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1. Petition Against Video Surveillance in Transportation Vehicles at Riverside Industries Inc.

Recent events have prompted the inquisition into a surveillance system for Riverside transportation vehicles. These cameras will give non-objective personnel the ability to observe every action of every person in extreme detail while using a Riverside vehicle.

While it is being argued that the installation of this technology is for the benefit and well-being of Riverside employees and consumers, the fact still remains that equal or greater harm can also manifest. The human condition has sometimes been agreed to include the idea that: humans make and learn from their mistakes on a consistent basis . With this in mind, it would be an frivolous to place the actions of anyone under video scrutiny in every situation.

Therefore, while the best intentions may be advocated by adding video recording devices to a vehicle, it simply isn't plausible to expect that anyone; be they driver, monitor or consumer will meet everyone's expectations all the time. Trusting in each other is the time-tested and [arguably the] best way to resolve conflict or dissent in any environment. Dissecting every action in every situation and after-the-fact is not a reliable means of security for anyone.

Some other reasons why surveillance cameras should NOT be installed include (but are not limited to): privacy, cost, mistrust, misinterpretations, increased stress, employee / employer dissent, peer contention and misconduct.

2. A Time For Change

Disabled persons in Newfoundland & Labrador have come under recent attack via Health and Community Services, whereby long term established care has been tested and tried by appointed Community Health Boards which lack educated and experienced personnel in being able to make proper judgment calls in often life threatening medical situations.

These boards are without specific direction or education on the need of individual clients and situations have arisen where disabled individuals have been left helpless and alone to provide for themselves.

Assessments previously conducted on clients with programs and services in effect as a result of these assessments have in many cases been privy to the discretion of front line workers, whereby irrational decisions have been made, and negatively affecting client services. Clients with sever and life altering disabilities are now being placed in unfair predicaments and many are taking ill.

Hospitalization of various individuals with severe disability requires specifically trained and experienced individuals to care for the patient. In all cases if this is a requirement of clients under the umbrella of Health and Community Services, then funding is channeled to the client for the purpose of employing these client supports. If however a client is hospitalized for more than 72 hours he/she will lose both funding and supportive service of the employee. This often puts grave detriment on the patient as most hospital staff are generally trained and have no experience in disease specific disability.

Persons with such osteo disease are now at severe risk of injury. This has to change.