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1. Earbuds For Learning

For years our school, Seaman High School, has fostered a love of learning in that many of our students agree with. They have always provided us with ways to explore knowledge and allowing it blossom into something further, something beautiful. Recently, our school administration has decided to stifle our creativity by enforcing this spiteful rule that earbuds are no longer allowed during our seminar time. This is not only forcing their rules upon us and destroying our rights of free thought, speech, and listening, but they are embracing an environment of conformity by making every student a slave to the same sounds as others. Earbuds not only allow us to learn better, as stated in Cheri Lucas' article on, "Music has been found to stimulate parts of the brain, and studies have demonstrated that music enhances the memory of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, including a study conducted at UC Irvine, which showed that scores on memory tests of Alzheimer’s patients improved when they listened to classical music." (Lucas, it also allows students to free themselves from the distracting sounds emanating throughout the classroom. Thereby, this petition has been created to allow students in the seminar classrooms access to earbuds, to further our learning and encourage our creativity.


This is a call on Nigerians to rise up in solidarity against the Non Governmental Organizations Regulatory Commission Bill currently pending before the National Assembly. The Bill provides that before an NGO can operate in Nigeria, it must obtain a licence from the Commission which is vested with very wide powers to monitor and control NGOs. The licence is valid only for two years and at the expiration of the licence, an NGO shall cease to operate except the licence is renewed. There is no objective criteria for the issuance or renewal of the licence. It is entirely within the discretion of the Commission and an aggrieved person cannot challenge a refusal to issue or renew a licence in court. And any person who operates an NGO without a licence is liable to imprisonment for 18 months or to a fine of N500, 000 or to both imprisonment and fine.
By this Bill, civil society organizations who express critical views about government and demand accountability from public officers will be emasculated, branded illegal, their activities proscribed and their members imprisoned. Only organizations that are subservient or absolutely loyal to government may be allowed to exist. It is another attempt to eliminate dissent that should be resisted by Nigerians. It is the most draconian incursion our democracy is about to experience. The implications of the Bill are far reaching and traverse political party lines, ethnicity and religion. It is a brazen attempt by our legislators to expropriate constitutionally vested rights of Nigerians. Express your rejection of this anti democratic Bill. Spare a minute and sign the petition.

3. Consumer Protection Against Big Tech Astroturfing

Astroturfing is a billion dollar industry that affects and manipulates consumers and that American people negatively funds terrorism create and spread fake news while astroturfing political lobbyist groups such as the MIC coalition attempt to garner the people's support to pass legislation that would, in essence, cut off much-needed revenue from songwriters and the independent publisher.

4. Mark Zuckerberg Shall Distribute his FB Shares to FB Users

Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that he, among other technical company owners, believes that the world must develop a system for a universal wage (see link). mark-zuckerberg-universal-basic-income
In order to accomplish this Yeoman’s task, someone must make the first move, and it must be substantial.
Mark has also stated that he plans to give away 99% of his FB shares to charity (see link). mark-zuckerberg-giving-away-99-of-his-facebook-shares-2015-12
The signers of this group believe that in order for true universal fairness to exist regarding this wealth distribution, the FB shares should be distributed amongst the users of Facebook, who are the real reason that Mark amassed such wealth. The users of Facebook will then own Facebook. At their discretion, each user/owner will be able to sell their share and then give the money to the charity of their choice, or retain ownership of the company.
Mark Zuckerberg owns over 475,000,000 shares of Facebook. Facebook has an estimated 1,500,000,000 users.


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6. Enact Probable Cause in United States Public K-12 Schools

Implementing a probable cause standard would decrease racial bias in schools. Probable cause reduces bias and discrimination against students of color, since a warrant must be obtained before carrying out the search, as opposed to a standard of reasonable suspicion--where no warrant is required for a search to occur and school administrators may search whomever they suspect, which disproportionately is minorities.

According to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights in March of 2014, African American students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times point six times greater than that of white students. In Ohio, African American students are thirteen point three times more likely to be suspended or expelled than white students, therefore students in these schools are over four times more likely to be suspended or expelled compared to the rest of the nation-- this is according to the Kirwan Institute in February 2014. The University of Columbia explains that generally, minorities receive harsher and more severe punishments than white students for committing the same offenses.

