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1. Keep Factory Card and Party Outlet in Williamsville

Factory Card and Party Outlet has been serving western New York for many years now. It has thousands of valued customers that come not only for the merchandise, but for the smiles on the employees faces.

Corporate has decided to close the store that is located in Williamsville.

2. Flat-Rate Rent Increase Albany Housing Authority

July 28, 2006

Unfair Flat-Rate Rental Increases in Albany Housing Authority.

As you are aware, Albany Housing Authority has recently raised the flat rent rates by fifteen to twenty percent. For many households this will mean a rent increases between $52 and $143 per month.

The idea of living in Public Housing for many families means a sense of security while providing us with the ability to manage better financially.

If we are forced to pay this amount, our families will either have to move and search for housing that is less expensive. This can mean living in conditions that are below standard or remaining in Public Housing and simply having to sacrifice our basic needs such as food, clothing and healthcare.

There has also been a decrease in maintenance workers, and the tenants that have been seeking improvements in their buildings are being overlooked. All this needs to be taken into consideration before agreeing to any increase in our rents.

3. Save our GoodWill Store

June 9, 2006

I live in a small city in Ontario where there are many low-income families.

Our local Goodwill store has been a place we have been able to count on as a resource for a range of household items which we would otherwise be unable to attain.

Recently a VP from Toronto announced
that they would be closing our retail outlet and moving it to another city.

We are very upset.

4. Keep Step Ahead Day Nursery Open

June 5, 2006

Closure of nursery.

The Step Ahead Day Nursery has served the needs of the College and local community for many years, with the highest standard of childcare.