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1. Let Michael Vick into the Virginia Tech Hall of Fame!

Michael Vick was convicted of a crime for which he served his time. He has paid his debt to society, any other indebtedness he has is not to his critics or his haters. Be done and be gone. He has rendered unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, now he is entitled to the fruits of his labors as an athlete and scholar.

2. Support Vick

Michael Vick helped Virginia Tech reach a status in college football it had never had, he has paid his debt to society in more ways than one, what he did for the school and continues to do, should provide a no brainier to induct him into the VT sports Hall of Fame.

3. Fans Should Choose Pete Rose Eligibility for Hall of Fame, Not Commissioner

Direct from the Baseball Hall of Fame Website

The National Baseball Hall of Fame is a nonprofit committed to preserving the history of America’s pastime and celebrating the legendary players, managers, umpires and executives who have made the game a fan favorite for more than a century. Help the memories live on and celebrate the game you love!

The Argument is no longer whether Pete Rose is a Hall of Fame Player or not. People will always have their respective opinions on whether the lifetime ban is hypocritical compared to others in the Hall. Statistically Pete Rose was one of the best ever to play the game. The question now is about the importance of the game and whose opinion really matters. The current and previous commissioners want us to believe that it is their opinion about the game and what they feel is the correct view-point regarding the history and importance of honoring a player. After themselves, they put the fans of the cities that a player played for and then third, the rest of the fans. This is backwards. Baseball is not about a group of people sitting in an office. Baseball is about fans all across the country that follows their hometown team and players from around the league compete for almost 7 months a year. The Commissioner’s office has allowed both the cities of Cincinnati and Philadelphia to induct Peter Rose into their respective Hall of Fames. The cities in which he played for get to honor and recognize his achievements as one the best that ever played. What about the rest of the baseball fans? We were the ones that did not get to see or listen to Rose play daily. Long before there was cable/satellite and superstations there was just the Game of the Week, the All-Star game, the postseason and the 3 minute sports highlights during the nightly newscast. We hated Pete Rose when he played against our home town team because we wanted our team to win but we respected Rose for his abilities and accomplishments on the field. We appreciated how he played the game and set an example that many of us used when we taught our sons to play ball or when we coached little league teams. Rose reminded us that practice, working hard, and hustle can give any player the opportunity to compete regardless of physical size or natural ability. Pete Rose showed that baseball is about passion and hope. Rose set an example about pushing yourself and to play hard on every play. Baseball is about taking advantage of every opportunity on the field and that a singles hitter is as important, if not more, than a home run hitter. It is the players and the fans, all across this country, that makes baseball America’s Pastime not the commissioner or the owners. If the Commissioner’s office feels Pete Rose should be honored in the cities in which he played then there is no valid reason that the rest of America’s Baseball fans should not be able to honor him for his baseball accomplishments. The Hall of Fame is not about how a commissioner feels or if a player was a good guy or not…it is about Fans (which includes previous players, owners and anyone else who loves the game) who recognize the accomplishments of a player and want to acknowledge what that player has meant to both the game and those that follow it. We don’t need a plaque in Cooperstown to tell us Pete Rose is a Hall of Fame Player, he is. His accomplishments prove that. What it would show is that Baseball is more than just a group of people sitting around a conference table deciding what is important to the fans and what is not. It is time for the Fan’s Voice to Matter! Sign the Petition because Pete Rose has meant a lot to all of the Baseball Fans, not just the cities in which he played.

4. Davey Allison deserves to be in the hall of fame

Due to his many accomplishments Davey Allison deserves to be in the hall of fame.

5. Michael Nolan for Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame!

The City of Yonkers is accepting nominations for the 2016 Sports Hall of Fame and we would like to get Michael Nolan inducted into it. The only problem is one of the requirements for somebody to be inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame is to either be 55 years old or be retired for 5 years but sadly and unfortunately Michael won't be able to reach that age.

