Petition Tag - black culture

1. Honorary Landmark Status for SISTAS' PLACE (Best Little Jazz Club in America)

As Sistas' Place Celebrates its 20th season opening, September 20, 2014 featuring the Charles Tolliver Quintet, we have launched a petition campaign to seek support for Honorary Landmark Status. This request is in recognition and for the preservation of this important Black Cultural Institution in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

In the face of gentrification and loss of Black Cultural Institutions, Sistas' Place, remains a beacon light for Jazz greats and upcoming artist bringing their music back home to wear it was birthed. In 20 years, we’ve housed the sounds of Cecil Bridgewater, Eddie Gale, Sonny Fortune, Antonio Hart, Gary Bartz, James Spaulding, Vanessa Rubin, Donna “Tolivu” Cumberbatch, Olu Dara, Jimmy Owens, Reggie Workman, Stanley Banks, Carla Cook, Ed Stoute, Amiri and Amina Baraka, Kenyatta Beasley, Keith Loftis and Anthony Wonsey to name a few.

We have, without paid staff (all volunteers), fought to make this great music affordable and available in the heart of our community. All the Jazz masters have performed and will continue to perform at Sistas’ Place for this reason and the traditional principle "The band must get paid".

2. National Black Woman’s Heritage Month

The legacy of the American black women is such that it must be recognized as distinct and culturally significant to the advancement of the black community and the American Society.

Therefore to designate a time to recognize, reflect and remember black women is necessary and relevant to "when and where we enter" because it celebrates the mother of civilization and dignifies her contributions to human and humankind.