According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, as a result of racial discrimination, colored students can experience severe psychological trauma and feel criminalized for their ethnicity-- and as a result, racialized communities face a lack of minority representation in public offices and committees because they feel as though their voices do not matter in the grand scheme of things. In schools, minorities are racially targeted and punished significantly more than their white peers, and carry their experiences of racial profiling into their adult lives. Schools are where our country’s next generation learn the ways of the world-- a standard of reasonable suspicion will engender and continue the persisting racism in our schools and, consequently, society as a whole.

As stated by the National Education Association in March 2011, a standard of reasonable suspicion makes it much easier for the school district to enact harsher punishment policies for students, which usually come in the form of zero-tolerance policies. In these cases, minor infractions are dealt severe punishments. Zero-tolerance policies have been enacted in many schools across the country, leading to criminalization of students, even for the smallest of offenses, such as bringing cough drops or nail files to school. This increase in suspensions leads to increased criminalization of minorities in particular, as explained in our racial bias contention. The Ontario Human Rights Commission further details that, after experiencing this, students of color learn to distrust laws and the school system that criminalizes them. They are at an academic disadvantage compared to their white peers and become unlikely to achieve the same level of academic successes. Furthermore, when students are sent to juvenile detention centers, the quality of the education they receive drops drastically, which results in some students not receiving an adequate education and cannot contribute to society.

According to the University of Indiana, our nation’s schools are becoming a gateway to the adult criminal justice system. Criminalization of students in schools leads to a poor learning environment and develops an inherent distrust among students for both the nation’s laws and the school system, which reduces learning and productivity for not only the perpetrators, but disrupts the education for uninvolved students as well. This leads to students growing up and failing to become productive and law-abiding members of society.

Once suspended, students are more liable to become repeat offenders-- and this translates into their adult lives as well. According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, students, and disproportionately minorities, who face criminalization in schools are much more likely to commit criminal offenses as adults. In fact, as stated by PBS in 2013, 68% of all males in state or federal prison do not have a high school diploma. This evidence simply cements the notion that a standard of reasonable suspicion creates distrust in students and pushes these students into a later life of criminal offenses.

This is the school-to-prison pipeline, and it is a detriment to society, the economy, and our younger generation. Reasonable suspicion only exacerbates the issue, and causes more students to enter the pipeline. A probable cause standard would alleviate the racial bias on minorities in schools, allow them to continue their education and thrive, and become fully-functioning members of society.

7. Action Against Human Rights Violations in North Dakota

The DAPL Pipeline has been allowed to trample the human rights of Native Americans in North Dakota for almost an entire year.

The corporation in the name of greed has enlisted the State of North Dakota, it's Law Enforcement and National Guard to assault innocent peaceful and playful protesters trying to protect their land that was unlawfully seized. Hundreds of Elderly, Women and Children have been seriously hurt by a militarized police force.

8. Unblock Hejen Pize Qerej's Facebook account

Dear Facebook Team,

From 14th of October a friend of mine’s facebook account, Hejen Pize Qerej, his account has been closed. The below is his facebook account link:

I am as an active Facebook user and as a friend of ( Hejen Pize Qerej ) asking you to open Hejen’s account. I know him for a long time and as far as I know he is extremely nice person. He is animals and environment lover and a friend of them. He is also fighting against discrimination, execution, suppression/ oppression and prejudice.

I can only see one reason for blocking his Facebook account. There are people who are supportive of the tyranny regimes and their political parties in the Middle East. It is very sad to see Facebook that listen to those sort of people. By doing this, Facebook, indirectly supports those brutal regimes that try to terrorise, imprisoning and killing community activists, journalists, human right activists and Libertarian people. While you cannot support the suppressed people, please hand off their Facebook account and do not block them.

I am right now asking you to open Hejen Pize Qerej’s Facebook account, and hopping that Facebook continuo taking the right direction instead of being a tool on the hands of the tyranny regimes and their agents. I also hope Facebook find itself to be supportive of the rights of animals & human and environment

Yours sincerely,

9. LGBT Equality

It has come to my attention that the Judicial Branch is exceeding their authority when it comes to the fourteenth Amendment.

The fourteenth Amendment clearly states that all people born or naturalized in the United States are due to equal protection under the law and no state shall deny any person this right. However, the Judicial Branch seems to think that LGBT citizens who were born or naturalized in the United States should not be protected under equally under the law as stated in the fourteenth Amendment.

