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1. Free prisoners of conscience in Iran

Recently a young woman, named Reyhaneh Jabbari, was hanged in Iran. Her crime was that when she was 19 years old, she stabbed the man who was trying to rape her. The time to speak up for Reyhaneh has past. But there is still time to save others who have been wrongfully imprisoned or face a death sentence.

When you read history, don't you wish you could be present at the time of Galileo or Jesus so you could speak up for them? Well, you are alive now and these people will go down in history as Galileos of our time. You have an opportunity to make a change and all you have to do is sign this petition. Don’t let it pass you by. You have come across this petition for a reason. Don’t let the memory of your inaction haunt you when it’s too late.

2. სინდისისა და გამოხატვის თავისუფლების მიმართ შეუწყნარებლობა

სახალხო დამცველის მოხსენებებში არაერთხელ აღინიშნა, რომ სამართალდამცავი ორგანოების მხრიდან კვლავაც არ კეთდება ჯეროვანი რეაგირება ქვეყანაში განხორციელებულ შეუწყნარებლობის ფაქტებზე. კერძოდ, სახალხო დამცველის მიერ გამოვლენილ შემთხვევათა უმეტესობაში გამოძიება ერიდება რელიგიური შეუწყნარებლობის მოტივაციით ჩადენილი დანაშაულის მაკვალიფიცირებელი ნორმის გამოყენებას და ამჯობინებს, საქმე ხულიგნობის მუხლით აღძრას.

ვფიქრობთ, რომ სახელმწიფოს მხრიდან ასეთი ტიპის დანაშაულებზე სრულყოფილი და ადეკვატური გამოძიების ჩატარების ნების ნაკლებობა გახდა იმის ერთ–ერთი მიზეზი, რამაც მიგვიყვანა არსებულ მდგომარეობამდე. მიგვაჩნია, რომ მსგავს ტენდენციას უარყოფითი გალენა აქვს ქართული სახელმწიფოს დემოკრატიულ განვითარებასა და აგრეთვე, მის ევროინტეგრაციაზე.

ასევე, დაუშვებლად მიგვაჩნია საპატრიარქოს მითითებითა და ზეწოლით რაიმე სახის საკანონმდებლო ცვლილებების გატარება, ცენზურის დაწესება და გამოხატვის თავისუფლების ნებისმიერი სახით შეზღუდვა.

კონსტიტუციის მიხედვით, საქართველოში სახელმწიფოსა და ეკლესიის საქმიანობისა და გავლენის სფეროები მკაფიოდ უნდა იყოს გამიჯნული, შესაბამისად, ვითხოვთ ადეკვატური პოლიტიკის გატარებას, რომელიც კანონის უზენაესობასა და კონსტიტუციით უზრუნველყოფილი ადამიანის უფლებების დაცვას დაეფუძნება.


4 March 2006


Start Another War (WOW!) War On Want... Help Make It History!

This petition calls out to all those who retain a human conscience. Those who know injustice reigns to large portions of the globe (Africa for instance). Those who are sickened by huge deprivations, starvation, treatable illness and much more sweeping whole continents.

Yes, we are told or sold our world is now far richer, more humane, intelligent, accountable, responsible and with bottom line morals! Yet billions upon billions is simply wasted on fruitless exercises, while millions upon millions starve and suffer needlessly and daily. WHY?

All we ask is for those who still care for our fellow humans to read: and then help make WANT history.. make it happen together!

Once we have enough signatories collated, then will submit them to accountable authority and call for 'Deed In Action.'

"Success is not preaching to the converted, but converting the preacher." Robert W Burnett

4. Freedom for Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez)

Update: March 2008

Posted on Tue, Feb. 19, 2008
A Hobson's choice: Exile or prison

Jorge Luis García Pérez, known as Antúnez, served out his 17-year term, which ended last year (2007). A former sugar-cane cutter, he was sent to prison for standing in a public square and calling for democratic change. Beyond being harassed and beaten, he has been detained eight times since he was freed in April. Although he has arrangements to come to the United States for medical treatment, he insists he will not leave Cuba unless his return is guaranteed by the regime.

The number of political prisoners declines as Cuba tries to improve its image. Yet the repression, like the dictatorship, has not changed.

The international community must continue to press for democratic change in Cuba.

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Prisoner of Conscience Profile:

Confined to punishment cells. Due to the frequent beatings that he has suffered he has bone fractures, and is suffering from kidney failure caused by hypoglycemia.

Biography: Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez) was born on October 10, 1964. The economic situation of his home and the delicate health of his mother forced him to study at the ESBEC (Basic Secondary Schools in the Fields) and the IPUEC (Pre-university School in the Fields). This is where he first began to question the legitimacy of the dictatorship in Cuba. The process of auto-liberation began when he had the opportunity to read about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From that moment on he began a process of rejecting all the indoctrination that was taught in the school, and for that reason he was criticized and sanctioned by the school. Because of this, and the desperate need to earn money to alleviate the economic misery his family lived in. Jorge Luis understood that his dream of becoming an attorney was just that a dream. To support his family he worked in jobs that involved heavy manual labor: as a sugar cane cutter, a construction worker and a farm laborer. He was fired from these jobs, simply because he was verbally critical of the dictatorship running his country.