Michael was drafted out of Yonkers into the MLB by the Oakland Athletics in 2014 which not many people from Yonkers have the honor, was a great basketball player and actually had a workout for an NBA scout, won the Yonkers dunk contest, his jerseys were retired in Saunders High School and will never be worn again, coached and help many children in Yonkers, a scholarship in the Yonkers public school system was created in his memory, Michael played on a team called the Sandhogs and pitched against the U.S Olympic team, was scouted by 13 Major League Baseball teams since he was in high school, was honored by Mariano Rivera, honored by the Yankees and Oakland Athletics on the field of Yankee Stadium before a game, and the list can go on and on.

Michael was an amazing person that was very gifted person and was loved by many not just in Yonkers but all over the country. The signatures for this petition would show the amount of support for Mike to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and that the age and years retired requirements should be lifted for him and that he should be an exception to this requirement.

The induction into the 2016 Yonkers Sports Hall of Fame would be and amazing honor to Michael that he has definitely worked for and earned!

6. Nominate JACK SCOTT for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

Our Jack Scott RockHall Facebook Page has reached 5,000 "friends" AND we need to keep this flow of support reaching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame uninterrupted and in its entirety.

So why JACK SCOTT? Well, let us tell you...
Jack Scott (born Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr., January 24, 1936, Windsor, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian American singer and songwriter who spent his formative years in Detroit.
JACK SCOTT was the first white rock and roll star to come out of Detroit, Michigan. JACK SCOTT was inducted into Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2011 and has been called "undeniably the greatest Canadian rock and roll singer of all time."
JACK SCOTT has also been inducted into the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame AND the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.
Recently JACK was nominated for the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.
JACK SCOTT had 19 US singles in a short period of time, 41 months AND wrote all of his own hits except one: "Burning Bridges." which was written by Walter Scott (no relation).

We the people who sign this petition want to nominate JACK SCOTT for induction into your Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

JACK SCOTT's legacy ranks him with the top legends of rock and roll. Besides Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley, it has been said that no white rock and roller of his generation has ever developed a finer voice than Jack Scott, singing and recording Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Country-Soul, Gospel and Blues.

In 2015 JACK SCOTT released "Way To Survive" his first studio album in over 50 years which has made many JACK SCOTT fans very happy. JACK SCOTT turned 80 this year and he is actively singing and touring today with a voice and energy that still ROCKS and makes you think when you see him on stage, there is no way that guy is 80.

PLEASE - lets get JACK SCOTT nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Let's get him inducted while Jack and his family can enjoy seeing him hit that stage and receive his award in person.

If you are a fan, a friend, or an admirer, PLEASE spread the word and lets get this done for our "The Way I Walk" JACK SCOTT! (thank you)

7. Help Elect Mel Street to the Country Music Hall of Fame

Street was born in Rowe, Virginia to a coal mining family. Publications cite his year of birth as 1933, although his family maintains that he was born in 1935. He began performing on western Virginia and West Virginia radio shows at the age of sixteen. Street subsequently worked as a radio tower electrician in Ohio and as a nightclub performer in the Niagara Falls area. He moved back to West Virginia in 1963 to open up an auto body shop.

From 1968 to 1972, Street hosted his own show on a Bluefield, West Virginia television station. He recorded his first single, "Borrowed Angel," in 1970 for a small regional record label. A larger label, Royal American Records, picked it up in 1972, and it became a top-10 Billboard hit. He recorded the biggest hit of his career, "Lovin' on Back Streets", in 1972.

Mel’s last television appearance was on national television in 1977. He performed his 1976 hit “I Met A Friend Of Yours Today” on one of Nashville’s favorite TV shows “That Good Ole Nashville Music”.

Street continued to flourish throughout the mid-1970s, recording several hits such as "You Make Me Feel More Like a Man," "Forbidden Angel," "I Met a Friend of Yours Today," "If I Had a Cheatin' Heart," and "Smokey Mountain Memories". He signed with Mercury Records in 1978. But, suffering from clinical depression and alcoholism, he committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound on October 21, 1978, his 43rd birthday. He had a record debut on the country charts on October 21 as well, called "Just Hangin' On", and later charted four posthumous songs. Street's idol George Jones sang at his funeral.

Source: Wiki

8. Induct Robin Leonard Trower into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Robin Trower has been one of the most iconic, influential and prolific rock guitarists of the past 50 years.

