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1. NO to anti-dog law project in Russia

Newly introduced anti-Russian law project # № 458458-5 "About responsible animals treatment" needs to go to the garbage where it belongs.

Authors of such have no clue about the subject to the extension of the point they labeled two Russian National Breeds, Caucasian Ovtcharka, and Alabai ( common description name for Central Asian Ovtcharka aka Central Asian Shepherd) “dangerous breeds”.

Caucasian anb Central Asian Shepherds' dogs are livestock guardians with thousands' years history, nowdays are recognized by international purebred dog originations and World community as Russian Native Breeds. Both modern breeds were developed by generations of Russian Cynologists who carefully selected best representatives of aboriginal ancestors to form a unique population on this basis. Both breed representatives proved themselves into the best possible way by achieving excellent results in working qualities and confirmation in Russia and overseas, winning hearts of dogs’ fanciers and professionals.

Purebred dog breeding, as a part of purebred animal breeding, needs to be considered a historical element of Russian national culture. Outstanding National breeds of dogs and other animals, are as much of an integral part of national culture as Ballet, Vavilov Seeds Collection, matrjoshka etc.

The announcement of fine most valuable animals "dangerous" not only displays uncultivated, ignorant attitude to a heritage of ancestors, but also is a slap in the face to the Breeds’ authors and admirers around the World.

Only totally illiterate and clueless in the subject person, who does not care about the essence of the issue, can announce any domesticated animal “dangerous” by belonging a certain breed.

By statistics, such laws did not lead to any results other than monetary losses from the budget and overall stress level elevations, in countries such as in USA, where overall numbers of four legged friends as well as laws regulating relationships with those, grossly prevailing such numbers in Russia. American Kennel Club, and United Kennel Club, leading US dog registration organizations, that register millions of purebred dogs per year, developed special legal departments to counteract such law projects. Both Kennel clubs maintain sites highlighting their position and actions online , AKC , UKC, and other numerous organizations.

What is fairly elucidating, they already learned devastating effects of introductions of illiterate written laws. However, the economic damage is a minor issue in comparison with moral damage to prestige of the country that publicly "rejects" its own four-legged citizens, hanging up on them unclear "dangerous" labels. This is inadmissible.

There were published way more reasonable versions of pet laws, aimed to broad more than adequate existing laws governing relationships between two- and four-legged citizens of Russia.

2. Support County Funding of University Extension Office and Sweetwater County 4-H Program

The Sweetwater County Commissioners have cut their portion of the funding to the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Office and will be closing all of the programs it offers to the county, including the local 4-H program.

The 4-H program has for generations, provided programs to the children of Sweetwater County, as well as contributing most of the exhibits and livestock at the Sweetwater County Fair. Children can participate in projects ranging from raising livestock such as beef, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry and rabbits to leadership, robotics, shooting sports, gardening, and many more.

Please help us keep this funding for the youth of Sweetwater County.

3. Bring Back Glacier Mist

Secret has stopped making Glacier Mist deodorant.

4. Offener Brief an die National- und Ständeräte / Lettre ouverte aux membres de l'Assemblée fédér

Betrifft: (Nicht-)Wiederwahl Bundesrat Christoph Blochers

Die vergangene Wahlkampagne war – leider – durch eine einzige Frage überschattet, die Wiederwahl Bundesrat Blochers. Trotz des relativen Erfolges der SVP haben 70% der Stimmenden sich nicht für diese Partei eintschieden. Es scheint also, dass eine Mehrheit der Stimmbürger sich gegen eine Wiederwahl Herrn Blochers ausgedrückt hat.

Wir erlauben uns daher, Ihnen die folgende, an die Mitglieder der Vereinigten Bundesversammlung gerichtete Petition vorzulegen. Falls Sie mit deren Inhalt übereinstimmen, bitten wir Sie um eine Unterschrift und um Weiterleitung.

Concerne : La (non) réélection de Christophe Bocher au Conseil Fédéral .

La dernière campagne éléctorale n'avait -hélas- qu'un seul objet qui était celui de la présence ou non de Christophe Blocher au conseil fédéral.

Malgré le succès relatif de l'UDC, 70 % des Suisses n'ont pas voté UDC et il semble clair que la majorité du peuple Suisse ne souhaite pas la réélection de Monsieur Blocher au Conseil Fédéral.

