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A season that starts where is leaves off instead of an other era and a different main character.

LELOUCH WILL ALWAYS BE THE LEAD! :) ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!!!! BUT even if you want lelouch to die you can still sign becuase no one wants season 3 to begin in a different era. when i mean different era i mean olden days with no nightmares. I was reading the manga of what is supost to be the new season soon so yeah to e and a LOT of other people it would be A LOT Better if it picked up maye a year or a few after season 2.

No offence to everyone that doesn't agree and to maybe the makers. Please everyone sign this peition i am sure it will help out a lot. Us FANS WILL STICK TOGETHER, if you have any others ideas of what should be in ths season feel free to comment oK?



2. Stop Goose Down Practices

Feathers that you use in your pillows, blankets and clothing come from somewhere. Most notably, from animals. This is deemed acceptable as it is cheap and 'humane' as there feathers are used after slaughter.
A new, horrifying treatment is plucking the feathers from live geese.

Instead of just plucking the bird once after slaughter you can pluck the bird several times while it is still alive. This equates to more money.

3. Ratification of Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in Louisiana

The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution gave former slaves the equality under the law and the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. However, there is no guarantee of equality under the law for men and women. Our hard fought gains could be eroded in future years.

Therefore, we are asking the Louisiana Legislature to pass a resolution ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

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