During that time he has recorded on more than 70 albums. After beginning his career with the Paramounts, he was a founding member of the popular rock band Procol Harum. He recorded on their first 5 albums before launching his own successful solo career, which has spanned more than 40 years.

Now in his 70's, Robin Trower still sells out venues world-wide as he continues to tour and record new music.

There is no rock musician more deserving of a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than Robin Leonard Trower.

9. Induct Donna Fargo Into The Country Music Hall of Fame

We fans believe the time is now to recognize Donna Fargo for her unique contribution to country music. Her positive, inspirational songs have added depth, dimension, and variety to the popular cheating and drinking themes that we also love and that have often been associated with country music, especially back when her career began in the early 70s. Her songs were and are different. They make you think and make you feel good and like it's okay to be happy. In fact, Donna’s signature song, "The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA" was the only country song on Billboard's recent list of The Top 20 Happy Songs of All Time.

Donna was the first woman in country music history to have back-to-back million-selling singles, with both songs being written by the artist who sang them. She was the first female country music artist to have her own television variety show, The Donna Fargo Show. Besides her platinum-selling back-to-back hits with "Happiest Girl" and "Funny Face," many hits followed, like…"Superman," "Little Girl Gone," "You Were Always There," “Don't Be Angry," “Whatever I Say Means I Love You," "You Can't Be a Beacon," "U.S. of A.," “Do I Love You,” "It Do Feel Good," "Somebody Special," and "Daddy," to name a few. And who could ever forget the #1 recitation she wrote called "That Was Yesterday."

Some of her credits include 7 Academy of Country Music Awards, 5 Billboard Awards, 15 Broadcast Music (BMI) writing awards, 2 National Association of Recording Merchandisers Awards for best selling artist. She has also been honored by the Country Music Association, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and the Music Operators of America. She was the first inductee into the North America Country Music Association's International Hall of Fame. In 2010, Donna was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. As a writer and publisher, her most coveted awards, in addition to the Robert J. Burton Award that she won for "Most Performed Song of the Year 1972," are her Million-Aires Awards, presented to writers of songs that achieve the blockbuster status of 1 million or more performances.

So, for the exemplary country music artist she is… for the consummate writer of songs we love, relate to, and remember… for the ambassador of goodwill representative for country music that she is… for one of the most talented, loved, respected women in country music, who makes her fans feel like they are "Somebody Special," like her song says, and that she "loves them more," as her current song says… join the campaign to get Donna Fargo inducted into the country music Hall of Fame because she deserves to be there.

~Linda Cottingham,
President: Donna Fargo International Fan Club

10. Induct Freddie Hart to Country Music Hall Of Fame

Freddie started his recording career with Capitol Records in 1953. He has been on Columbia, Kapp, Monument, Sunbird and Capitol three different times and now has his own record label.

Freddie is one of the most loved and most genuinely sincer entertainers in the world. His love and appreciation for his fans is second to none.

His website :

Freddie Hart has won almost every award Country Music has to offer. The Academy of Country Music honored him with five awards in 1972 including:

Entertainer of the Year
Artist of the Year
Song of the Year
Album of the Year
Single of the Year

In 1971 and 1972, his hit song "Easy Lovin" was chosen song of the year by the Country Music Association, this being the first time in country music history that the same song was so honored two years in a row.

Freddie has had fourteen number one singles, thirty four top ten singles and has recorded forty three plus albums. Freddie's songs are on play lists and on radio stations somewhere all over the world every single day and have been since his first recording session in 1953.

The list never ends as to the great artists who have recorded Freddie Hart songs; a few of them include: George Morgan, Carl Smith, Kenny Rogers, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Lefty Frizzell, Billy Walker, Tammy Wynette, David Frizzell, Connie Smith, Wayne Newton, Rose Maddox, Joe & Rose Lee Maphis, John Prine, Ray Stevens, Porter Wagoner...among many, many others. Freddie's first number one song was "Loose Talk" recorded by Carl Smith in 1955.

Some of the number one songs written by Freddie Hart include:
"Easy Lovin"
"Got The All Overs For You"
"Hang In There Girl"
"Trip To Heaven"
"My Hangup Is You"
"The Want-To's"
"Skid Row Joe"
"Loose Talk"
"Bless Your Heart"
"If You Can't Feel It, It Ain't There"

Freddie has had other number one songs which he didn't write but include "Super Kind of Woman" & "The First Time."