5. Save Harry Potter

This petition is aimed at Joanne Kathleen Rowling to carry on writing more Harry Potter books. Millions perhaps billions of fans are counting on her to write one last book.

This would not only raise a national whoop of glory for book fans but also for those wishing for a further part in the HP movies, those who have depressed children, even bullying victims.

Please Please sign our petition even if you hate Harry Potter just to make the day of those who will be miserable with out it. We're counting on you.

6. Universal law for CO2 emissions / Ley Universal para reducir la emisiones de CO2 a la Atmósfera!!

Global warming is a problem that concerns everyone, but some governments (like USA, the most contaminating one) seem to do nothing about it. Their time is over. It's time for us, people of the world to declare what we want our governments to do for us, for this planet, for you and me.

El calentamiento global es un problema que nos atañe a todos, pero algunos gobiernos (como el de EEUU,el mas contaminante de todos) parecen ignorar este asunto, como si no tuviese nada que ver con ellos. Es hora de que nosotros, ciudadanos del mundo manifestemos lo que deseamos que nuestros gobiernos hagan por nosotros, por este planeta.

7. Remove Jeff Edmonds' Dog Lot

The dog lot located at 5206 Mockingbird Road has been a nuisance to the neighbors of Lynwood Lakes for more than three years. The "Coon hounds" being maintained and bred for sale at this location have been the source of hundreds of complaint calls to the residents of the property, the owners of the property, and both the Guilford County Sheriff's Department and the Guilford County Health Department.

A number of these complainants have medical problems and have suffered additional problems and resultant costs associated with ongoing noise. Their complaints and the citations that have resulted from them have had no influence on the behavior of the dogs owner who continues to refuse to control his animals.

We, therefore ask that the Guilford County Sheriff's Department use it's maximum efforts to bring to bear the force of the new animal control law passed by the county commissioners last year and force the closure of this business and that associated dog lot.

8. Protect Yourself from Household Cleaners

Did you know that most common household cleaners are polluting your indoor air and are bad for your health? Many all-purpose cleaners, oven cleaners, window cleaners, polishes, etc. are created from petroleum distillants, which are hazardous to your health.

Cleaners also contain dyes, perfumes, phosphates and formaldyde agents, which are dangerous to your health and which linger in the air that you are breathing in your homes. Many of these toxins are suspected carcinogens, and many are harmful to aquatic life when poured down the drain.

Companies do exist that create all of their cleaning products from safe and natural materials. Why are we supporting the companies that do not?

9. Remove health hazards from East Gardena Neighborhood

We have been trying to get a company, Angelus Block, the GARDENA PLANT, 252 E. Redondo Beach. Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90248, (310) 323-8841, FAX (310) 327-2291, to stop making noise 24 hours a day. They have refused to honor our request claiming they have permits that allow them to do as they please.

Our research shows that they are in violation, complaints have been made and we have yet to get a sustained resolution to the problem. Zoning Enforcement, Section I, County of Los Angeles Dept. of Regional Planning, 320 W. Temple St.,Los Angeles, CA 90012 has rendered the following,
"The Conditonal Use Permint (CUP) for the property 252 E. Redondo Beach Blvd. is current. Unfortunately, in reviewing the conditions placed on the business by the CUP, none of the conditions address your concerns. There are no conditions that limit the hours of operation.
Nonetheless, while the CUP gives Angelus Block the right to operate, it by no means gives them the right to operate through the night. If the current operation is in violation of other sections of the County Code, they should be enforced. If the property owner has stated that he has a permit that allows him to operate at night, then that is incorrect and because hours of operation is not part of the conditions placed on the property, it does not give them the right to operate at any hour if it violates the County Code, such as Title 13. Therefore steps can be taken to make Angelus Block comply with the other sections of the County Code."

The materials used to manufacture bricks, concrete, ete contains hazardous material which infiltrate the lungs and Angelus Block does not make any attempts to contain those materials.



11. Stop Alaska Salmon Stream Pollution!

Overview: Governor Murkowski and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) have proposed new rules to increase pollution in Alaska's wild salmon streams. Currently, state law rightly prohibits "mixing zones" in salmon spawning areas. The Governor's proposal will rollback these safeguards, and allow mining, sewage, oil and gas and other pollution to be dumped into our fish streams. The deadline for comments is September 10, 2004.