At this point Jorge Luis began to be monitored closely by the Cuban government. After six months working at the Cuban Atomic Plant in Juraguá, Cienfuegos he was fired after being investigated by the Ministry of Labor, which classified him as "disaffected to the revolutionary process" in other words disaffected with the dictatorship.

During the last days of 1983, while chatting with friends at the XX Anniversary Square in the city of Placetas in Cuba Antúnez said that the sole individual responsible for the death of 23 Cubans in combat with the US Army in Grenada was Fidel Castro.

He was immediately beaten down by agents of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR). He was taken from there to the Department of Instruction of the State Security Police in Santa Clara, where he was released after being issued a "warning. " But the intimidation and repression didn't stop Jorge Luis' will to speak his mind as a free man. On March 15, 1990, nearly seven years later at the same XX Anniversary Square listening to an official radio transmission calling for the IV Congress of the Communist Party, he began to raise his voice and shout that "communism is a utopian error " and "we want and we need reforms like those taking place in Eastern Europe". He was immediately physically assaulted by agents of the PNR and State Security Police, who took him again to the headquarters in Santa Clara, where he was charged for "oral enemy propaganda". He was charged with the "crime" of speaking his mind openly and without fear.

That is how Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez) began his long and courageous fight for freedom as a prisoner of conscience. In June of the same year, already imprisoned in the Provincial Prison of Santa Clara, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison. His response to this unjust sentence was to start a hunger strike that lasted 21 days.

This was the first of many occasions that Jorge Luis appealed to this method of protest against the innumerable brutal beatings, being locked away in punishment cells without access to water or sunlight, and the offenses directed against him for being of African descent. Despite all this the dictatorship has failed to break the spirit of this young prisoner of conscience. On February 19, 1991 Antúnez declared himself a "Preso Plantado", which is a political prisoner who refuses to wear the same uniform as non-political prisoners and rejected "Communist Re-education."

Among Antunez's numerous acts of rebellion and protest one stands out above the others. It was his daring escape from Las Grimas prison, in Placetas, on October 17, 1992. Captured later in the larger prison that is Cuba, and returned to prison. In 1995, held in Kilo 8 Maximum Security Prison, known by the nickname of "Se me perdió la llaves" (I have lost my keys), he founded along with other prisoners of conscience, an organization called Pedro Luis Boitel Political Prisoner's Movement, dedicated to denouncing the situation of political prisoners inside the dictatorship's prisons and to promote civil disobedience in response to the brutality of their jailers.

The life of Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez), has been one of a commitment to freedom and the courage to exercise it and defend it. A young man (actually only 32 years old), of African descent and from modest economic origins has faced hatred both racially and politically motivated directed at him with the full force of a totalitarian dictatorship. His sole defenses have been his humanity, his courage, his commitment to defending his fundamental human rights and liberties. Ironically under the tyranny operating Cuba his defense and exercise of his personal freedom has under the perversion of the law there and the denial of justice been held against him by the dictatorship as his only crime.

At the time of this writing Antúnez's health has been steadily deteriorating due to beatings, hunger strikes, and lack of medical attention that he has suffered over the years of his imprisonment since 1991. In addition to the bone fractures he is having difficulty breathing and has a lung tumor which the prison authorities claim is not malignant, but refuse to allow him to see a cancer specialist as his health deteriorates. To protest this medical neglect Antúnez has been on a hunger strike since the beginning of April below is a translation of the story that appeared in the newspaper on April 25 about his deteriorating condition. Please speak up for him and demand his freedom and at the very least adequate medical care while held in the dictatorship's prison.

Provisional Prison Nieves Morejón,
Located in: Sancti Spiritus.
Case # 4 of 1990
Charge: Oral Enemy Propaganda
Case #5 of 1993
Charge: "Enemy Propaganda and Tentative Sabotage"
Concurring Sanctions: 15 years in prison
Age: 37
Home Mailing Address: Séptima del Sur # 3 entre Paseo de Martí y Primera del Este.
Placetas,Villa Clara CUBA
Telphone: (42) 8-3228
Relative: Berta Antúnez (sister)
Profession: Qualified Worker

5. Boycott Against All Abortion-Permissive Political Parties

Abortion is the greatest horror ever seen by humanity. If we care about God, humanity, or even ourselves we must work to stop it. The means are readily available and very easy. No one needs to “lift a finger”, spend a dollar, or suffer in any way to help these innocents. All that is required is for us to do, assuming that we continue to vote, is decide that we will never again vote for abortion.

The scale of the carnage certainly screams out for action, at least to those who have a conscience to hear it. Consider this: 3,025 people died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. 15 million people (troops + civilians) died in the First World War, and 50 million died in the Second World War (over six years).

Abortion, however, kills 46 million people every single year, making it the greatest slaughter of humans ever known on earth. And unlike the other horror mentioned, mass voluntary abortion is not merely historical, but, as of the time of this writing, is still heavily ongoing today. Unlike the other horrors, there are still relatively few people working to stop the legality of elective abortions.

