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1. Guitar Hero Metallica DLC

Guitar Hero Metallica DLC will be by far the most purchased DLC for any guitar hero game and is much needed by Guitar Hero and Metallica fans across the world.

2. ReMaster all Metallica CDs to sound like Death Magnetic

The Clipping on Death Magnetic, the sonic, digital noise that covers it make it sound "lively" and "exciting" (source, Lars Ulrich) so we want all the old Metallica disk to sound just as good!

So please Metaliica, Q-Prime and Rick Rubin, please re-mix all the Metallica records to be compressed, limited, clipped and distorted (brick-walled) like Death Magnetic!

3. Do not remix Death Magnetic - leave it alone!

Some people are saying the new Death Magnetic CD from Metallica is overcompressed, distorted and clipping and is a victim of the Loudness War.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has stated that the distortion and clipping is deliberate:

Note: If you DON'T like the sound of the production of the CD, you are at the WRONG petition.

This petition is in support of the CD of Death Magnetic - may it never change!!

4. Re-Mix or Remaster Death Magnetic!

If you're a fan of another artist or band who have ruined their album in the same way, please sign this petition as well. Let's bring an end to the destruction of music!

About Death Magnetic:

"...A Technical error in recording from the master....It will not sound like this on the album" - Benjamin on behalf of Mission Metallica after the release of poor quality versions of the first single, The Day That Never Comes.

Mission Metallica & Warner Brothers lied to the public to ensure that they didn't lose album pre-orders!

After the album was released, this same "technical error" became "An exciting sound that people are responding to" - Cliff Burnstein, Q-Prime, after the album release.

Death Magnetic is a fantastic effort from Metallica, however many of us are disappointed by the poor audio quality present on the album.

Send your cd back to HQ!

Discussion and projects:

UPDATE - 05/10/2008

We know for sure now that the problems were introduced during mixing.

Lars has claimed that 13,000 people is an insignificant amount of people, so let's try and get to 20,000!

If you want a better version of Death Magnetic, Guitar Hero rips which are clean, livelier and more "smokin" can be acquired!