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1. An Open Plea to Endemol (ECC)

Reality TV Show Big Brother is a worldwide brand owned by Endemol Corporate Communications (ECC). Endemol has brought the Big Brother brand to over 42 territories in 20 different languages to MILLIONS of people for the past 11 years.

Recently, In the United Kingdom (UK), the broadcast rights for Big Brother have been sold TO Channel 5 FROM Channel 4 (who had been broadcasting the show since it's inception).

Channel 5 has proven that they are incapable nor competent to run this franchise and hold it to the utmost standards using the guidelines set forth by Endemol (ECC). We the fans, therefore, are pleading to Endemol to strip Channel 5 of the rights to broadcast Big Brother, and choose a more worthy network.

2. No re-entry for Emily Parr on Big Brother 8

Emily Parr was removed from the Big Brother 8 house for using racially offensive language. Since then the few fans she collected in the week she was in for have tried to excuse away her behavior and to get her back into the house by any means knowing that it would validate all the excuses that have been trotted out.

She should not be allowed back on the show and should not be allowed to feel all the pathetic excuses she has used to mitigate what she did have been believed at all.


July 31, 2006

Help channel 4 and endemol make a big brother for 13-16 year olds as teens in the uk want a chance to go on the programme.

Why let them miss out because by the time they are 18 it will be axed so please help get the message out to make a youth edition of big borther in the uk!

4. Big Brother Bother - Make Big Brother Better!

Big Brother has been a great show for many years but this year it is just not good, there are no twists and the housemates are just plain bored all the time.

Whose fault is this? The makers of Big Brother of course, once we get 500 names I will send this to endemol, We can fight the system!

5. Bring back the free Big Brother UK webcams!!

For the previous two years, the webcams on Big Brother have been free. This year, people are being charged £9.99 to view them. I think Channel 4 are making a big mistake, so sign my petition, and let's get free access to the webcams again!