The Problem: A "mixing zone" is an area in a waterbody where pollution levels exceed water quality standards designed to protect people and fish. Normally, a pollution discharge must meet water quality standards at the end of the discharge pipe. When the discharge is too polluted to meet such standards, regulators often employ mixing zones - which are simply loopholes that allow compliance to be measured downstream, after the polluted discharge has dispersed in the receiving water. Mixing zones adopt the long-discounted notion that dilution is the solution to pollution, and in practice, they create sacrifice zones where water and habitat quality fail to meet the fish protection goals of the Clean Water Act.

The Solution: Speak Out! Let the Governor and ADEC know you oppose increased pollution in Alaska's renowned salmon streams (see talking points below):

Ernesta Ballard, Commissioner
Alaska Dept. of Env. Conservation
410 Willoughby Avenue, Suite 303
Juneau, AK 99801-1795
ph: (907) 465-5066; fx: (907) 465-5070

Governor Frank Murkowski
State of Alaska
Box 110001
Juneau, AK 99811
ph: 907.465.3500 fx: 465.3532

Attend a Public Hearing!!! ADEC will hold public hearings (see schedule below) and we need people to come out in force to reject this short-sighted proposal:

Fairbanks , August 24 from 4-6 p.m. - 119 N Cushman Street, Suite 101 .
Anchorage , August 25 from 4-6 p.m. - 716 W. 4 th Ave, Suite 200 .
Juneau , August 26 from 4-6 p.m.- Terry Miller Building , Suite 111

Send a Letter to the Editor!

Letters to the Editor
Anchorage Daily News
P.O. Box 149001
Anchorage, AK 99514

For more information, contact:
Cook Inlet Keeper (Anchorage Office): 907.929.9371
Alaska Center for the Environment: 907.274.3621



· Alaska Law Rightly Prohibits Mixing Zones in Salmon Streams. Alaska law currently prohibits mixing zones in salmon streams because mixing zones allow pollution at levels above state standards designed to protect fish. The state says it is simply conducting "housekeeping" to make permit decisions easier for industry and agencies; the fact is that the new rule will allow toxic pollution discharges in Alaska salmon streams where none occur now. Polluting industries have lobbied for years for this loophole, and now, the Murkowski Administration is set to reward them with yet another way to foist pollution treatment costs onto everyday Alaskans.

· Polluting Salmon Streams Will Hurt Fish Marketing Efforts. In response to the global glut of farmed salmon, the Alaska salmon industry is successfully branding and marketing wild, fresh and clean Alaska salmon to consumers who demand quality seafood. If the Administration adopts the proposed rules, farmed fish vendors will have a powerful to undermine Alaska salmon sales. Furthermore, salmon marketing and certification entities - such as the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Kenai Wild, Copper River Red Salmon and the Marine Stewardship Council - may be forced to amend their salmon quality specifications and grades to reflect fish taken from waters with heightened pollution from mixing zones.

· The Murkowski Administration Is Gutting Fish Habitat Protections. The Murkowski Administration has embraced an extreme anti-salmon agenda since taking office. At the start of his term, the Governor effectively silenced the biologists in the Alaska Department of Fish & Game's Habitat Division, by moving them to the resource development agency - the Department of Natural Resources. Soon after, he and his supporters gutted the primary state law which protects salmon habitat in coastal watersheds - the Alaska Coastal Management Program - by effectively removing citizens and local governments from decisions affecting coastal salmon habitat. The Murkowski Administration has also pressed hard to allow pesticide and herbicide spraying around salmon streams. Together, these sweeping changes herald disturbing rollbacks to common sense protections for our wild salmon and the people and communities they support.

· More Pollution Threatens Fisheries Health & Consumer Safety. The State of Alaska does not regularly sample and test salmon for toxic pollution. Research from the Exxon Valdex oil spills has proved that low levels of hydrocarbons - as low as one part per billion - can harm fish eggs and smolt. Furthermore, many Native and subsistence consumers eat large quantities of salmon, and toxins in the fish can bioaccumulate in human fat cells, leading to health concerns (especially for vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women and children). As a result, the current proposal to allow more pollution in salmon streams adopts a "head in the sand" approach to fisheries health and consumer safety.

