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1. Leisure Facities for Banbury

Banbury is a large town in the middle of England with a population of around 46000.

It is a mixed population with a demographic of young families, familes and commuters to Oxford, London and Birmingham.

For years the people of Banbury have been asking for better leisure facilities with no success.

Now, the local council have 3 proposed local developments and not one of them includes any longterm plans for leisure.

The plans are for more retail facilities. Yet we are in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the 1930's and the town centre is already full of empty shops.

In addition, the plans to continue to grow the town with larger capacity warehouse facilities based on the M40 corridor suggest the ambitions of the local government are still to make this a successful town. A successful town needs good quality and good choice leisure facilities.

Drive 30 miles east to Northampton to the leisure area of Sixfields where there are numerous restaurants, pubs, a bowling alley and a large multiplex cinema and you will always meet people from Banbury. If people are willing to spend money on petrol, food and the cinema (even with petrol at its highest for years), why not spend it on leisure in Banbury.

In addition, we get more jobs in the town AND a new range of employment skills and company experience.