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1. Cervical Smear Campaign to test under 25 women if requested

Cervical smear test is used to look for changes in cervical cells and to identify whether further investigation is required. Depending on the degree of abnormality identified, women are asked to have a repeat smear after six or 12 months, or may be referred for a further test to identify the cause of the abnormality identified by screening.

Under the NHS Cervical Screening Program, all women between the ages of 25 and 49 are eligible for a free cervical smear test every three years, and women between the ages of 50 and 64 are eligible for a free test every five years.

The smear test is not routinely available to women aged under 25. Cervical cancer is rare in women under the age of 20; teenagers’ bodies, particularly the cervix, are still developing, which means young women may get an abnormal smear result when there is nothing wrong. This could lead to unnecessary treatment, so screening young women might do more harm than good.

Between the ages of 20 and 25, invasive cancer is still rare but changes in the cervix are common. Although treating lesions in very young women may prevent cancers from developing many years later, the evidence suggests that screening is best started at the age of 25. Lesions that are destined to progress will still be screen-detectable and those that would regress will no longer be a source of anxiety. This means that younger women will not have to undergo unnecessary investigations and treatments.

Any woman under 25 who is concerned about her risk of developing cervical cancer, or her sexual health generally, should contact her GP or Genito-Urinary


Update: Feb 22, 2009

This petition is several years old. I started it in 2007 when I was speaking to people about trying to generate support to get bloomberg to run for a 3rd term. I was discouraged time and again by people telling me I was crazy and that, if anything, bloomberg would be making a run at the presidency. Turns out, I was a bit too early. I am ecstatic that bloomberg has decided he is interested in being our mayor.

I am interested in helping the bloomberg campaign, possibly obtaining a job helping the upcoming campaign. I would be happy to contribute this site to the official bloomberg campaign group. Otherwise, if they are not interested in this web address. I am open to other possiblities in working with , or possibly selling the domain to someone who is interested in owning and/or developing the site.

I am a life long new yorker, Columbia Law School graduate, and a former bankruptcy lawyer with Cadwalader Wickersham and Taft. I currently live in williamsburg, but I have lived in Canarsie, Staten Island, and at various locations over the west side of Manhattan. I have also lived in upstate New York in Binghamton , where I first attended College.

check for auction listings of this website.


BLOOMBERG IS AN EXCELLENT MAYOR. New York City term limits prohibit him from running for a third or fourth term. As a result, we will be losing our greatest mayor in decades. New Yorkers should unite in a public referendum ballot initiative to repeal MAYORAL (and not city council member) term limits only for the next 2 terms so that Bloomberg can run for mayor 2 more times.

He is a very popular mayor and if he runs, he will likely get re-elected. The repeal will be only for the next two terms and subsequently will expire and term limits will go back into effect.

This petition is looking for support to bolster a hatchling campaign to gather signatures and petition the NYC clerk to put this issue on the ballot.

Your address is required because if this online petition is successful (30,000 signatures) we hope to mail you an official signature request form with a return address envelope postage paid which will be sent to the city clerk for verification.

3. Send unused medicines to Africa

July 18, 2006

Inter Care, a UK charity has for 32 years collected unused, returned but perfect, as-new medicines from GP practices to send to 100 African clinics.

World Health Organisation guidelines on medicine supply overseas are closely followed. This activity is now being stopped by impending prosecution of the UK Environment Agency (the enforcement agency of the Dept of Environment) as they say the law designates these prescription medicines as waste, which must only be disposed of in landfill sites.

Inter Care has been sending out 6000kg per year of these life-saving medicines with a market value of £300,000pa. This is less than 1% of the total NHS prescriptions wasted and destroyed.

There needs to be a change in the law to allow the re-use of NHS returned & unused medicines in developing countries provided meticulous standards are met as follows:- at least 18 months before expiry date; perfect, unopened and undamaged; each drug specifically requested by local health professionals in the area of use.

4. Make Trade Fair: Our Human Rights Can't be traded

The time remaining befre the WTO ministerial affords the people at the grassroots level to have a say on the issues affecting their human rights and their livelihood.

The fifth World Trade Organization's Hong Kong Ministerial will take place in December 2005, where vital TRADE issues/agreements will be decided. The time prior the ministerial affords us the opportunity as the citizens to influence our WTO ministerial not to sign for issues that affects our human rights and that exacerbate the level of poverty in our country and other developing nations.

The WTO has implemented agreements that have had a negative impact on people's human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and other Human Rights instrument such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and cultural rights e.g. The Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) that allows the multinational companies the right to patent access to live saving drugs like ARVs (aids DRUGS) for people living with HIV/AIDS, this agreement violates the people's right to health, the Agreement on Agriculture that benefit the developed countries yet violating people in developing countries the right to food and adequate standard of living by allowing the developed nations (e.g. The US and EU) to continue subsidizing their exports flooding the domestic markets of developing nations such as South Africa and therefore resulting in job loses and poverty.

