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1. David Cameron should resign now!

Over the last six years this nation has had to suffer the wrath of the rich, the ignorant, and the just plain evil. 13million families are living in poverty with 60% in work, so many of those people have had to rely on food banks just to stay alive.

Thousands of disabled people have died after having their support taken away and have been sanctioned for utterly heartless reasons including having to go to hospital. The NHS is at breaking point, the arts funding has been cut to shreds and homelessness and depression have gone through the roof.

Yet the Conservatives have continued to steal from the poor to line their own pockets by 11%. They have continued to vilify the sick, the poor and the most vulnerable in the country. The bedroom tax has caused untold misery. Students and junior doctors are being taken advantage of. And now it has been revealed that Cameron himself, after giving the public an entirely false spiel about how tax dodging is immoral, has been found to have owned shares in his father's offshore account.

We saw recently the impact the public's voice has had in Iceland where their Prime Minister has recently resigned. The time for the people of Britain to follow was yesterday, but now we have the biggest push of all David Cameron must resign as prime minister now.

2. Ed Miliband to boycott ridiculous TV debates

This petition is for convincing Ed Miliband to boycott from the TVs “debates” in order to put pressure on the broadcasters to allow two-way debate between Ed Miliband and David Cameron.

We to need send a clear voice to the media to stop this bias of allowing too much concession on one person, David Cameron.

3. UK Government to rid British Land of non-British citizens!

I believe Britain is being over-run with people from different countries. I'm not preaching racist hate, and I'm not in any way saying non British are bad people but i believe we need to make britian, BRITIAN again.

Bring back UK peoples jobs! Bring back English rights and make britain british once again!

Please listen to our thoughts and act as appropriate or the british public will be forced to take action and stand to be counted to stop the influx of crime, and the government caring more for other countries and not ours! Act now!!

4. Stop impunity for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity

A petition to urge the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to take immediate action on behalf of HM Government on the international crisis of impunity of those who engage in crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, of those who commit the most profound mass inhumane and torturous acts against innocent civilians.

5. Stun ALL Animals Before Slaughter and Label ALL Halal Meat

Slaughter without stunning is an excruciating and terrifying experience faced by millions of animals every year.

All food livestock in Britain are killed by having their throats cut, but the law requires that they are first rendered unconscious by stunning. However, animals killed for Muslim Halal meat are exempt from this law - they can be slaughtered by throat-cutting WITHOUT pre-stunning, even though it does not say anywhere in the Qur'an that an animal cannot be unconscious before it is killed.

After having their throats cut, animals are hung by one leg, still alive, and allowed to slowly bleed to death. According to research, it can take a cow 60 seconds - an entire minute - to lose consciousness, and a calf twice this time.

Approximately 8 million animals per year are slaughtered this way for the Halal market.

In 2003, the Farm Animal Welfare Council published its report on the welfare of animals at slaughter - it recommended that a solid law should be passed to stun all animals before slaughter. In 2004, the Government accepted FAWC’s conclusion that animals slaughtered without pre-stunning are likely to experience “very significant pain and distress”, but announced that it would not adopt the report’s recommendation.

Halal meat is often not labeled as such in UK supermarkets, so many of us are unwittingly supporting this cruel, barbaric and unnecessary method of slaughter.

6. Allow Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to Speak in UK

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer reach millions of freedom-loving people across the globe. Pamela Geller has rescued girls from certain death and paid homage to those who perished in the desire to be free from slavery. Robert Spencer is a world-renowned authority whose family suffered in the Middle East where he originates from.

While Islamic hate preachers come to the UK to preach wife-beating and anti-semitism in mosques, we in the UK are entitled to know what threats these people and their followers are to our country.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer only speak the truth, and for that there is nothing to fear.

7. Support Tangible Use of the DFID Budget



8. The DLA should stay

This Petition is Basically explanatory, and its basis is regarding DLA and what type of people it's aiming at. All I want is for people to simply watch the following video and to simply fill this petition out.

And I would also love it if you could sign, share and comment on it if you agree with what's going on...

David Cameron need to get his Priority right and think of others other than himself, I mean we're going down hill since he took over and not to mention he gave £10 Billion to another Country and you think that what he's doing is ok? I think not... it's INSIDIOUS...

