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1. Impeach Bob Blackman, MP

Directors of a company told lies to their workers about the financial state of the organization and abused an invoice factoring service by submitting large numbers of invoices for goods that were never manufactured.

They then took advantage of loopholes in Employment law to withhold wages and cheat employees out of money owed, leaving them poorer, stressed, suffering sleepless nights, and ultimately unemployed.

Harrow East MP, Bob Blackman was asked to take action in this case; but instead procrastinated and failed to have the aforementioned Directors struck off, failed to pass legislation to close the legal loopholes, ignored calls for an inquiry into this scandal, and instead claimed that this issue is "not in the public interest". He now refuses to answer further correspondence about this scandal.

Therefore, we say that this matter is in the public interest, that Bob Blackman has failed to represent the concerns of his constituents, and therefore should resign or be impeached from Public office. More details here.

2. Stop the oppression of the British people

The Forum for Stable Currencies has been meeting at the House of Lords and Commons since 1998. We extensively covered monetary causes and their effects, especially relating to national or public debts. Challenging the Recession, our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP tabled ten Early Day Motions (EDMs), which nearly 80 MPs signed. His latest one is EDM 597 on the Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694.

We always also welcomed victims of our financial, legal and judiciary system, whose grievances are extremely painful to listen to. In April 2009 we recorded some stories for the first time on video and later published a few cases here. More stories were recorded at our meetings in June 2009 and on March 9, 2010.

We'd like to see changes on three levels:
1. the Bank of England Act 1694 which prevents the corporation from trading; if it were complied with, the effects of the National Debt would be far less disastrous
2. self-regulation of the financial and legal professions which does not seem to be sufficiently effective
3. the compensation of victims of white collar crimes in financial and judiciary institutions who have nowhere to go.

This petition focusses on getting justice for victims, by following the recommendation of EDM 1297 to tackle the serious oppression of Their Majesties' subjects that the writers of the Bank of England Act wanted to avoid in 1694. They even foresaw a punishment in case of trespassing!

If you have five minutes, please get your MP to sign one of our relevant Early Day Motions.

If you have one minute, please consider signing our petition below - also without displaying your name, if you like.

When we had 331 signatures, I sent this letter to HM The Queen. The most interesting comments from signatories are being updated all the time. I now send them to 'high places' as and when appropriate.

Other related news can be found on Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694, on Victims Unite! and on Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police.

Our last meetings were recorded in the Grand Committee Room and in Room 14 and led to Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694. Since then, videos of meetings have been grouped into this vimeo album.

The latest collection of petitions with comments can be found here.

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3. Official Grievance Against the College Republicans at the College of Saint Catherine

The College Republican's Anti-Affirmative Action Bake Sale, entitled "Affirmative Action is a Negative Reaction: Only Racists Consider Race" in the CdC Atrium on Tuesday, April 24, 2007, was an extreme display of white privilege and racist representation. We oppose the hypocrisy of a bake sale that supported this slogan, rhetoric and action.

What happened that day was racism—racism that is part of a larger systemic problem in our society. The language and action taken by the College Republicans are to be taken very seriously, as their position threatens and oppresses the rights and livelihoods of those whose social locations are already marginalized in our society—women, people of Color, the working class and the poor. This event led numerous students to feel unwelcomed, unwanted and unsafe.

Do not be confused. Their campaign that day was not independent of a larger systemic movement that supports and controls the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy.

Thank you for signing the petition asap and forwarding it on to others to build support for this social movement.

Becky McDonald and Kris Schmitz, CSC students