10. Freedom for Justin Cheong

Whereas: The life of Justin Cheong is the story of an American hero. Justin immigrated to the United States as a high school student, seeking to advance his education. He stayed to advance the principles of freedom, democracy, and equality. Now, Justin Cheong is held captive. He is imprisoned in a facility that holds immigrant detainees—an American concentration camp—and he is fighting for his own freedom and for the freedom of the young men who share his captivity. Behind prison walls, Justin continues his life’s work, pursuing the dream of a free and democratic nation in which “all men are created equal.” This petition exists so that Justin’s brave struggle will not be confined within prison walls. This petition demands freedom for Justin Cheong.

1 The case of Man Tou Cheong

Justin was born in 1990 in Macau, China, a small coastal territory just west of Hong Kong. His parents named him Man Tou Cheong. As a teenager, Man Tou gained citizenship in the nation of Portugal, and acquired a student visa to attend high school in America. He traveled to Minnesota, where he adopted the name Justin, and led a successful high school student career. His bright mind and obvious talents propelled him to advance to the University of California at Berkeley.

In California, Justin was able to thrive, finding direction and purpose to channel his great abilities. He became a student activist, championing the defense of public education and building a movement to unite people against all forms of bigotry and oppression.

Through his activist work, Justin met Liana Mulholland, whom he befriended and eventually married. Liana’s parents, both AFSCME union officials, became Justin’s legal U.S. “sponsors” so that Justin could stay and live in America after completing his education. Justin and Liana made a home together in Detroit, Liana’s hometown. They have been married for five years.

America is Justin’s home. He entered the country legally in 2007, and has remained in the country legally since then. His life is here, the people closest to him are here, and his hopes and dreams are here. His character and good standing are unimpeachable.

But these facts by themselves were not enough to protect Justin’s freedom. On Thursday, June 30, federal agents sought out and arrested Justin Cheong. Within hours, they had transported Justin to an immigrant detention facility in Monroe, Michigan, where Justin has been held without bond since that time. Justin has no criminal record and is not suspected of committing any crime—the federal agents held him captive on only a single charge: being born in the wrong country.

2 Immigration and the new Fugitive Slave Law

It is the most defining political issue of our time. In the United States and around the world, millions of people have relocated across national borders; it is the largest wave of global human migration since World War II. This modern migration has absolutely perplexed the world’s most dominant powers—nations have militarized their borders to combat peaceful and unarmed civilians, and politicians now rise or fall on the basis of their appeal either to a progressive internationalism or to xenophobic hatred. This polarized climate imposes new and intensified hardships on the already-embattled migrant populations.

The hardship of Justin Cheong is entirely the product of this anti-immigrant hysteria: government enforced, legally sanctioned hysteria. Justin committed no offense. He pursued what every American presumes to have the right to do—to move to or from any free and democratic nation in the world, in accordance with local rules and customs. He chose as his home a nation whose principles reflect his own—the belief that all human beings have inalienable rights. But Justin Cheong now sits in prison navigating an obscure and arbitrary legal process for immigrants in which human rights—and the human beings themselves—are thoroughly alienable. This process is separated from the rest of American law, operates outside the framework of Constitutional rights, and increasingly moves with the mechanical redundancy of an assembly line towards a predetermined outcome.

America’s immigration enforcement system is now the modern version of the Fugitive Slave Law.

Much like the 1850 law designed to further the apprehension of black Americans in the North—whether “fugitives” or not—today’s immigration system bears far stronger resemblance to kidnapping and enslavement than it does to any pursuit of justice. Most immigrants are deported to countries in which they would be working for miniscule wages for American mega-corporations, spending their scarce resources to buy American products, but never having the right to enter the very nation whose stupendous wealth they have created by their own toil. The torch of the Statue of Liberty does not shine its welcome inside the walls of America’s vast prison system for immigrants.

But there is one torch of freedom you can find there, behind the iron bars: his name is Justin Cheong.

3 Life in an American concentration camp

In the decaying town of Monroe, Michigan, a specialized prison holds Justin Cheong captive along with dozens of other immigrants. Some of the immigrants, like Justin, came to the United States with student visas to get an education. Many of the immigrants are refugees from Mexico and Central America, displaced from their countries of origin by the poverty and violence that American economic policy has created abroad. All of the immigrants hope to find peace and freedom.

