Petition Tag - heterosexual

1. Federal Registry For Different Sexual Lifestyles

Census estimates the percentage of the homosexual/gay community as occupying from 1.5 percent to 2.0 percent of the total population in the United States.

This petition would be for requesting that the census would be updated and therefore be made more accurate by setting up separate registry's defining Americans different lifestyles as to sexual orientation of hetero, gay, etc.

2. Accept Gay Marriage

We, citizen in NSW, the undersigned, want gay marriage to be legal in Australia. Under the Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961, it contains no actual definition of marriage. And now the government will amend the Marriage Act, which opposed to recognize same-sex marriages inside Australia or registered marriage in overseas. In addition, under the Family Law Act, the government will also legislate to oppose same sex couples adopting children.

People should have right to marry the one they love. It is human rights to choose their own lifestyle to live. Homosexual is different from heterosexual. Even though homosexual and heterosexual are not the same, homosexual is not abnormal. We, as citizen, as human being, should not prejudice people who have sexual attraction only to people of the same sex.