channel’s television program entitled “Fox News Sunday”, has been selected by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) to moderate the third and final presidential debate (scheduled for October 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada) between the candidates. The CPD states on its website that Mr. Wallace has sole discretion in determining what questions he will pose to the candidates. Accordingly, the purpose of this Petition is to encourage Mr. Wallace to have the candidates debate questions on where they stand regarding national mandatory vaccination policy and what are their intentions for implementing that policy.

9. The Donald J Trump Billionaire's Tax Challenge

Warren Buffett, billionaire business man and high profile philanthropist, challenged Donald J. Trump the other day to meet anywhere at any time and show each other their income tax returns.

Mr. Buffett advised that this is not illegal and that Mr. Trump is the only presidential candidate in many decades that has not executed this task that demonstrates transparency to the American Voter.

We are challenging all billionaires, Democrats, Republicans and Independents to join Warren Buffett and challenge Mr. Trump as well to show each other their tax returns. This act will demonstrate to the American people that "We the people" still rings true in the United States of America.

We ask all the "non-billionaires" to please sign this petition and then accept the challenge of donating whatever they can to whatever cause they desire.

10. Request the NFL Reschedule for the Debates

Donald Trump has expressed disapproval for two of the dates for the national debates, because they will coincide with two NFL games. He claims the system is rigged against him due to conflicts for viewers; the possibility exists that he is already forming an excuse to back out of participating in those debates.

The independent committee that selected these dates is unlikely to make changes to the schedule; the best course of action would be to request that the NFL take the action of re-scheduling these games at different timeslots or different days. The networks would likely agree to such changes; back-to-back big events create more ratings compared to events that compete for viewership. “Tuesday Night Football” night would be just as lucrative and widely viewed.

By hinting at this now, it is conceivable that Trump will not use this to form an actual excuse for a refusal until much later on the calendar, when making any changes would be a far more difficult endeavor. Let us at least do all we can to remove this option as soon as it is feasible.

- IF you're a LIBERAL, support this petition to prevent Trump from using this as justification for a possible boycott before a deadline can be set in stone.
- IF you're a CONSERVATIVE, support this petition in order for Trump to receive the widest potential audience, have the most forums to set his record straight against Hillary, and to not allow him to be stifled by the biased media.

11. We are Ohio DemExit !

To the Ohio Democratic Party -

We, the undersigned, are resigning from the Ohio Democratic Party as of August 2, 2016.

It is imperative that the Ohio Democratic Party, its members and leaders, realize and experience the full gravity and weight of our resignation.

The signers of the petition are new members to the Ohio Democratic Party and long-time members; we are every color of the human spectrum, every religion, and every sexual identity. We represent every religion, as well as agnostics, and atheists. We come from all walks of life and all socio-economic levels. We are your friends, your family, your neighbors, co-workers, and the stranger in line at the Coffee shop.

And yet with all our differences, we have come together, in one clear voice to speak this truth: Our republic and everything that it stands for has been jeopardized suffering near irreparable harm. The right to vote, and have our vote count, is as precious as the lives who seek to defend it. However across this nation, our precious right was denied in state after state, primary after primary. The Democratic Party and our President remained silent as our concerns were raised. Then we were mocked and ridiculed after we protested and filed lawsuits, while the Democratic Party stood in complete denial of our right to vote.

We had found a man with a message that resonated, a vision that was clear. His name was Bernie Sanders. From the very beginning, Democratic leaders treated Sanders campaign as folly. “Only a fool runs against Hillary Clinton. She has all the super delegates. No one can beat Hillary. She is invincible.” But then word spread of this man from Vermont, this man and his message, and the Democratic Party did everything in its power to minimize and stifle the Sanders campaign. The main stream media was fed a steady diet of propaganda, by you, to squelch the man from Vermont. Indeed, this was the most organized tactical campaign against one of its own that we have ever witnessed. And yet after everything, the lies and deceit, the outrageous behavior and actions by Clinton Democrats, Bernie’s message still would not die. The crowds grew, and the crowds grew. Now, across the United States, we are millions.

We, the undersigned, will not support Hillary Clinton or any Democrats who conspire with those in powerful positions to deny us the American Dream. We will not be prisoners of Wall Street, or those who seek to poison the earth. We will not be prisoners of Big Pharma and unbridled student debt. We will not stand by as you crush our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.

We are Ohio DemExit and this election, and every election; we are committed to a Progressive Political Revolution. You have denied Bernie Sanders and Progressive ideals. You, the Democratic Leaders, made your bed. Now you can lie in it.

12. Jail Hillary Clinton

With the current evidence compiled by the FBI we as tax paying AMERICAN CITIZENS demand that the legal system do their Oath sworn duty and arrest Hillary Clinton.