9. Petition to remove the coalition government from power!

David Cameron stated that he would not cancel the EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance)
David Cameron stated that family allowance would not be affected and it was safe under a Conservative administration

George Osborne and David Cameron both denied that they had any plans to raise VAT and that the Labour party was trying to “scare” the electorate (Evening Standard, 2010)

The Conservative party said there would be no major top down reforms of the NHS in this parliament (Lansley, 2009)

Nick Clegg stated unequivocally that he and all 57 MP’s would vote against ANY increase in tuition fees (Libdem manifesto, 2010)

The Conservative party policy stated that failures in the penal system and law and order was due to Labour’s failed policies and anyone convicted of a knife crime would go to prison and more prison places would be made available (Conservative Manifesto, p57)

George Osborne stated that Labour had not regulated the banks enough and no one working in a Bank that had been saved by the state should get more than a £2,000 cash bonus (Conservative Party website, 2009)

Bonfire of the quangos.  To get rid of quangos to make them more efficient, accountable and more cost effective (Cameron, 2009)

The result

David Cameron now says EMA’s don’t work and is scrapping them, always quoting one survey supporting this view that 9 out of 10 students would still do the course even if the EMA was withdrawn, ignoring other evidence and a larger body of evidence that suggests EMA significantly increases the chances of students starting and finishing the courses in higher education

Family allowance is cut for a section of the population

VAT increased to 20% and no statement to state if this is permanent or not.

The largest most far reaching reforms of the NHS have been announced since 1945, costing several billions of pounds at a time the government is strapped for cash. Causing uncertainty in the service and without a consensus or rolling the changes out giving evidence the changes are working – THIS FAR REACHING REFORM WAS NOT IN THE MANIFESTO

Tuition fees increased by up to 300%, although with some progressive safeguards, these could easily be over turned at any time by future administrations

Kenneth Clarke has announced the biggest turn around in prison and law and order policy known in the UK. People voted for the Conservative Party to be strong on law and order and to build more prisons.  They have announced a closure of 3,000 prison places.  fewer people to be sent to prison and declaring that prison does not work and then cutting the police budgets.

George Osborne we now know in recent negotiations tried to water down EU recommendations for regulating the banks.  There will be no limitations on bonuses (Monbiot, 2011)

The bonfire of the quangos was more like a child’s sparkler.  They failed to understand that many of the quangos actually do something and there is no one else to do it.  The restructuring was announced without any research into who will carry out the functions after the restructuring or how much it will cost.  It could well cost more than it did before the reforms. The House of Lords, the biggest quango in our country has been bolstered by the Conservative party with a massive new intake to increase support for the coalition.  There is no timetable for reform of the upper house.

10. Reduce The Fuel Tax

During the past year the public of the UK have been hit by soaring Fuel prices, that has seen Fuel Prices at the Pump go from 80p per litre to in some place over £1.38 per litre.

In April a further 1p per litre is to be added to Fuel costs by the current government.

Cost per litre of crude oil extraction: 8p
Cost per litre of refining: 2p
Cost per litre to transport to UK: 2p
Cost per litre to transport to pumps: 5p
UK TAX @ 70%: 80-90p!

Since the VAT increase the prices in some places of the UK have hit £1.38 per litre.

Enough is Enough! Tell the UK government to Reduce Fuel tax Now and introduce a regulator to ensure it never reachs ridiculous prices again!

11. Scrap Proposed Changes to the UK Education System

We aim to boycott the government's proposed changes to the UK education system in a peaceful way. The government intends on scrapping the EMA system and increase the current UK University tuition fees.

If you believe that these changes are ridiculously unjustified then sign the petition!

12. Boycott the Referendum on Electoral Reform - Sign if you want Fair Votes!

Please Read Before Signing.

We were promised a referendum on Electoral Reform in the UK. Yet the best the Government can offer us is a choice between the current, unrepresentative "First Past the Post" and the immoral, unfair "Alternative Vote" system, where the victor is decided by second, third, fourth or even fifth or sixth best votes rather than genuine support for a party.

Currently, and which would still be the case should the Alternative Vote be adopted, a vote is only powerful enough to elect a single MP to "represent" the voters' constituency in Parliament. The UK is one of the oldest democracies in the world, and given that 21st Century politics is much focused on the race to who will form a government, this system of "First Past the Post" is outdated and not up to scratch in giving voters a real voice in elections.

A switch to the proposed Alternative Vote system would only change the way we vote. Instead of putting an "X" next to our selected candidates, we will be made to put numbers in descending order according to our "preferential" selection of each candidate. Not only will this be a pain in what ever but it will also cause problems in future elections. The thousands of people being left without a "voice" at the last General Elections due to polling stations closing before they got inside after waiting for hours in long ques is down partly to some voters not actually deciding who they will vote for before coming to the polling booth, news sources have claimed. Imagine what will happen if voters were to draw up a list of their most desired candidate down to their least desired candidate!

This is not necessarily a petition and is not going to anyone. This is a call to BOYCOTT the referendum in May 2011. No, not to abstain but to write "BOYCOTT" in clear, capital letters on the ballot papers. Sign up to this "petition" to confirm you will be voting to boycott this referendum. Just write "Anonymous" or any nickname you wish to use.

A "No" vote will be allowing the Government to assume we do not want an Electoral Reform of any kind. A "Yes" vote would leave us stuck with the Alternative Vote for a good number of generations to come. The more "Boycott Votes" we can get through, the more seriously the establishment would have to take our call for a Proper Referendum for Proper Electoral Reform.