Like Justin, most immigrants there are denied bond, held hostage for months at a time until the sheer oppressiveness of their captivity can compel them to sign papers agreeing to deportation. The standard procedure for denying bond is to designate an immigrant as a “flight risk,” which is perhaps the most ironic of all possible legal designations for people who are trying to stay where they are. The internal regime of the prison is designed to instill the stigma of being unwelcome and the feeling of powerlessness—the prison management works to aggravate racial and ethnic divisions among the inmates, to turn people against each other by enticing detainees to serve as the “good” prisoner who can enforce the regime against all the “bad” prisoners.

Justin’s unflinching dignity rises above the twisted social experiment. Justin is the advocate and beacon of hope for his fellow inmates. When Justin started to spend time drawing some fine portraits of the other prisoners, deep interest grew towards this talented young man, and a new sensation filled the air in the facility—there was kindness, and beauty, and friendship. Justin brought those things inside the prison walls. And he also brought his leadership, his fight for freedom, and his unshaken belief that oppressed people can and must stand up for one another as the most powerful means to stand up for themselves. Thanks to Justin’s efforts, a number of inmates have obtained legal representation through his own attorneys, and he stands as a devoted representative for hope and courage in a captive population, a proud and glowing torch where people are otherwise expected to be broken and invisible. Even in the darkest of circumstances, Justin shines as a wonderful human being, a champion of the oppressed, and a great American.

4. An American immigrant, civil rights activist, and champion of the oppressed

To his friends and loved ones, to his fellow activists, and to the countless people he has reached through his dedicated work, Justin represents the best qualities of people and brings out the best in others. In California and Michigan, Justin has been a frontline advocate for public education, for immigrant rights, and for the cause of equality for America’s segregated black and Latino communities. Justin quickly grew to become a respected leader in the civil rights organization, BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). Inherently fond of people, Justin has reached out to so many others—students, teachers, immigrants. And as a result, others have grown very fond of Justin. Through his compassion and enthusiasm, Justin has brought people together, young and old, people of all races and nationalities. Today, Justin carries on the tradition of leaders like Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Like them, Justin represents America’s highest ideals—he is a champion for freedom.

Champion of those who groan beneath
Oppression's iron hand:
In view of penury, hate, and death,
I see thee fearless stand.
Still bearing up thy lofty brow,
In the steadfast strength of truth,
In manhood sealing well the vow
And promise of thy youth.

-John Greenleaf Whittier, 1832
To William Lloyd Garrison

11. Let Disabled Veterans Continue to Serve in the Military

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all major businesses and corporations to hire people with disabilities. This applies to most government agencies as well, with one glaring exception—the U.S. military, which is not required to comply with the ADA.

Currently if you are wounded in combat, or for that matter, on the job on any military base while serving, the only way you can remain in the military is if you heal completely from your wounds and can continue to do the job you were trained to do. There are a few soldiers who were disabled in combat who are still serving, but the numbers are few and those lucky ones were chosen on a case by case basis. We’d like to see a policy change that will insure a path of rehabilitation and retraining, if necessary, for some wounded and disabled soldiers, so many of them can still have a chance at a military career and a life of dignity.

It is our belief that, once implemented, this policy change will eventually lead to a decrease of Veteran suicides, an increase in the morale among soldiers who become disabled, and add important diversity to the military that at this time is lacking in most places.

12. Bring Congress back from Recess

Under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution, we ask the President to call a Special Session of Congress.

This Special Session should address these 3 items:

1.) Human Rights
Action: a. Outlining the rights of Civilians (when apprehended or detained in Police custody, the process of public defense, easier process to restore voting rights to returning citizens) and -
b. the rights of police (proper/unified training, psychological evaluations, fair wages/ treatment for PTSD)

2.) Race Relations
Action: a. Updating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include anti-profiling language & increased funding to Community Relations Service (CRS)

3.) Gun Control
Action: Background Checks for those seeking to obtain a firearm and closing the Gun Show Loophole. A vote on reinstating the Federal Assault Weapon Ban.

13. Call for Mandatory Race Relations Program & Sensitivity Assessment for Police Officers Nationwide

Our country's history demonstrates that blacks are perceived as a threat, are more likely to be perceived as suspicious, and treated disparately by the law.