11. Keep Michael Jackson in the R&R Hall of Fame

It has been confirmed that Michael Jackson is going to be removed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on January 24, 2015.

This is not only upsetting to his many fans, but also unnecessary.

The King of Pop belongs in the Hall of Fame as a historic icon of music.

12. Petition to have Kenny Chesney added to the Country Music Hall of Fame

Kenny Chesney has been some of the most impactful music an artist has ever known. His concerts for the last decade had become an summer institution for millions of fans.

His show is at the top of the list as the biggest grossing concerts. All the songs that have won awards, the accolades, the concerts, and the humanitarian work should be more than enough for him to be inducted.

13. Demand the Original Kiss Lineup appear at the Hall of Fame

We Demand the Original Kiss Line up appear at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

14. Induct Stevie Ray Vaughan into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!








His accomplishments and awards alone should be enough to have him and Double Trouble voted in:

12 Grammy Nominations, winning 6 awards.

33 Austin Music Award Nominations, winning 10 awards.

6 W.C.Handy Award nominations, winning 5 awards (in 1984 he won Entertainer of the Year and Blues Instrumentalist of the Year, the first time a white musician won both awards).

In 2000 he was voted in to the Blues Hall of Fame.

2014 he was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame.

From 1983 to 1990 Stevie released 6 Live Albums, 10 Compilation albums, 36 singles, 5 video albums, 8 music videos and 15 side projects in his short career.

Why have I started this petition? It’s very simple; I believe with all my heart that Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the Greatest Guitarist of all time. When I first heard Texas Flood playing on the radio I knew I had found the one guitarist that was the Real Deal. I never heard another guitarist play with such feeling, his tone was one of a kind, his solo’s flowed together, they were perfection and it was exactly how a guitar was supposed to be played.

Stevie’s guitar playing and songs changed my life and I know I’m not the only one that feels the same. Pride and Joy, Texas Flood, Couldn't Stand the Weather, Crossfire, Coldshot, Leave My Girl Alone, Tightrope, Voodoo Chile and all the other songs by Stevie are a testament to his legacy.

His last performance on Austin City Limits showed the world that once he became clean and sober his guitar playing went to a level never heard before. Sadly Stevie died August 27th 1990, a day I will never forget, since that day i have listened to his songs or watched him play on video each and every day for 24 years!

When he turned his life around from drug and alcohol abuse he used his experiences to help other that were struggling with the same problems. Stevie has been elevated to legendary status with fans and the music industry and will influence young and old alike to pick up a guitar and try their hand at playing songs.

It’s time to have Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble to take there place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! INDUCT THEM WITH THE CLASS OF 2015!


15. Elect former Redskins TE Jerry Smith to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

This is a petition to the Pro Football Hall of Fame stating that Jerry Smith, retired TE of the Washington Redskins deserves a spot in Canton, OH. This man was a consummate professional in the face of adversity while secretly leading a life of a gay man in the NFL from 1965-78.

His stats certainly warrant his inclusion to the Hall, considering he held the NFL record for career touchdowns for tight ends for 27 years before Shannon Sharpe passed it in 2003. Yes, Jerry Smith was gay and died of AIDS in 1986, but in this new age enlightenment, we should not let an individual's sexual preference be a factor in such an important honor.

Jerry Smith was an honorable man, a consummate professional and deserves his place in the Hall of Fame.

16. Please induct Red Sovine into the Country Hall of Fame!

Red Sovine, born Woodrow Wilson Sovine in July of 1918 was a Country Music singer most noted for his (often sentimental) recitations which earned him the title "The King of Narrations". His most famous example is the heart wrenching 1976 number one hit "Teddy Bear".

Red's talents as a country music artist earned him five top ten singles (3 of which went number 1). He charted 19 songs in the top 100 in the US and Canada and several hits that crossed over to the pop charts. But far greater than his chart performance is that he was a "fan favorite" performer who's career spanned over 40 years.