For those of you who don't know, Proportional Representation is a system in which MPs are elected equally to how much votes their party gets, where votes can directly influence which party forms a government and who becomes Prime Minister, and is being used in many of the fastest developing countries around the world. Why can the Government not offer that as an option instead of a complex style of voting?

Please give a few minutes of your time to consider this as this will influence your daily life, and the daily lives of your children and grand-children. What will it be, will you vote "Yes" or "No" and let the Government take us, the voters for sheep, or will you simply write "BOYCOTT" on the ballot paper for a Real Referendum Now?

Introductory video on Proportional Representaion

This is a short video we made to promote our cause. Join us on Youtube!

13. Free Prescriptions For Asthmatics

Fact: 5.4 million people in the UK have asthma.
Fact: 2204 deaths from asthma in the UK (2008)
Fact: On average 3 people die aday or 1 person every 8 hours from asthma.
Fact: There were over 79,794 emergency hospital admissions for asthma in the UK in 2008.

The 5.4 million people in the UK living with asthma are or will have to pay for their prescriptions, prescriptions cost a lot when you need a couple of items every month.

Everyone that has asthma didn't ask for it, so why should we have to pay for it. Some people have to stop taking medication as prices are to much to pay, this is affecting their health and could lead to death.

14. Save our free swimming sessions for pensioners and children!

Our current Con-Dem coalition government is considering cutting free swimming sessions for pensioners and children.

We hereby petition them to change this policy.

15. Save OFCOM! Support the UK Media Regulators!


OFCOM is an important part of ensuring that news media broadcasts are fair and impartial. Under Conservative plans it would be scrapped which would allow further biasing of the UK media according to the whim of Rupert Murdoch.

To quote David Cameron:

"with a Conservative Government, OFCOM as we know it will cease to exist. Its remit will be restricted to its narrow technical and enforcement roles. It will no longer play a role in making policy. And the policy-making functions it has today will be transferred back fully to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport."

This will allow politicians to control the media as they see fit and remove any hope of ever having an impartial media.

16. Allow under 13's to work

I can't get a job because...I'm 12. I want to upgrade some parts of my PC. I have no income for myself whatsoever. How many people are in my shoes? Not many? You'll be surprised...

17. We want David Cameron on Question Time

David Cameron is now Prime Minister, the job he has probably dreamed of for alot of his political career. However, we want answers about this coalition and we want to see him connect with the public. It is about time we had the most important politician on television debating alongside people from politics and the media. If John Major did it so can Cameron.

We want David Cameron to be a panellist on Question Time and debate alongside Shirley Williams (the former SDP leader and Liberal Democrat peer), David Mitchell (the comedian and actor), Yvette Cooper (the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary and Minister for Women and Equality), Melanie Phillips (the Daily Mail journalist) and Mehdi Hasan (New Statesman journalist).

18. Petition against Lib Dem plans to axe Child Trust Funds

Say no to the Liberal Democrat and Conservative plans to axe Child Trust Funds for middle income earners and the disabled and possibly tax child benefit.

What will be cut next?

19. Save The Royal Hospital Rebuild From Tory / Lib Dem Cuts

In March 2010, the Labour Health Secretary, Andy Burnham MP, announced that the Labour Government was approving plans for a complete rebuild of the Liverpool Royal Hospital, at a total investment of £451million.

But on 18 May 2010, the Liverpool Echo reported that the Tory / Lib Dem government was reviewing those plans. They are now under threat, and there is a chance that the Tories and Liberal Democrats might cut the investment altogether.

Liverpool needs a modern NHS, and a Royal hospital fit for the 21st Century. Sign our petition, and demand that the Tory and Liberal Democrat government protects this investment.

20. Conservatives got most seats/votes: Cameron should be PM

The Conservative Party won the most seats and the most votes at the General Election.

If you agree that following the election David Cameron has the greatest right to become Prime Minister, please sign this petition.

21. Please do not scrap our Human Rights Act

Dear David Cameron,

Further to your election as our Prime Minister and your invitation to the British public to offer our energy, ideas and passion, we have put our names down on this petition to show our support for the Human Rights Act. We sincerely hope you will take note of this petition and understand that we have considered the Conservatives' reasons for replacing the Act with a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. In light of all the arguments and evidence, we strongly believe that the Human Rights Act is one of the most precious and important pieces of UK legislation and we feel passionate about protecting it. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it was instigated by the great Conservative Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

This is not a political stance specific petition; we voted for a range of parties in the recent election, however we are appealing to you, as you negotiate our country's future, to assure us that you will not repeal this Act.