We, as living humans, also “continue” today. This is our issue, our time, and our responsibility. We often wonder how peoples of the past stood by and did nothing while Christians were thrown to lions, slaves were traded, Jews were lethally gassed, and Rwandans were massacred. Similarly the Angels must wonder at us over this issue of abortion: they witness that we were all fetuses once, yet we would deny the humanity of fetuses, or that they deserve rights; we stand around while they are butchered in ways so cruel it would be certainly be illegal if it was done to animals.

We also have the advantage of learning from the other horrors of history; this is all the more reason why we have an urgent responsibility to stop this one. We cannot turn a blind eye and be guiltless. Nor is it easy to say we did much good with our lives if we ignore this issue.

It is a murder so horrible. The developing baby has only its mother and the Law to protect it, but neither are doing that. It has no weapons, no chance of escape, no one to appeal to for help, and no one to defend it when it is being ripped apart. It dies never having known any love.

The mothers actually bring their own babies in, voluntarily, to be killed! Therefore besides being execution of innocent people, abortion is an absolute betrayal of the sacred mother-child bond which is seen throughout Creation. It is perhaps the most evil thing a person could possibly do, yet it is perfectly legal and proudly defended in our politics today!

There is great power in the vote, and many lives were sacrificed so that we could have this right. But it is a power often misused by the common people, who seem to rarely vote according to their beliefs, and then wonder why the country is out of step with their beliefs. Even worse, many do not feel any personal responsibility for their vote, evidenced by the fact that many voters do not even vote at all (see; eg. only 48% voter turnout in the USA).

Unfortunately those who do act to criminalize abortion have long been duped into voting for political parties which vaguely hint that they are against abortion, but which actually do nothing to stop it when they are in power. It is a situation where we are lead to feel like we are accomplishing something, but nothing good actually gets accomplished.

No more! We of conscience must make it our primary issue when we give any political support. Under no circumstances will we any more support any political party which refuses to criminalize elective abortion, or which even hesitates to do so. We will not be content with “baby steps” that actually go nowhere. We will no longer be toyed with. This is an urgent and terrible issue!

We will not abandon the voting booth; our vote and chance will not be wasted. We will not surrender, but act. We will find and support somebody else, even if we have to resort to minor political parties not normally mentioned in the news. We will, at the same time, voice our displeasure so that no one has to guess at the reason for it. Then the message will be clear and we will have made a real difference.

This is a boycott; a very powerful political tool that would stop abortion as soon as it starts in almost every nation of the world. After all, there are few nations in the world not vastly (eg. 85%) dominated by some combination of Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists. Abortion is fundamentally against all of these religions. If even a quarter of them would boycott parties which allow abortion to be legal, the political force would be so great as to stop abortion before the next election. Wherever there are people who have a heart and a conscience, there is a way to stop this horror.

But we do not refuse to vote against abortion only for the sake of the unborn. There are so many other important reasons. For one thing, do you really want people who have no regard for innocent human life ruling over you? That's what happens when you vote-in abortion-loving political parties. Imagine what other atrocities such people are capable of! Under their rule, who can be safe? There is also the issue of our eternity to consider: our Judgment before God, and the eternal record of the right or wrong we did or failed to do. Do we want to die having done nothing about this issue? It would be like living in Europe in World War II and deciding to “go along with” the Nazis and their arrest and murder of Jewish people. Would that have been something to be proud of? Are you “going along with” abortion? Is that what you want your life to be like? You don't have to be a mediocre person. You have a choice and a chance to make a difference, and be someone who has real values and acts on them.

Social change it not hard to achieve; it only needs people to take an interest. As you go through your day, and all the things you care about, and all the things on the news, ask yourself how many of them are more important and urgent than the issue of abortion. You will quickly see that society is distracted from the things that are most important.

You do not have to answer for society, but you will eventually have to answer for yourself. Abortion is an atrocity of historical proportions and historical responsibility, whether that is realized today or not. You have to decide whether you want your name recorded in eternity as someone who was part of it, someone who didn't care, or someone who stood against it.

May God the Creator richly Bless all those who sign, implement, and propagate this boycott. Furthermore, may the names signed on this petition be an eternal testament of their innocence of the blood of the unborn.

6. Freedom for Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet

This is an international petition to urge the Castro government to free Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet who is unjustly held in a Cuban prison. Dr. Biscet is an Amnesty International Prisoner of conscience.

7. Release Dr. Biscet from Cuban jail

Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet González was born of humble origin in Havana, Cuba on July 20, 1961. Dr. Biscet is a political prisoner in Cuba where the dictatorship says it holds no political prisoners. Yet a multitude of respected human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have reported that Cuba does indeed have many political prisoners. Dr. Biscet is considered an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience.
Dr. Biscet is the founder and president of the Lawton Foundation, an organization considered illegal by Fidel Castro's government. The Lawton Foundation peacefully promotes the defense of all human rights through nonviolent civil disobedience. Dr. Biscet, a follower of Thoreau, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, has been mistreated physically and psychologically, has suffering beatings, threats, humiliations, blackmails, intimidating interrogations, and is now unjustly incarcerated by the Castro regime.