· The Comment Period Falls During Prime Fishing Season. The Murkowski Administration chose to wait until the middle of the fishing and subsistence seasons to open a 45 day comment period - when those people who would be most affected by the proposed rule are unavailable. As a result, the comment period should be extended until October 31, to allow stakeholders a realistic opportunity to weigh-in on this important proposal.

For more information, contact:

Cook Inlet Keeper (Anchorage Office): 907.929.9371
Alaska Center for the Environment: 907.274.3621

12. Coal Harbour Petition for Off Leash Dog Park

We are petitioning the City of Vancouver and the Parks Board for an off-leash park in Harbour Green Park (Coal Harbour). In the past three years, more than 15 residential towers have been constructed and occupied in this downtown core. Most of these buildings allow for dogs.

The official charter of the parks board was to have an off-leash area for every community within six blocks of their residence. The nearest one to Coal Harbour is more than seven plus blocks away and currently under review to revoke the off-leash privilege.

However, there has been no city planning or look into shared spaces for an official dog park in Coal Harbour with off leash areas.

We are petitioning for an all-year round, full time off-leash dog area in Harbour Green Park. We would like the area clearly marked as an "Off Leash Dog Park." We do not want the park near any children's park/play areas.

We would like the park area to be clearly signed and defined as a dog-friendly area. The space needs to be adequate to throw balls for the dogs, have a game of chase/tug.

The area currently has many garbage cans for waste and is central to all the new buildings that have been recently occupied. It is a fabulous dog area as it is not surrounded by streets/cars and traffic. It is located on the sea wall. For more than eight months out of the year, the park is empty - only used by die-hard dog owners who are out rain or shine.

Shared space and use of our parks is one of the most beautiful things about Vancouver. We appreciate that some people have fears of dogs (large or small) or worry about their children (or their toys) when dogs are around and by creating a separate and clearly marked space we can ally those concerns.

In many areas across the country, cities like Calgary and Toronto have defined processes and successful off-leash park areas for their dog population. Further, examples in California through to Philadelphia, PA demonstrate that when a group of concerned and responsible dog owners work for a leash free area, additional benefits result for both community and dog owners:
-increased adherence to dog licensing
-increased improvement in picking up after dogs
-increased sense of community, where people meet their neighbours
-happy dogs who have 'free' time to run and play

"...The daily dog walk gives people a chance to exercise, to be out in nature, to meet with others and to create a community. Dog walkers find friends at off-leash parks; they also monitor each other and spread the word about courtesy, clean-up and control. A strong argument in favour of creating off-leash spaces is that availability of legal off-leash areas cuts down on illegal off-leash use, making dog-averse people more comfortable in public spaces because there is less chance of encountering off-leash dogs in unauthorized places."

General Rules We Propose for the Off-Leash Space:
-Dog feces must be cleaned up
-Dogs must be leashed to and from the off-leash area
-Dogs need to be under voice or hand-signal control
-Dogs showing signs of aggression must be leashed or, removed from the park
-People should carry a leash at all times
-Dogs must be licensed
-Dogs should not interfere with wildlife
-Holes dug by dogs must be filled
-Barking must be monitored and kept to a minimum
-Female dogs in heat are prohibited
-Young children must be closely supervised and accompanied by an adult
-Owners will assume responsibility for their dogs and their actions.

This petition is not only for a dog park but also a commitment of the dog owners to create a clean, safe and fun environment within the determined space.

Please help us create a dedicated space that allows our dogs to have a place to run and enjoy their beautiful city.

If you would like to be more directly involved in our efforts, you can email We can update you on our next steps and see how you may be able to help out!

13. NO Chains for Dogs

Many dogs are forced to endure a life of neglect, isolation and terrible extreme temperatures. Their entire life they are commited to be chained, roped or otherwise tethered outdoors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, an existence of despair, often , without benefit of adequate shelter.

Barely given enough food or water, they are tied and forgotten. Tell the congressmen and women of this Commonwealth that you want a change dog laws to ban this terrible practice. Make it an enforceable crime for dog owners to "tie 'em and forget 'em". Thank you.