1. African Americans and Hispanics are 30% more likely to be approached/pulled over than whites,
2. African Americans and Hispanics are then three times more likely to be searched,
3. Last year African Americans were shot at by police twice as much as whites,
4. African American defendants are 75% more likely to be charged with offenses that carry sentence minimums compared to whites with comparable crimes,
5. African Americans serve sentences that are 10% longer than whites with comparable offenses.

Those with black/brown skin are historically and too often perceived as threatening, which results in the disproportionate arrest, injury and death of African American and Hispanic people across the nation.

1. President Obama's remarks 7. 2016:

2. Police killed 136 blacks in 2016:

3. Police killed over 100 unarmed blacks in 2015:

4. Cop admits he would have shot Philando Castile 5 times:

14. Petition to Restore ALL Rights to Ex-Felons

When you have been tried, convicted and sentenced for a felony according to what type of felony it is there is a Maximum sentence the Judge can impose. If that is 5 years (including successful completion of Parole) then that sentence would be a 5 year "cap".

At the end of your 5 years you are released from parole stating that you have complied with and successfully completed your sentence and can return to an active and productive life in society...At that point and time BY The LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES COURTS You can no longer be held for that Crime. At that time: ALL of Your Basic Human and Civil Rights as A U.S. Citizen should be Restored! The Right to Vote, The Right to Bear Arms, The right to Privacy. etc.

This is where the 2nd Amendment should not be altered to each states pleasing and should remain as was intended by our Forefathers as part of the Constitution of the United States and should be a Federal Law that would override any and all State level rules or laws, You are in actuality serving a life sentence. You have to when asked state that you are an Ex-Felon when applying for a job, housing, loan, license, assistance, etc. Why?

They say "Do the Crime...Do the Time", BUT when does that time cease to exist? As it is now, it doesn't. You are still living a "Life Sentence" being Judged by all at every juncture or corner you turn. What does the term Successfully Rehabilitated Mean? It means you have successfully completed all aspects of the imposed sentence and terms of your parole/probation. That you have been reintroduced to society as a normal & Tax Paying Citizen. Then normal it should be. Including but not limited to Your Right as an American Citizen to Vote, to Privacy & To Bear Arms (I can say one thing in defense of this...If in the commission of your crime you used a vehicle as a weapon does that mean you can no longer have the right to drive a car when you are released? I do believe that common sense will make this point.) & I also believe you should not have to disclose your past unless by law it is clearly stated as is with certain types of crimes: Sex Offenders, Child Molesters etc...

I hope People will read this and understand the Logic of restoring Your Rights!

15. Protect the Religious Rights of Halton Catholic Students

Sign this petition to show you expect the Halton Catholic District School Board to defend the civil and religious rights of Catholic students!

The Halton Catholic School Board (HCDSB) debated, and voted down on May 17, a Discipline Policy for students, as reported in the Toronto Star (May 24, 2016).

On Tuesday June 21, 2016, the HCDSB trustees who lost the vote brought back the policy back, in violation of the school board's rules, because of political pressure from the media and the Ontario government.

A slim majority of trustees again passed the Student Discipline Policy without making the necessary changes to ensure the protection of the religious and civil rights of Halton Catholic students!

For more information, here is an article in a local newspaper for more information on the June 21 meeting:
** as usual, there are many errors with this journalists perspective, but she gets many of the basics about the meeting right.

A Serious Problem with the Policy

The Discipline Policy for students employs the word "homophobia" as an unacceptable behaviour. However, the Policy document never defines this word.

The problem with using this highly politicized word, without any definition, is that a student could be called "homophobic" simply for stating the current teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage, family life, sexual activity or other important topics.

The Webster dictionary defines “homophobia” as: “Disliking or fearing homosexuals to an unreasonable degree.” No student should bully or persecute a student who identifies themselves as homosexual. However, in today's political culture, it is possible that the expression of the Catholic faith could be considered by some to be "homophobic" and therefore we must protect the civil and religious rights of our students to express the Catholic Faith in all areas, especially on controversial topics.

Proposed Solutions for Protecting Our Children

One solution:
* a definition of “homophobia” and any other wording necessary to make sure students who support or express Catholic teaching may not be prosecuted for “homophobic” behaviour.