Another agreement that has had a negative effect on the livelihood of the people is the General Agreements of Trade on Service, privatizing essential human needs such as health, water, education and technology thereby increasing the level of poverty and inaccessibility to essential services.

Sign this petition and mandate of government not to sign for any agreement that will negatively affect our human rights as the citizens of the developing nation.

On the upcoming Hong Kong Ministerial the delegation will sign for the new agreement that was put forward by developed nations called the JULY FRAMEWORK, that will give more power to emerged economies to continue to bully the developing nations and to increase subsidies of imported goods in South Africa and thereby causing more job loses and poverty, making our farmers uncompetitive as a result of cheap imported goods that are less than our domestic cost of production.


5. Spare South Parade From The Developers

In June 2004, the Skegness Standard and the Skegness Target newspapers revealed that ELDC is consideringre-developing the south foreshore in Skegness, Lincolnshire. This would result in the loss of the Southern Boating Lake, Fairy Dell, Putting Greens, Pitch and Putt and the Crown Bowling Greens.

These facilities may not be used as much as they should, but it is felt that ELDC has neglected this traditional and tranquil part of the town. The Boating lake, with it's tiered terracing could be brought back to its ownwith the reintroduction of firework displays, and by possibly installing some sort of sound system, live performers could provide music etc from the island. The Fairy Dell holds a sentimental place in many people's hearts as they spent time there as kids playing in the pool surrounding the wonderfully ornate fountain. This is where kids can play safely away from potentially dangerous tidal conditions.

As for the Pitch and putt, not many visitors venture that far down South Parade because there is no adequate signage making it obvious that such a facility exists.

Not everybody comes to Skegness for all the thrills and spills that the continuously developing central and north foreshore provide. Many people visit for a rest, a bt of relaxation, and this is where the more genteel southern foreshore comes into it's own - there is no other part of town that offers such a refuge. If maintained well, this area could be very attractive, and a credit to Skegness.

6. Sop the exploitation of Child Labor

Hi, my petition is to stop Child Labor, particularly in developing countries, because many people are dieing. Children cannot work for fourteen hours non-stop. They only get paid a little if lucky and some children don't even get paid. Most children are trying to pay off loans that their parents own to others. Please sign my petition so I can show everyone that all of you agree to my thought. Thank You For Your Time And Support.

Please help all the children and stop child labor. Please sign the petetion.

7. Help stop OUR OWN DESTRUCTION - time to switch to clean renewable forms of energy

How many disasters and destruction do we need more to finally learn?

A ruptured tanker called the Prestige, carrying 77,000 tons of fuel oil, almost twice what the Exxon Valdez spilled, sank off the coast of Spain on 19th November 2002. The full impact has yet to be seen, but it is clear that this is already a major environmental disaster. This is a ticking time bomb!

After dozens of spills like these averaging more than one oil spill every two weeks during the 1990s), what will it take for us to reduce our dependence on oil?

As long as we continue to rely on oil for energy there will be more devastating oil spills and global warming will become catastrophic. The only solution is to switch to clean renewable forms of energy like wind power, solar power and the clean green fuels like hydrogen.

We demand our politicians to act NOW, enough is enough. When our beautiful planet will be destroyed it will be too late to cry, regret and say if we only had...

The latest report from the International Panel on Climate Change IPCC) says that hundreds of technologies are already available, at very low cost, to reduce climate damaging emissions and that government policies need to remove the barriers to these technologies. Implementing these solutions will not require humans to make sacrifices or otherwise impede their quality of life. Instead, they will enable people to usher in a new era of energy, one that will bring economic growth, new jobs, technological innovation and, most importantly environmental protection. However, for green solutions to global warming to find a foothold in the market, governments and corporations need to lead the shift away from polluting technology. At present, fossil fuel industries are provided with billions of dollars in subsidies so that dirty energy stays cheap. Polluting industries are allowed to pollute for free, while clean technologies remain under-funded. Developing nations, which have the fastest growing energy needs, are locked into old fashioned fossil fuel technologies by Export Credit Agencies. The time has come for humans to wean themselves off fossil fuels and other climate damaging technologies. Oil companies must stop exploring for more fossil fuels that the world cannot afford to burn. Governments need to subsidise renewable energy and force polluters to pay.

Green technology is ready to take over Wind power is already a significant source of energy in many parts of the world. It can supply 10 percent of the world's electricity within two decades. Solar power has been growing in a global capacity by 33 percent annually. Greenpeace and industry research shows that with some government support, the solar industry could supply electricity to over 2 billion people globally in the next 20 years. By 2040 solar photovoltaics could supply nearly 25 percent of global electricity demand. A report conducted by global financial analysts KPMG shows that solar power would become cost competitive with traditional fossil fuels if the production of photovoltaic panels was increased to 500 megawatts a year. A renewable power plant in Asia could have the same costs and provide the same jobs as a coal fired plant, but with significant environmental advantages. Greenfreeze refrigeration technology, which is safe for the climate and the ozone layer, has spread around the world. It is an ideal solution for developing countries where cost and efficiency are particularly important.