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1. Save the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Cheerleaders The Belles

Below are the key points relating to the changes for the Belles in 2014:

• The squad will be managed internally ensuring they are closely integrated within the Club, resulting in their activities being aligned to the Bulldogs overall strategic goals.

• The group will broaden their role to engage more actively with the Community program.

• They will hold an ambassadorial role where they will represent all areas of the business.

• They will increase their focus on fan engagement on game day & events.

• The uniforms of the squad will evolve to incorporate a contemporary sport and healthy lifestyle look, through to corporate dress wear.

We understand and welcome new strategies and duties for the Belles and we will support that 100% but we feel that the Belles will be working more as promotional women at game day rather then being the great inspirational cheerleaders they have always been. We welcome the new uniforms on the squad but please dont take the Belles away from the sidelines.

Over the years having learned from each other, worked together, and co-operated for a common goal we feel that it wont be the same without the Belles at a home game.

Please let's continue to work as a team, where Together Everyone Accomplishes More! It's a win-win solution for all.

We ask that you reconsider your decision (in regards to the above point highlighted), and welcome our Belles back to the sidelines in 2014.

Please restore our pride. Embrace our Excellence. Save Our Tradition!

All Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs players, staff, cheerleaders and fans are 1 family!

2. Bulldogs to wear '54 jumper on permanent basis

The '54 design is simple yet unique. This is not meant to anti our club, I love the club. It is pro our history and our great jumper.

Looking at polls on club boards and fansites, around 90% are in favour of the '54 design.

3. Keep Kimmorley with the Sharks

Against his wishes, Brett Kimmorley earlier this year signed with the Bulldogs for 2009. This is a great shame and needs to be rectified.

All Kimmorley wanted was to finish his career with the Sharks, and he has been repayed in this atrocious manner, especially after playing great football and helping the club achieve so much this season.

4. We want Willie Mason to Stay at the Bulldogs!!!!

Stop Willie Mason from leaving the Canterbury Bulldogs Rugby League Football Club.

5. Bring the Bulldogs Back to Belmore Sportsground

Canterbury Council wholly owns Belmore Sportsground. The Bulldogs hold a lease on the sportsground, which expires at the end of 2006.

The club has been situated at Belmore since their inception in 1935 but facilities are now dilapidated and the club has not been given council or government funding to redevelop the sportsground.

In April 2005, Canterbury Council made it clear that they were happy for the club to upgrade Belmore but would not pay for any of the ground or facility's development. This has led the Bulldogs to seek another home base. The sportsground is central to Belmore's identity and is the heart and soul of the Bulldogs.

For 70 years, as players and fans, people of all nationalities in Belmore have come together under the royal blue and white banner. The Bulldogs played 1st Grade games at Belmore Sportsground. Our community has gathered as one at Belmore Sportsground. Our past, our tradition and memories are at Belmore Sportsground. Our future should include Belmore Sportsground.

An upgraded Belmore Sportsground will surely attract the fans the Bulldogs need, and Canterbury Council must seriously consider how to help the Bulldogs.

Whatever is decided, the answer is not to force a traditional club, with a traditional support base in Belmore and some of the most devoted fans in Australian Rugby League, to relocate elsewhere. It is a recipe for disaster and disharmony in every way.