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Bound Brook Estates has been a thorn in the side of Cutrone Road residents for fifty years. Allowing Raymond Wennick to build 109 houses, known as Bound Brook Estates on a swamp area caused massive damage to our homes and properties and it continues to this day. We have had not assistance from the City of Norwalk despite years and years of promises. We are fed up.

2. Rivers not Drains for Coalmines

Mammy Johnsons River is the major contributor to the Karuah River & Port Stephens. It also contributes to the water supply to the towns of Stroud & Stroud Road via the Karuah River. The lower reaches of the Karuah River have been made a Habitat Protection Zone for the Port Stephens Marine Park.

The Duralie open cut coal mine is in the Karuah Catchment and the Gloucester Basin NSW. The mining company have applied to vary their Environmental Protection Licence to allow them to dump 500 million litres of dirty mine waste water into Mammy Johnsons River over a two year period as a "trial".

The original conditions of consent state:
"There shall be no direct discharge of dirty water from the mine to Mammy Johnsons River".


My name is Mammy Johnsons River, my friends are air & land. I am one of the cleanest most unpolluted rivers on the east coast of Australia and would like to remain this way. I have been here since the beginning of creation. I have many species dwelling in and around me, which I am proud of these include platypus, bass, crayfish, mussels etc.

I am the major contributor into the Karuah River and out into port Stephens so by polluting me, you also pollute these other waterways as well. Please help keep us alive and don't let a dirty, polluting coal mine kill me, and my friends. I cannot defend myself.
I NEED YOUR HELP.............

Yours Sincerely
Mammy Johnsons River

P.S. Please sign this petition and pass it on to eveyone you know............