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1. Patients Wanting Fairness and Accountability from Health Insurance Carriers

Dear Patient:

In these times of escalating healthcare costs, it is important that consumers receive their full value for healthcare dollars spent on insurance premiums.

At times, and without your knowledge, health insurance carriers will not reimburse your doctor for a number of approved procedures that are used to help get you better.

By signing this online petition, you can request that the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) investigate and make sure that insurance companies are accurately paying for the care you receive, are accurately reimbursing for your care, and that they are not denying covered care without reason.

If appropriate, please forward to your friends/family.

2. Doctors Wanting Fairness and Accountability from Health Insurance Carriers

Dear Doctor:

The current trend in New Jersey by insurance carriers seems to be to deny health services with the underlying message that “maybe we will pay you later.”

This petition will be directed to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) to alert them should you have any complaints regarding improper denial of coverage for the services you provide your patients.

Services such as initial exams and re-evaluations, therapeutic modalities and others are examples of services that are improperly denied and should be reimbursed.

As the basis for denial, some carriers even go so far as to provide false statements suggesting that you are not licensed to perform these services.

Your filing of legitimate petitions and/or complaints will help DOBI understand the problems you and other health professionals you are facing along with looking for corrective measures.

3. ANJC Scope of Practice

This is the most important element to chiropractic in NJ.

4. Dr. Scott for Graduation Speaker

We are requesting to have Dr. Rob Scott be the "keynote" speaker at the Chiropractic Graduation Ceremony on August 6, 2005. We understand that he has been asked to speak as the outgoing Dean.

As a class we would like to hear a motivational speach from Dr. Scott, not a speach about being an alumnus of the school and supporting the national organizations. We also do not think it is fair to have him represent the school when he is no longer employed by the university.

5. Add Dr. Russell to our Blue Cross Blue Shield Network!

This petition's goal is to add Eric G. Russell, DC, to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Network allowing the residents of Commerce, TX the right to choose Dr. Russell for their Chiropractic care.

This peition is directed to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas. Its goal is to add Eric G. Russell, DC, to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Network, allowing the citizens of Commerce, Texas the right to choose Dr. Russell for their Chiropractic care. Dr. Eric Russell is the husband of Dr. Yvonne Villanueva-Russell, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University-Commerce, and has opened a Chiropractic office, Beacon Chiropractic in Commerce, Texas. Dr. Russell has appealed the decision denying him inclusion as a participating provider within the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network since the recommended number of Chiropractors within a 75 mile driving radius of Commerce has been met. It is my desire as a Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas policy holder (Texas A&M University-Commerce, Commerce ISD and Zurn/Quest employees) to add Dr. Russell to the in-network provider list so that I may have freedom of choice concerning my healthcare providers.

6. Don't ban student mock adjusting

Macquarie University currently has one of the world's best chiropractic courses. Our graduates are renowned world wide for their skilled level of adjusting. This could all come to an end. The university is "attempting" to put a ban on thrusting in skills class as of 2001. This would mean that there is to be "NO THRUSTING BY STUDENTS ON ANY OTHER STUDENTS". This has come about because some students have been injured while practising their skills and are now suing the Department. If the "No Thrusting" rule is introduced it would be a disaster for the course and the reputation of chiropractic in Australia. It is imperative that students develop their psychomotor skills and experience what patients experience by actually performing the adjustments (out of lock-up) on their peer students. Not on the unrealistic mannequins the Uni is trying to replace students' bodies with. All this rule will do is promote unsupervised underground adjusting by students and cause more injuries. The potential risk to the public at the outpatient's clinics from the implementation of this rule is completely unacceptable. Students should be made fully aware of the risks, and made to sign a disclaimer from the first day they enter the course and again at the beginning of each year. Don't let the University take the easy way out. Explain the issue to your family and friends, get on the net and tell other chiropractors and student through out the world what is happening. We need lots people to sign this petition for the University to reverse its decision.

7. Support Chiropractic medicare cover

1985- thex report stated that chiros should be covered under the medicare scheme etc...