Another solution:
* a review of this Discipline Policy by a Canon lawyer would help ensure that all wording of this important document protects the duties and rights of students, parents and staff to be able to freely express, explain, talk about and in any way promote the teachings of the Catholic Church, especially those teachings which are considered controversial and politically incorrect today.

Petition Sponsor
Maureen Murray on behalf of The Halton Family and Life Association (HFLA). HFLA educates and organizes Halton taxpayers to promote life and family issues in their local politics.

16. Ile Perseverance residents must have their own MNA

The people of Seychelles together with our brothers and sisters of Ile Perseverance demand/petition that upon Ile Perseverance becoming an Electoral Area (District) after the dissolution of the National Assembly the Seychellois people living at Ile Perseverance must be allowed to vote for their own Member of the National Assembly in the coming parliamentary election in 2016. The Inhabitants of Perseverance and the people of Seychelles are not in favor of the inhabitant of Perseverance voting in a special voting station and casting their votes by the use of envelopes for an MNA of a district they are no longer residing in.

The Inhabitant of Perseverance with the support and backing of the people of Seychelles believes that it is their rights to have a voice and an elected Ile Perseverance representative in the Seychelles National Assembly to lobby and take their goals, agenda, concerns and aspiration on a National Platform.

We are asking the Legislative, executive and Judiciary bodies in Seychelles to render the inhabitants of Perseverance their rights to choose their own MNA.

We ask that the Electoral commission respect the rights and dignity of Ile Perseverance's occupants and do the necessary to give them the same voice and benefit as all the other 25 districts in Seychelles.

They will no longer be marginalized or disenfranchised. We want the inhabitants of Ile Perseverance to have their own elected MNA. Thank you

17. Black lives matter to Black People

Recently there have been calls for other races to respect the lives of black people. It made me start thinking about my own experiences and that of other black people I know. Yes, I admit racism exists and is pervasive toward the black community. But we must acknowledge that most crimes against black youth occurs at the hand of another black youth. If we keep refusing to recognize this fact, we will not be able to bring change to our communities all over the world.

We are enraged when other races stereotype us. Yet we are silent in the face of colorism/intra racism (whichever term you want to use). Black men and women are constantly praising features we connect with whiteness. Except no matter how light your skin, straight your hair or mixed you are. They will not accept you as their equal. You would think with that thought black people would deal with the seeming inability for us to accept ourselves. Yet still we stand tall praising anything that is closest to whiteness.

We refuse to take individual responsibility for ourselves and the children we make. We blame others. And we cannot see why our state in this world is not improving. Immigrants come to this land and their communities advance and ours do not.
Our focus is off. We need to pay attention to the actually destructive forces in our community. Black on Black crime, Intra-racism, self hatred, black men, women and children division. Lets try to fix these issues. It is unrealistic to expect outsides to come into our neighborhoods and improve our lives.

We are the only ones that can make our neighborhoods safe. Outsiders will only do what they have done in the past. Use us as an example for all that is wrong with the world.

We need to change. We need to march in protest demanding not for whites to accept us, but use to accept ourselves.

18. Grant citizenship to all members of the Hebrew Israelite Community!

We, the IDF Soldiers of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Israel, now call upon our Prime Minister and the Ministry of the Interior to give just and due recognition to the contributions of our Community to the welfare and protection of the State of Israel and grant us and our immediate families full citizenship.

We serve compulsory military service, some of us risking our lives for the well-being of the country we love. We are equal citizens on every battlefield and on any military mission [...and, just last year, we buried one of our young daughters serving in the IAF who lost her life on guard duty!] yet our parents and our families continue to be discriminated against daily. It is a biased citizenship. In other words, we are denied full equality in Israeli society. It should be emphasized that many of our family members have yet to even receive permanent residence! Even though we have lived, worked and paid our taxes in this country over the last 46 years, and have educated our sons and daughters to proudly serve the Nation, citizenship prevention challenges our lives and livelihoods.

