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1. Give Arianna Grande a C.B.E

In recent weeks, Arianna Grande has proved to be an outstanding human being by organinsing the One Love Manchester concert in honour of the victims of the Manchester bombing. so lets get this woman some recognoition.

2. Save our FEMALE AAA STORM program

All dressed up and no where to go, or as the Peace County Midget Female AAA Storm are finding out, all ready to play hockey and no team to play on.

The team recently found out that through a decision made by Hockey Alberta, as of next year it will no longer be able to play in the Alberta Major Midget Female Hockey League (AMMFHL). The league is comprised of 10 teams, at least for this season, and is the highest level of hockey in Alberta for girls aged 15-17. Two other teams, the Sherwood Park Fury and PAC Saints, will also be cut if the decision comes to fruition.

Word of the situation first came to light in April 2015 during a Hockey Alberta Board of Directors meeting. The recommendation to reduce the number of teams in the AMMFHL was put forward as the general feeling was that the talent pool had become diluted with so many players. Hockey organizations had to than give presentations highlighting why they should be allowed to keep their franchise.

While the Peace County Storm feels they gave a good presentation, it was ultimately decided they would be one of the teams cut.

Hockey Alberta's reasoning, quoted from a letter sent to Grande Prairie Minor Hockey Association, is "being located within one of the smallest female hockey populated areas within the Province does not make Grande Prairie a viable option for a Midget AAA franchise at this time."

Koen Ryder, head coach of the team as well as President of the Peace County Female Athletic Club (PCFAC), says these reasons are unsubstantiated claims on Hockey Alberta's part.

"Their reasoning is that we are located in one of the smallest female markets for registration, but knowing that other small market teams in our league have struggled to get numbers and field a team, and yet they get awarded a franchise, it's concerning," he said. "We've always had good, competitive teams with great programs all the way from the young kids up to the older girls."

Another reason for the cut, and one Hockey Alberta won't admit says Ryden, is location.

"There's prejudice against the North. There's a very strong feeling from the southern teams that having to travel to Grande Prairie is a huge inconvenience for them," he said. "The North doesn't have any representation at these meetings Hockey Alberta is holding and without that there's no one to fight for our program."

Many parents echoed that sentiment, saying while they were disappointed in the decision they were not surprised.

"I hate to say it but when we were heard of this, I wasn't overly surprised," says Tammy Yaremko, mother of defenceman Tiana Yaremko. "The North always get pushed aside."

Hockey Alberta has come up with an alternative to the current league, proposing Grande Prairie become part of a new league they are setting up called the Elite League. Including both Bantam and Midget aged teams, the league would play one level below the current AAA system, therefore being ranked as AA. While Hockey Alberta maintains that through this league Peace Region hockey will develop and prosper, Ryden is sceptical of that and thinks it will have the opposite effect.

"What Hockey Alberta is telling these kids is 'we don't care about you, we want you to go play lower level hockey,'" he says. "Their only other options are to move or travel to a centre with a team, join an academy or quit."

And for some of the players quitting isn't an option. Rachel Paul, forward and captain of the team has received a scholarship to the University of Calgary next year.

"If it wasn't for this program I wouldn't have a scholarship to university next year," she says. "All the values and lessons our coaches have taught us have made me the person I am today, and by cutting the program it eliminates a lot of future possibilities for girls in our area like the ones I had."

In a twist of irony Grande Prairie will be hosting Provincials later this spring. While first thoughts for both coaches and parents alike was 'why bother,' that feeling shifted to a more positive one in hopes that through Provincials and a good showing they can prove why they deserve to keep the program.

"We're a better centre than this, than just telling them to go away," said Ryden is reference to how they first contemplated saying they would no longer host Provincials. "Nothing would be better than having Peace County and Sherwood Parks or PAC in the finals, three of the teams they're going to cut from the league."

Ryden says they will continue to fight for their program and will take legal action if necessary.

3. We want a "Rituals" in Sangre Grande

the people of sangre grande trinidad west indies would like to request a branch of rituals coffee

4. Save Serns

Justin Serns is well known around the school campus for being one of the most fun and dedicated Physical Education teachers around. But what some people don't know is that he is the 8th Grade Science and 8th Grade Math teacher and the Jr. High Basketball coach.

As you all probably know, these economic times are harsh. The school needs around 45 new kids to keep all of the staff. Since that is not a realistic goal with the senior class graduating taking several kids with it the school has decided to cut Justin Serns.

Justin Serns is one of the youngest teachers at the school, and a favorite teacher to the students he teaches. The kids he teaches can really relate to him. The school needs some new, young teachers, and that is what he is.

5. Quere-mos mais Trafego no E-escola

Estando esses requisitos mínimos (se assim pode-mos chamar) entre 3GB e 5GB, não estamos pois interessados em boas velocidades de redes com limites tão curtos, porque essas só facilitam melhor a entrada e saída de informação e assim arruinando melhor com o mísero tráfego que temos disponível.

A Internet hoje em dia vai tendo cada vez mais qualidade e exigindo cada vez mais tráfego a nível de imagens presentes, animações virtuais, ficheiros necessários a descarregar, entre outros... muitos destes não podendo sequer ser evitados para que o limite 1GB consiga ser 100% controlado pelo utilizador, pois não podemos por exemplo entrar em e controlar exactamente o tráfego que vai ser gasto em cada acesso ao site, isto sem os devidos downloads do conteúdo que nos possa ser necessário, por mais que neste ou outros sites esse conteúdo possa ser leve, não acontece com muitos outros websites futuristas.

