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1. Support the BC Grizzly Hunt

Hunters and outdoorsmen have long been the true conservationists in Canada, North America, and the world. The money spent by Hunters and Outdoorsmen and the true care for how wildlife is managed properly is surpassed by no group.

Several lobby groups have attempted to pressure and persuade the BC government (among others) to end sport hunting. Sport hunting is a very useful and important tool in wildlife management and no group is more passionate about wildlife and proper management than outdoorsmen and the hunting community. These lobby groups have targetted the BC Grizzly bear hunt in an attempt to eventually end all sport hunting.

Game management is important to all groups of outdoor recreationalists, tourits, outdoorsmen, and the future generations in Canada, North America, and the world. The endless projects and financial support for wildlife management by outdoorsmen have led the way to create stable and supporting management practices.

Human impact will continue to provide challenges to managing wildlife properly. This petition is created to show the numbers of people who truly support proper wildlife management and who feel that the BC grizzly hunt should not be cancelled due to pressure from Lobby groups whose interests do not lie in proper or sustainable wildlife management.


This petition is just to show Thrillcraft how many enjoy offroad vehicles.

Thrillcraft is an orginization who wants to ban all off road vehicles ranging from ATV's to Dune Buggies. They believe that it is polluting the earth and destroying it as well.

If you own an off road vehicle and believe that you have the privlage to ride it PLEASE SIGN!!!

**The link for the video is

3. Salviamo l'orso grizzly, l'aquila calva e l'habitat del Tongass in Alaska

ITALIANO - Un recente piano di "conservazione" per il Tongass National
di Alaska Foresta aprirà su più di 9 milioni di acri, saranno abbattuti
alberi e saranno scavate cave. La regione selvaggia di Tongass è il
posto dove il salmone si riproduce ed è il posto ideale per l'orso
grizzly. Vanta la più grande densità di aquile calve. Sono in gioco
gl'interessi di 30 ditte moto potenti che commerciano in legname, le
quali ditte metterebbero a grave rischio la regione con i suoi animali e
piante selvatiche. A causa della natura unica del Tongass, un corte
federale costrinse la Bush Administration a fare una rassegna di tutte
le aree senza strade a protezione permanente. Sfortunatamente, una
varietà di scelte buone per l' ambiente sono state rifiutate. Fu invece
pesantemente favorita una proposta che favoriva l'industria del legname
commerciale.Per cui la zona fu lasciata senza alcuna protezione.Gli
eco-amici alternativi, the Alaska Rainforest Conservation Proposal,
Alternative 6, proteggeremo i vecchi e preziosi foresta e le altre
originarie aree del Tongass.Le nostre foreste nazionali sono tesori
nazionali ed una volta sparite lo sono per sempre.

ENGLISH- A recent "preservation" plan for Alaska's Tongass National
Forest will open up over 9 million acres to logging and
mining development, threatening grizzlies and bald eagles.
You Can Help Save The Tongass.
The Tongass wilderness houses salmon spawning grounds, prime
grizzly bear habitat, and the world's densest population of
bald eagles. Yet, over 30 pending large-scale timber sales
threaten the region and its wildlife.
Background: Because of the unique nature of the Tongass, a
federal court required the Bush Administration to review
all roadless areas for permanent protection. Unfortunately,
a variety of sound environmental options were rejected.
Instead, a proposal was put forward that heavily favors the
commercial timber industry! The so-called permanent protection
proposal recommends NO PROTECTION for roadless areas and offers
no new wilderness designations.
The eco-friendly alternative, the Alaska Rainforest Conservation
and other pristine areas of the Tongass.
The Forest Service has asked for your opinion in a special public
comment period. So please tell them today that you want this area
Our national forests are national treasures and once they're gone,
they're gone forever.