Our existential insecurity and disenfranchisement is unfair and offensive, and contributes to much undue suffering and loss. The Jewish community has demonstrated that it is loyal and just to its law-abiding citizenry. The Hebrew Israelite Community continues to contribute to the State of Israel in every available field. We add to the charm of the manifold ethnic diversity of the Holy Land and Israel's special place in the family of World Nations. For years, this government has reassured our community that we will ‘eventually’ achieve equal citizenship. Now, after 46 years of peaceful community life in (as well as loyal service to) Eretz Yisrael, it is time for the State to fulfill its righteous promises on our behalf. In Yah Yisrael We Trust!

Sponsored By: M.B.W. and A New Day (Sanctioned and Registered Amutot)

19. HUD: No More Attacks on Homeless People!

An estimated 74% of homeless people do not know of a safe and legal place where they can sleep. But instead of providing such spaces, city after city across the United States has criminalized homelessness by tearing down encampments and arresting homeless people for inevitable "crimes" like sitting on the sidewalk.

There is plenty of blame to go around for this deplorable situation, but one unmistakable villain has been the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Year after year HUD doles out funds to cities without regard to how they treat their homeless citizens.

Between a city that treats homeless people well and a city that treats them cruelly, HUD simply hasn't cared. Finally, HUD has belatedly agreed to take the issue of criminalization into account when handing out funds, but it intends to do so in the most meaningless way possible. Enough is enough. HUD shouldn't be paying cities to mistreat homeless people.

20. Allow the rights of Driving and Traveling in Alaska

We the people of Alaska, grateful to God and to those who founded our republic nation and pioneered this great land, in order to secure and transmit to succeeding generations our heritage of liberty to travel unrestricted within the Union of States, do ordain and establish and give this Command.

21. End the ban on the Confederate Flag

The confederate flag is a symbol of American history. It is a symbol of the Confederate states of America! Not a symbol of being racist.

The flag represents history of the United States of America. So banning a tv show because of a symbol of American history is on top of a vehicle is just uncalled for.

What happened to civil rights?

That's my question to our government.

22. The sale of Millers Point NSW Housing properties is not valid

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the
Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.


Brings to the attention of the House:

I have been living at MILLERS POINT for many years; I received a Termination Notice under section 85 of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010 saying that the NSW State Government will proceed with the sale of Millers Point NSW Housing properties which in my opinion is an INVALID DECISION.

Because the selling of Millers Point properties is being debated, I lodged an application claim before the NSW Residential Tenancies Tribunal on my own right and on behalf of other community members whose interests have been aggrieved by that government decision. I raise the following legal serious issues that need to be considered by the Honourable NSW MINISTER FOR HOUSING, as follows:

1. Whether a decision made in March 2014 by the NSW Government to sell Millers Point NSW Housing properties is INVALID.
2. Whether Millers Point is a protected Conservation Area.
3. Whether Millers Point is listed as Heritage Conservation Area under a Heritage Act.
4. Whether Community consultation process was conducted for the selling of Millers Point as a Heritage Conservation Area.
5. Whether a Community Consultation Report Outcome is available for revision by the general Public.
6. Whether the Community Social Group of Millers Point is being discriminated because their status as low income workers
7. Whether the 'Rights Doctrine' has been tested in order to make a decision to sell a Heritage Conservation Area.
8. Whether rights to be consulted as 'POLITICAL CITIZENS WITH RIGHTS TO VOTE AS-OF-RIGHT' has been breached under section 41 of the Commonwealth Constitution.
9. Whether “rights to be heard” as a principle stated at Common Law has been denied as a whole in all the above listed claims as issues of seriousness relevance AT LAW.
10. Whether section 109 of the Commonwealth of Australia has been breached by 'Wrongful Actions in TORT by NSW State Government'.
11. Whether the NSW State Government has mislead its Constituents,
13. Whether the NSW Residential Tenancies Tribunal has jurisdiction to rule out all the above listed claims.

23. Yes to one Obama Gun per Household

Make one free Obama government gun available to low income families for self defense.

Each American should be armed and ready to protect their families in an emergency.

The United States Governmet should offer (1)one gun free per household. It will be a lesser calibur and price gun. Each applicant shall not have any serious violent felonies on their record.

Americans are being stripped of their rights to bear arms.

Sign this petition to make every law abiding family available (1)one free gun to protect their families and homes from terrorists and intruders.

24. Support human rights and women's rights in Asia, Africa, Arabia, Middle East, and India

Stop the slavery of women in poor continents which have poor human evolution and civil rights, and stop fanatical religion that is killing each other.