We demand that the DOJ level just charges for the crimes that have viable evidence.

13. FBI Director James Comey Must make a decision NOW!

We must demand the completion from the FBI director James Comey on the investigation into the Hillary Clinton emails "well" before the Presidential election this November.

The American people demand answers NOW! We do not deserve an "ongoing" investigation into a "potentially" newly appointed President.

Our taxpaying citizens want the results NOW!

14. End Presidential Campaigns '16

The 2016 US Presidential race surpasses the usual political nonsense. The candidates are proposing dangerous and impossible platforms. Supporters of various candidates have warned of inciting riots, civil war, and world war if their candidate doesn't win.

There is a growing movement for vacating the vote or writing in "nobody". There are viable third-party candidates but the "establishment" controls the media, voting polls, and even ballot access.

There is even a guy with a boot on his head promising ponies and time-travel, which is more viable than some of the other plans set forth by front-runners. There is no hope for reasonable voices of American people to be heard in this election cycle.

15. DNC: Denounce Bernie Sanders

For decades now, Bernard "Bernie" Sanders has vilified members of the Democratic Party, both voters AND politicians, yet he is running on OUR ticket. Since he announced his candidacy, he has lied about where his money's coming from, cheated by bussing out-of-state supporters to caucuses and primary states with residency loopholes, and stolen vital information from his Democratic opponent.

Sanders has stated, time and again, that he is NOT NOW, nor will he EVER be a Democrat and has even vowed to DESTROY the Democratic Party, yet he is running on the Democratic ticket while taking money from several Republican-backed SuperPACs such as America Rising, organziations such as the National Rifle Association, big banks like Wells Fargo, and union busting corporations such as American Crystal Sugar, all the while claiming that he takes NO corporate contributions while he is, in fact, being investigated by the FEC for donations fraud, AND campaigning for his Senate seat AS AN INDEPENDENT.

Sanders also encourages his supporters to use social media as a means to bully and threaten ANYONE who supports and endorses his Democratic opponent or supports President Obama, using the FILTHIEST language possible. He has also filed several law suits against the DNC, the state of Ohio, Wikipedia, and others for the wrongdoings of HIS campaign and HIS workers.

This question remains: do we REALLY WANT someone with no moral compass, who surrounds himself with racist misogynists, sitting in the Oval Office?

I think the answer is obvious.

16. Tell Hillary to Drop the Lobbyists From Her Campaign

We are specifically asking Hillary Clinton to drop K Street from her campaign, especially Charles Baker of the Dewey Square Group and Heather Podesta, who formally lobbied for Cigna.

The lobbyists in her circle have fought against the Affordable Care Act, Dodd Frank, child obesity issues, and for Keystone XL.

17. Petition Harris Faulker & Hillary Clinton for an interview together

Hillary Clinton has mostly been interviewed at length by news media outlets whose political leanings are along the same lines, as the Democratic National Convention.

As a voter I would like to see both sides of the political aisle interview and speak with, both sides' media favorites. The voting American citizens should be allowed to know as much as possible about each possible candidate, prior to Election Day 2016.

If there is only one conservative who was ever allowed full access for a transparent interview whom Hillary Clinton's campaign would allow, I petition for Harris Faulkner to be given the opportunity.

18. We Oppose Hillary Clinton!

Abortion activist Hillary Clinton has announced her bid for the Democratic party nomination for president.

For the pro-life movement and the protection of unborn children from abortion, we MUST replace pro-abortion President Barack Obama with a pro-life president. It would be a monumental loss for unborn babies if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

If she is elected president, Hillary Clinton will continue to advance abortion at every turn. A President Hillary Clinton for four or even eight years in the White House will keep abortion legal for decades as she will stack the Supreme Court with pro-abortion extremists.

Hillary Clinton will force Americans to pay for abortions with our tax dollars, she will push abortion on an international scale, and a Clinton administration would continue pushing abortion in Obamacare and forcing companies like Hobby Lobby to pay for abortions for their employees.

Because of this, we strongly oppose Hillary Clinton!

19. Hillary Clinton will Announce in New York City on Saturday, July 4, 2015 in Central Park

Michael Collins @

Predict Hillary will announce on July 4, 2015.

What better date and symbol? Alerting national media.

Predict Hillary will announce on July 4th in New York City, Columbus,

Philadelphia or wild card San Francisco. Maybe a massive Central Park rally?

20. Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton has a track record that far outshines that of the current president. We admire her because, unlike Obama, she expresses an opinion on policy and then sticks to it. She would not compromise on the most important issues, and possesses the backbone to turn her ideas into reality.