He had a unique talent that made us laugh, made us cry, and made us stomp our feet! Lets not forget his contribution to this wonderful artform. In an age where the recited songs are nearly gone, I would love to see a renewed interest in Red's wonderful work!

17. Induct Robin Trower into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Robin Trower, one of the greatest guitarists since Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Hes been playing since the early 60's.

Started out in Procol Harum, then went solo to be amazing. Uses a Dejavibe pedal, and later used flanger.

You all might remember Bridge of Sighs, excellent album!

18. More Women In The R&R Hall of Fame

Only 10% of the inductees into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are women. Just not fair.

19. Turn Out for Tiant: Back Luis Tiant for the Hall of Fame

Luis Tiant, currently being considered for selection to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, is one of the greatest and most-loved players in Boston Red Sox history. He earned 229 victories and millions of fans with his zest for the game and life. Nobody was a better teammate or a better competitor in a must-win game than El Tiante.

By signing this petition, which will be sent to the Hall of Fame before the Dec. 5 election, you are saying you believe Tiant deserves inclusion among the top players in baseball history.

20. Hank JR induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Hank Williams Jr is the Pete Rose of getting into country music's hall of fame. He is the most deserving singer/songwriter not in yet. He should have been in decades ago. He is labeled an outlaw and his political views are blinding the association's vision of his true talents.

He is more deserving than half of the already inducted. I need your help to show the association that he belongs. It is not right or fair to the music world and all his fans. He has been in the business since the 50's law starting out very young after his father passed. Do this for me and all his fans. Look at his music not his views.

Vote Hank Williams Jr. Thank you and God bless.

21. Jack Butler Should Be in the NFL Hall of Fame

Former Steeler defensive back Jack Butler deserves to be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Jack's playing statistics warrant his inclusion among the games greatest players.

His 52 interceptions and 10 recovered fumbles in 103 games constitute the highest recovered turnover percentage in NFL history.

His 46 years with BLESTO scouting should also easily qualify him for enshrinement as a "Contributor". Jack Butler's total 56-year body of work within the NFL is without parallel in it's history.

Dozens of NFL administrators, owners, former players, and Hall of Famers have written letters of recommendation on Jack's behalf. These people are professional football and consider Jack Butler to be one of the greatest contributors in it's history.

You, the current group of selectors, have the ability to correct a long-standing injustice by voting Jack Butler into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Please carefully consider all of Jack Butler's many achievements during one of the NFL's longest careers, and vote him into the Hall of Fame.

22. Induct Gypsy Joe Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

This Is the official online petition to help get my good friend and wrestling legend Gypsy Joe inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. He has wrestled for over 50 years and retired in January of 2011. Time time has come to induct this legend.

He was featured in WWE Magazine as the oldest living active wrestler but that's simply not enough. He deserves his time to shine amongst the greats. Please help me to give him his eternal place in history.

For more info or to contact me directly visit

Thank You.

23. Get Dummy Hoy in the Hall of Fame

When the National Baseball Hall of Fame announced its 1998 inductees, a collective groan of disappointment rumbled through the Deaf community. The 19th Century player chosen was shortstop/manager George Davis (1870-1940), who played for the New York Giants and the Chicago White Sox from 1890-1909, accumulating 2,660 hits and a .295 batting average (.300-plus during his 9 years with the Giants).

The general reaction of Deaf people (and a number of hearing people, too) was “George who???” Once again, “Dummy” Hoy had been bypassed by the Hall of Fame Committee on Baseball Veterans (the “Veterans Committee”).

Our main goal is to get William ‘Dummy’ Hoy inducted in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Our first step would be establish a petition to increase the numbers of supporters nationwide to establish strong fan-based credibility. With the information accumulate within this website, you will find Hoy statistically successful.

24. Gram Parsons Wall of Fame (and Petition to Induct Into Rock & Country Halls of Fame)

It is absolutely mind boggling that the late, great Gram Parsons has not been inducted into the Country Music and Rock Halls of Fame, joining his protege Emmylou Harris (who was inducted into the CMHOF in 2008). As much as Hank himself (who is in both Halls), Parsons influenced the form of music he loved most, and created some of its best. Gram has exponentially influenced everyone in many fields of music since his tragic death. It's unimaginable that he not be inducted into these prestigious Halls of Fame.

