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1. China Should Stop Bullying its Neighboring Countries

On this first day of July 2011, Voice of Vietnamese Americans (VVA) stands in solidarity with all people of Vietnamese descent, all Southeast Asian citizens represented by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and all international communities represented by the United Nations (UN) to raise a collective concern on the global security threat posed by China Communist Party’s (CPC) expansion policy in the Southeast Asia Sea (South China Sea).

The CPC has shown increasing aggressions with disrespect for the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in the Southeast Asia Sea (1982), disregarding the ASEAN Declaration on the South China Sea (1992), as well as ignoring the ASEAN Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) (2002).

China’s navy has opened fire on Vietnamese fishermen, cutting cables of Vietnamese surveying ships, banned fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zones belonging to Vietnam and the Philippines, and threatened to use its power to claim ownership of more than 80% of the Southeast Asia Sea. It has imposed the 9 dotted line called U shape which infringes on the sovereignty of Southeast Asian nations, disregarding all regional and international agreements China has officially signed with ASEAN and the United Nations.

While recognizing Chinese People as peace-loving and hard-working people, we condemn the CPC for abusing its power, under-minding traditional Chinese culture, not honoring its own signature on the UNCLOS and international treaties, and putting the Chinese people in severe conflicts with their traditional culture and with the world.

2. Stop guided helicopter-hunting in New Zealand

Heli-hunting destroys the natural quiet of the NZ backcountry.

Heli-hunting is not permitted in any country in the OECD.

Heli-hunting has no conservation benefits whatsoever.

The only benefit outlined by DOC is that heli-hunting will bring $$$ into NZ. If heli-hunting is legalised it will drive away many more hunters and their $$$ than it will entice. Who would pay to hunt, tramp, climb in a country when a low flying helicopter can ruin your backcountry experience at any random time.

Heli-hunting raises massive safety issues. To have an untrained person shooting from a helicopter is incredibly unsafe for all involved. Genuine recreational users of the NZ backcountry have no idea of when a heli-hunt will occur, we do not wish to be anywhere near an untrained shooter firing from a low flying helicopter at high speed.

DOCs definition of heli-hunting

“This activity involves the conveyance of a client (and guide) in search of a trophy animal. The helicopter positions the client on the ground and the client shoots the trophy from the ground, or the client shoots the trophy from the helicopter and the helicopter then conveys the client, guide and trophy home.” “Wild Animal Recovery Operations framework 15-4-09.”

What this definition really means:

1. Searching for a game animal from the helicopter and chasing it until it is physically exhausted then landing at a random site client and guide disembark to shoot the game animal and retrieve it.

2. Searching for a game animal from the helicopter. Once an animal is located a random landing is made and client and guide get into position for a shot. The helicopter is then used to herd the game animal back toward the client and guide; the animal is shot and the helicopter lands a second time to retrieve the animal client and guide.

3. Searching for a game animal from the helicopter and shooting a game animal directly from a helicopter. The helicopter then lands at a random site to retrieve the animal.

My personnel opinion is that point 3 will not be allowed, but it may be.
Points 1 and 2 are known as “spot and drop” and are most likely to be legalised.