We feel that her position in the Obama administration may deter her from a 2012 presidential run, but we want her to know that she has many supporters. There are many of us who desperately want her to run.

We are convinced in her ability to win the democratic presidential nomination, and the Presidency.

21. Stop China Dam Construction on the Mekong River

This petition was created by Khmer Anti-Poverty Party and initially written by Dr. Anise Ahmed, Environmental Engineer

Petition to the Honorable Secretary of State Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton

Seventy [70] million people live in the Mekong watershed. The Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Flood Lake of Cambodia are home to some 400 species of fish. For centuries, millions of Cambodians among those living in the lower Mekong region rely on the rich natural resources this river has provided for their livelihood. Thus, the life cycle of these indigenous people is invariably linked with the life cycle of the Mekong River which is invariably linked with the life cycle of the fisheries.

Dams on the Mekong River have threatened to cause extinction to the fish species because they prevent fish from being able to migrate upstream to the headwaters area to spawn. These dams also constrict the natural flow of the river which further affects rice production and agricultural activities in the Mekong Delta. China has plans for building a total of eight dams in the upstream area of the Mekong River. It continues to pursue dam building and controlling the flow of water to downstream countries including Cambodia without any regards for the livelihood of millions of people. China has persistently ignored the hardship it has inflicted on human lives despite the calls to modify its dam construction by multiple ASEAN countries.

Links for evidences that back up our claims:

China refuses to join the Mekong River Commission as a member and refuses to provide transparency of information on the impacts that the existing and future dams have on the reversal of the flow in Tonle Sap Lake, which is vital to the fish resources (a major source of protein for the Cambodians).

The United States Lower Mekong Initiative was established and inaugurated by Secretary Hillary Clinton in 2008. This Initiative has attempted to bring focuses on a balance of power in this Southeast Asian region. However, China has completely ignored the Commission’s efforts. Its attitude is indicative of its superiority and its display of regional power that it is capable of strangling other nations’ economy and stability. The world community should not tolerate such a behavior and China should be dealt with accordingly.

22. Universal Healthcare for China

We, the undersigned, appreciate the healthcare reform challenge that you and the President are currently faced with. As we are sure you realize, America is not the only country that is having trouble providing adequate healthcare to its people.

China also sorely needs a better healthcare system. We urge you to present your ideas regarding healthcare reform to the Chinese government, so that the idea of universal healthcare may one day be truly universal.

Approximately one-half of the urban population of China has health insurance. Sadly, this is the best news. Most of China’s public health resources are concentrated in the major cities, leaving the rural population seemingly forgotten. As urban healthcare improves, rural healthcare is dissolving. A short time ago, rural China had universal, if basic, healthcare.

Seventy-nine percent of the population of rural China, by China’s own statistics, is uninsured. Very few are able to obtain sufficient treatment, if any treatment at all. This leaves many to suffer and die in their own homes. In severe cases, the mentally ill are imprisoned in iron cages within their homes, to prevent them from doing harm to others because they cannot afford hospitalization. While China is attempting to develop a basic insurance plan, the annual fee – which is little over one dollar – is said by many peasants to be too high.

23. CNN - STOP the Media Bias against Senator Hillary Clinton

This is a petition to end the constant Media Bias projected at the democratic nominee Senator Hillary Clinton, by the news network CNN.

Such bias that has consistently gone against Senator Clinton in favor of Senator Obama, has been explicit, untrustworthy and destroyed the credibility and faith that supporters of Senator Clinton have in CNN in bringing them an an objective and factual account of the primary process.

The news slant has been incredibly unfair and has ultimately hurt the Clinton Campaign beyond recognition - voters have been denied the ability to evaluate both candidates in a fair light, on their merits, abilities and achievements.

Not merely have CNN painting Senator Obama in a more favorable light, they have failed to cover in - depth the events that threaten to tarnish his credibility as a candidate; moreover the consistent and unrelenting criticism targeted at Senator Clinton has created the impression that she is the less experienced, less accountable and less colorable candidate.

It has consequentially created the illusion that Senator Obama is more honorable and deserving of positive coverage. This does nothing to aid voters in their efforts to understand or assess who they would choose to elect.

CNN as a commanding news network should know better and it has not merely been distasteful, but ultimately outrageous to watch such behavior being sanctioned - both in the analysis and reporting of the process.

We would urge CNN to examine its approach for the forthcoming primaries, and to strive towards a more balanced and veritable approach that allows voters and viewers to make the right decision, based on the right information.

24. Make the Popular Vote Count!

It is the Delegates that place a Presidential Nominee on the ballot.

It is the Electoral College that puts a President in office.

The peoples' votes do NOT count!