Cheers, Will James
P.S. And please read this from Austin Bryant:

[NOTE: All info you provide, which is minimal, is entirely safe and secure and will not be given to anyone else (that's why I chose GoPetition). It is safer than putting it on a paper petition. Thanks, Will James]

25. "Shoeless" Joe Jackson in HOF!

Shoeless Joe Jacksons, 356 batting average is the third best of all time. In 1917 , his fielding percentage ( .984 ) was near the top of the league. He went on to lead the American League in almost every category.

There is no serious debate about Shoeless Joe Jackson's Hall of Fame credentials. Probably the only thing keeping Shoeless Joe Jackson out of the Baseball Hall of Fame was the fact that he was banned from Baseball for life. But should he have been. I think not. Shoeless Joe Jackson and his brilliant career are over shadowed by the 1919 World Series and the fact that eight baseball players took money to fix the 1919 World Series. Shoeless Joe Jackson took $5000.00 to throw the 1919 World Series but from everything that has been found out down thru history Shoeless Joe Jackson did anything but throw the World Series.

Shoeless Joe Jackson even went to the teams owner Comiskey and told him what was going on and asked to be benched for the series but Comiskey ignored him. Doesn't sound like a man who was guilty does it?

26. Elect David Allan Coe to the Country Music Hall of Fame

David Allan Coe has many timeless country singles and has influenced many generations of country music fans he deserves his place in the country music hall of fame.

Born September 6, 1939 in Akron, Ohio, he is an American Outlaw country music singer who achieved popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. He has written and performed over 280 original songs throughout his career.

As a singer, his biggest hits were "You Never Even Called Me by My Name", "The Ride", "If That Ain't Country" and "Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile".

His best-known compositions are the #1 successes "Would You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)" by Tanya Tucker; and "Take This Job and Shove It", which was later covered by Johnny Paycheck that was later a hit movie (both Coe and Paycheck had minor parts in the film).

27. Induct Dan Fogelberg Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Dan Fogelberg (1951-2007) performed a one-man show at Carnegie Hall when he was 27. He sold over 15 million albums: 1 Triple Platinum, 4 Double Platinum, 3 Platinum, and 2 Gold RIAA Certified Albums. He had 11 Billboard Top 100 Albums, 3 Billboard Top 200 Albums, 1 Billboard Top 50 Country Album, 4 Billboard #1 Singles, 17 Billboard Hot 100 Singles, 13 Billboard Top 20 Adult Contemporary Singles, 4 Billboard Top 50 Mainstream Rock Singles, and 3 Billboard Top 100 Country Singles.

He was the Rock Music Awards New Male Vocalist of 1974 - 1975. He has been inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame; the Red Rocks Performers Hall of Fame; and in 2016 he will be inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. Martin Guitars honored Dan with the D-41 Dan Fogelberg Signature Edition Martin guitar. In August of 2017 he was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame during a sold out concert at Fiddler's Green, Colorado.

He wrote the music and the lyrics to his songs, sang lead vocals and harmonies, and played most of the instruments on the majority of his recordings. He played electric lead guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar and was an accomplished piano and keyboard player.

People who think of Dan Fogelberg as a soft-rock artist don't know his catalogue. While his biggest hits were soft rock and ballads, songs like "Face The Fire", "The Spirit Trail", "Phoenix", "Empty Cages", "As The Raven Flies", "Exiles", "She Don't Look Back", "The River", "The Power of Gold", "Missing You", "The Nature of the Game", and songs from his "Dan Fogelberg Live - Greetings From The West" CD and DVD show Dan's rock, blues, and lead guitar work. A fan of all genres of music, Dan also recorded Bluegrass, Country, and Renaissance music.

28. Kathi McDonald Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Kathi McDonald's landed the vocalist her first big professional gig when she was attending a concert and joined in as part of the audience. McDonald's powerful voice drew Ike Turner's notice in a club called the Winterland, and he invited the aspiring singer to his and Tina Turner's next rehearsal. McDonald had snagged a in the Ikettes, the Turners' backing group. It was a heady and magical beginning for someone who never had any formal lessons.