Our reasons for this are as follows:

1) Human rights are important words to us and human rights law is vital. It has evolved over many years to protect citizens from their state and to allow everybody to enjoy rights that they deserve, simply by their nature of being human. The Human Rights Act is simple and gives every person in the UK the following rights:

1) the right to life
2) freedom from torture and degrading treatment
3) freedom from slavery and forced labour
4) the right to liberty
5) the right to a fair trial
6) the right not to be punished for something that wasn't a crime when you did it
7) the right to respect for private and family life
8) freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and freedom to express your beliefs
9) freedom of expression
10) freedom of assembly and association
11) the right to marry and to start a family
12) the right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights and freedoms
13) the right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
14) the right to an education
15) the right to participate in free elections
16) the right not to be subjected to the death penalty

There are absolutely no articles in the Act that we, as members of the public, would not want to be fully protected by. We can see no reason for taking any of these rights away.

2) The Human Rights Act has been hugely misunderstood and misinterpreted. Many of the more ‘ridiculous’ law suits brought under the name of the act have been dismissed. It does not allow criminals to get whatever they want, in fact it actually makes it a legal requirement that the public is protected from dangers to society. Just one example of the benefits of the act is its use in keeping an elderly married couple in long-term care together. Although in an ideal world this should have been avoided by common sense or compassion, the fact is that law is clearly needed to prevent unpleasant situation like this occurring. Secondly, the Act does not, as it sometimes suggested, mean that threats to our nation’s security cannot be dealt with. The Act requires courts to balance public safety against individual rights and, if necessary, a person at risk of harming our country can certainly have their liberty deprived.

3) Far from, as the Conservatives have suggested, the Human Rights Act devaluing the words ‘human rights’, the Act actually strengthens them. The Conservatives have shown a great deal of interest in foreign policy and human rights abroad, but if we do not respect human rights at home we do not set a good example. For example, Guantanamo Bay has severely damaged the reputation of the USA. The USA put a lot of pressure on in the international community to respect human rights, yet did not themselves. This has tainted the concept of human rights negatively and has given countries who abuse human rights leverage to argue against changing their abusive practice. The UK should be an excellent example to the international community of a country that has the utmost respect for human rights. Removing the words ‘human rights’ from our laws would be a terrible signal of our lack of promotion of the concept within our own borders.

4) We welcome the promotion of more responsibility within society and are happy to lend a great deal of support to making this ideal a reality. The Human Rights Act is not the place for this however. There are many pieces of law that outline out responsibilities towards each other; the Act is the place to outline the state’s responsibilities towards us. It is therefore illogical to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

5) The Conservatives are unhappy with judges having power to advise Parliament, as the Act has allowed. We contest the idea that judges should not have a say in politics. They are exceptionally bright, informed members of society who would have had to demonstrate nuanced understanding and careful, responsible judgement before gaining such a position of authority. They will have a niche understanding of human rights that politicians cannot have because of the breadth of their mandates, and it is not wrong that they should not be consulted for their opinions. We note that, contrary to popular understanding, the Act does not give judges power to decide laws; MPs always have the last say on the laws Parliament produces.

6) It concerns us that a piece of legislation should only be designed to protect the British. For example, the issues of migration and asylum seeking have become confused, and there is often a lack of understanding that asylum seekers, who have suffered unimaginably and may face torture or even murder if they return to the country of origin, are different to economic migrants. We do not want our country to remove the piece of law that guarantees minorities such as asylum seekers the dignity they desperately deserve.

7) The Human Rights Act has not been imposed by Europe. The European Convention of Human Rights (upon which the Human Rights Act is based) was designed by European countries after World War II and has nothing to do with the EU. The Human Rights Act therefore actually allows human rights issues to be dealt with domestically rather than going all the way to courts in Strasbourg.

22. Save Our Leisure Centres

The Tory Council wants to privatise our leisure centres, Labour are campaigning to stop them and need your help...

PUBLIC - Built and refurbished with public money, our leisure centres belong to Southampton's people.

AWARD WINNING - The Tories want to privatise the centres despite the fact they're award winning!

PRIVATISATION - The leisure centres being privatised will mean prices will go up, standards will drop and staff's jobs will come under threat.

PURE IDEOLOGY - Conservative council leader Alec Samuels has made it clear that he wants to privatise facilities as a matter of priciple.

(Southampton Labour Party, John Denham MP or Alan Whitehead MP may contact you with the information you provide.)

23. Protect Council Homes in Hammersmith and Fulham

Residents of the council estates across the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham are appalled to hear of the Council's plans for selling these estates to private property developers for supposed 'regeneration', which would involve widespread demolition.

The consequences for this area of such radical action would be disastrous. Our concern is that residents, many of whom have lived on the estates for many years and have strong links with neighbours, friends and family in the area, would be forcibly relocated and excluded from the benefits of any redevelopment.

This would be an absolute travesty at a time when the importance of community is being so widely acknowledged.