Assim pedimos carecidamente que o tráfego do tarifário padrão e-escola (banda larga light) seja melhorado. Pois a internet desta forma não passa de uma demonstração de internet, e com pouca qualidade, acabando por nos fazer aderir a outros serviços de Internet pela grande insuficiente presente na que é paga através deste programa e-escola.

Sendo verdadeira a intenção de adquirir-mos um portátil de inicio por 150€ e após isso ficar-mos a pagar 17 euros por um serviço de Internet mensal de 512k, para quê barreiras de tráfego para quê essas artimanhas que só acontecem em grande parte neste nosso país.

6. Opposition to proposed Grande walkway alternative location

The current walkway is located between 629 and 631 Worcester Drive within the Grande at Kings Woods. It is used by children of the Grande to traverse between their properties and the West Deptford Middle School.

The property owners of 629 and 631 Worcester Drive are requesting that it be moved due to various reasons. According to Eric Campo, West Deptford Township Administrator, there are three alternatives regarding the placement of the walkway:

1. No action. Walkway remains at its current location.
2. Relocate the walkway behind the the following residences:
615 Worcester Drive
617 Worcester Drive
619 Worcester Drive
621 Worcester Drive
623 Worcester Drive
625 Worcester Drive
627 Worcester Drive
3. Remove the walkway from its current location and pursue the following options:
a. Bus the students to the Middle School.
b. Have the students walk onto Grove Road to the Middle School.

7. Encerramento dos hipermercados aos domingos e feriados

Actualmente os hipermercados, em Portugal, estão abertos ao público de manhã, à tarde e à noite, todos os dias, com excepção dos feriados e domingos em que só podem abrir até às treze horas.

8. Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro

Que, independentemente do investimento na Ota, a JMP reivindique desde já a passagem para a esfera regional da propriedade e gestão do aeroporto Sá Carneiro. Esta, poderia ser exercida directamente por si ou, idealmente, pela concessão por concurso a uma entidade especializada que, no seu próprio interesse, promoveria eficazmente a estrutura aquém e além fronteiras com vista a maximizar a respectiva rendibilidade.

9. For the Withdrawal of the Diocese of the Rio Grande from the Episcopal Church

July 28, 2006

All Christians, regardless of denomination and location, are welcome to sign this petition. Please pray for all of us during these difficult times.

***Please submit the name of your home church in one of the fields collected.**

Sources Consulted:,,

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Thank you for your time!

10. A Brasil Telecom precisa ser punida

Maio 6, 2006

A Brasil Telecom precisa ser punida.

Nós, abaixo assinados, clientes ou não da empresa Brasil Telecom, solicitamos agilidade em relação ao andamento do Inquérito Civil n° 180/2005, como também da representação n° 305/2006, criados, respectivamente, pela Promotoria de Defesa do Consumidor do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul e pelo Ministério Público Federal do Rio Grande do Sul com o objetivo de investigar a atuação da empresa em questão.

Reforçamos a necessidade de que uma medida seja tomada, já que a cada dia os prejuízos aos cidadãos aumentam devido às sistemáticas enganações e práticas abusivas desta empresa. Já está em poder do Ministério Público Federal do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul um CD com provas e argumentos contra a Brasil Telecom, tanto na área de telefonia fixa como móvel. Pedimos, portanto, que as informações adicionadas à representação n° 305/2006 acima citada sejam analisadas o mais breve possível, já que se referem, inclusive, a uma promoção da operadora denominada "Pula-Pula", com validade até o ano de 2008 (ou 2010, dependendo de cada cliente). A cada dia que passa os clientes são lesados pela empresa, que segue atuando de forma ilegal e prejudicial a todos os cidadãos, inclusive com enriquecimento ilícito, alterações unilaterais de regulamentos estabelecidos previamente, cobranças abusivas e interferência no poder de livre escolha dos brasileiros.

A Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL) assiste estática às irregularidades cometidas pela operadora, sem tomar qualquer atitude. Dezenas de protocolos diários são criados na agência contra a Brasil Telecom, outras centenas de reclamações nos PROCONs de todos os estados onde a operadora atua, além dos inúmeros processos judiciais envolvendo essa empresa.

Os clientes já estão cansados de serem ludibriados e de não terem meios de buscar seus direitos, exceto quando resolvem optar por um processo judicial individual, longo e burocrático contra a prestadora. Por essa razão solicitamos ao Ministério Público que, em nome dos cidadãos brasileiros e em respeito aos mesmos, avalie toda a situação e faça com que a Brasil Telecom passe a atuar de forma responsável, cumprindo com os regulamentos e contratos estabelecidos, e, principalmente, que seja exemplarmente punida pela irregularidades cometidas durante todos os anos em que vem atuando em território nacional.

Nós, brasileiros, aguardamos uma breve solução para o problema chamado "Brasil Telecom". É a única forma de todos sermos beneficiados pela justiça a que temos direito.

11. Residents Oppose Zoning Changes to Arroyo Grande Site

The property on Arroyo Grande is presently zoned as residential and previously approved as an office complex. The owners are petitioning to rezone those properties to accommodate a storage facility. The residents are opposed to the change.

12. Hire Cory Clarke at Bolsa Grande High School

The students at Bolsa Grande High School are trying to support the hiring of a beloved substitute teacher and assistant basketball coach of the High School team. The students and faculty love him but the administration is in opposition.