Evolution means progress and an open mind, and learning, research, culture, and resources for education and science.

Stop the horrible effects coming from uneducated social classes in throughout the world.

25. Mandate the FCC to stop broadcasting of the female-derogative "B-word" on TV

The “B–word” is a derogatory word, a pejorative*. Yet it is spoken on TV every day, in reference to women and girls.

Repeated television-broadcast use of this word implies worthlessness and inferiority of half the population of our country. It is a verbal manifestation of hate and misogyny against female-kind. And it is now used in every single show on TV, just about – from cartoons and comedy, to drama, “reality” and talk shows. We can’t escape it! Its prolific use is teaching the whole next generation of kids and young people that it’s ‘normal’ to refer to women as “B”+ "itches."

Women are not “B-words” and it’s time we stopped allowing this hate-speech against women on TV. Sign this petition to encourage Congress to pass a bill mandating that the FCC stop the broadcast of this vile and prejudicial word on television networks and programs.

*Pejorative (definition): adjective 1. having a disparaging, derogatory, or belittling effect or force.


26. Equal Voting Rights For All American Citizens

As of today the voting laws in Iowa restrict convicted felons from voting for life. Since 1997, twenty three states have changed their disenfranchisement laws to allow convicted felons to vote after incarceration and parole/probation is over.

Iowa, however, has gone back and forth on the issue due to change in state officials.

Denying convicted felons the right to vote is counterproductive to a successful rehabilitation and re-entry into society.

Our United States Constitution and its amendments guarantee voting rights to all American citizens.

27. Don't Let Mark Die in Prison

Mark has been in the Georgia Department of Corrections since 2010. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis-C prior to entering prison.

The State of Georgia, Georgia Department of Corrections has never provided the necessary drugs and medical treatment for the Hepatitis-C, even though there is a cure.

Mark has now been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and end stage liver failure. He will dead within a few months; without better care it could be weeks due to failure of other organs, a heart attack or kidney failure.

Mark should receive a medical reprieve and be released to his family immediately.

No one should have to suffer in this manner, it is cruel.

28. Give all Americans The Right to Vote

The voting laws in Iowa restrict convicted felons from voting. Since 1997, twenty three States have made reforms to their disenfranchisement laws.

Iowa however has gone back and forth on the issue because of their change in state officials. But, no matter which state official is in office, denying convicted felons the right to vote is counterproductive to a successful rehabilitation and reentry into society.

29. Canadians against discrimination of men and boys in government funded programs

On October 3, 2014, Kellie Leitch, Status of Women Minister, announced that $1.1 million has been allocated to fund eight programs dealing with cyberviolence against women and girls. Last month, another $25 million was committed over a five-year period to combat violence against Aboriginal women and girls. No funding has been committed to address cyberviolence against men and boys, who are just as susceptible as being victims as women and girls.

A common trend and norm that seems to be thriving is that only women and girls are victims, while men and boys are not. The office of the Honourable Kellie Leitch acknowledged that women can be just as culpable to violence as men. The fact that eight men to two women commit suicide in Canada each day is another ignored issue facing men and boys.

Stop a Bully, a Canadian registered national charity founded by Trevor Knowlton in 2009, has published bullying statistics that show it is not just females who are bullied, but also males, according to a 2011 Ipsos Reid survey of 416 Canadian teenagers:

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms forbids gender discrimination. Is the Government of Canada guilty of violating the Charter by not providing equal funding and protection against cyberviolence to males? Canadians should ask themselves, “Why are men and boys not treated equally to women and girls, where gender equality is the expected norm?”

30. Support Texas Prison Inmate Rights

Group dedicated to ending Texas Prison Inmate Civil Rights abuse. This is a place to discuss inmate story’s and human rights violations and abuse by the state of Texas, Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the contractors serving the state in contracted prisons and state jails. Please post your stories of mistreatment, poor living conditions, abuse by guards any civil rights violations.

1. Extreme Heat in non-air-conditioned State Jails and Prisons resulting in death.
2. Meals being cut to save cost.
3. Inhumane treatment by prison employees and guards.
4. Lack of proper medical care if any at all resulting in death.
5. The lack of human basic civil and human rights.
6. Dangerous unsanitary conditions, resulting in illness and even death.

Together our voices can bring change!