Born in Washington state in 1948, McDonald performed professionally for the first time around Seattle when she was 12 years old. At the age of 19 she set off for San Francisco and its burgeoning musical climate, where she met the Turners and, through her association with them, took the first step on a career path that would span more than four decades.

Not long after the evening at Winterland, her talent caught the attention of Big Brother & the Holding Company's Sam Andrew. McDonald threw her lot in with the band in 1969, leading to appearances on the albums Can't Go Home Again, How Hard It Is, and Be a Brother. She went on to sing with Mad Dogs & Englishmen for Joe Cocker, and later sang with Leon Russell's Shelter People. Her session work included recordings for such artists as the Rolling Stones, Nils Lofgren, Rita Coolidge, Delaney & Bonnie, and Dave Mason. Her work for other musical artists totals up to appearances on almost 160 albums, more than six dozen of which achieved gold status. In addition, McDonald also launched a solo career in 1974 with the release of the album Insane Asylum. The recording was arranged by Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship.

Insane Asylum featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina, Neil Schon, and Ronnie Montrose. Kathi did not release another solo effort for 20 years, when Save Your Breath appeared. Above and Beyond followed in 1999, featuring contributions from Lee Oskar on harmonica and Brian Auger on keyboards. McDonald devoted more than two decades to recording and performing in collaboration with Long John Baldry, and the duo scored with their version of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" when it was released in Canada. The song reached number 2 in Australia and also made the US charts.

Aside from collaborative efforts Kathi has solo projects of her own: Insane Asylum(1974), David Briggs, producer of the second Alice Cooper album Easy Action and multiple early Neil Young discs is at the helm on Insane Asylum. With arrangements by The Jefferson Starship's Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna this is a showcase for the chops and musicianship of McDonald. There's a terrific reading of the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody" and an interesting first track co-written by McDonald and Pete Sears, "Bogart to Bowie," with Nils Lofgren on guitar and Bobbye Hall on percussion. The photos of McDonald on the back cover are chaotic and beautiful, a cartoon caricature of these adorns the cover, the illustration by Seiko Kashihara. With Ronnie Montrose on guitar and Pete Sears on keys for a heavy version of "(Love Is Like A) Heatwave," you basically have Big Brother & the Holding Company/ Montrose/Jefferson Starship covering Martha & the Vandellas. With what may be the best performance on the disc, "Threw Away My Love," the second Sears/McDonald original, Kathi's great, bluesy vocal fights and Journey's Neil Schon on guitar give the track tons of soul! "Freak Lover" features the late Starship violinist Papa John Creach and is appropriately manic for an album about insanity.

Willie Dixon's composition, "Insane Asylum," with Pete Sears and Nils Lofgren, is a blues workout deluxe. Neil Schon and Pete Sears accompany Kathi on a Peter Frampton tune, "All I Want to Be." Lofgren and Sears do a heavy cover of Neil Young's "Down to the Wire" for the singer to display her wonderful voice. There is an abundance of talent here, creating a nice platform for this important singer. Insane Asylum also featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina.

Her next solo project was Save Your Breath (1994), then Above And Beyond (1999) featuring contributions from Lee Oskar on harmonica and Brian Auger on keyboards. She reunited with Big Brother & the Holding Company in California for a concert on New Years Eve, 1997.

Her self-titled Kathi McDonald (2005) is a triumph in a long and prestigious career. This CD showcases the still incredible voice, timing, soulful delivery, and talent that is Kathi McDonald, the musician's choice as singer, the musician's musician, and still the biggest little white girl to ever sing the blues coming out of the West Coast. The main forces behind the CD, Pete Slauson and Ann Pierson (partners for years in the nineties at 2B1 Music, Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA).

29. Theoren Fleury belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame

Theo Fleury is a remarkable individual. He has been to hell and back in his lifetime. But no one can ignore his success in hockey both at the NHL and International Level.

He has made the necessary changes in his life to cope with his demons. He has retired a Calgary Flame, second in Flames all time scoring and has numerous trophies to call his, including the Stanley Cup.

30. New Riders of the Purple Sage for the Hall

Surely there is a place for "The Greatest Cosmic Psychedelic Country Rock and Roll Band Of The Universe" in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!