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1. Simon Baker for God on Supernatural!

Simon Baker from The Mentalist should play God on Supernatural!!

If you agree, sign please!!

2. Review Biased Coroner: Inquest into the deaths of Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed

The Inquests into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Mr Dodi Al Fayed were biased to the sense of the Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker 'telling the jury what to examine as evidence'.

When he first took over the role of the inquest from previous Baroness Butler-Sloss, he stated something along the very close lines of: "This inquest will be fair and all avenues will be looked at equally".

Near the end of the Inquest, he was practically telling the jury what to examine, I.E the 'lack of evidence to support Mohammed Al Fayed's claims of conspiracies'. Now, that is biased in any form.

3. Zoning of the Kanata Woodlands in the Beaverpond Area

We are sending this e-mail and message to you because of your interest in preserving environmental land in the area north of the Beaverpond/Kizzel Drain.

A proposal by the City of Ottawa to amend the City of Ottawa Official Plan and Zoning to allow a subdivision to accommodate some 3,000 homes in an area which has significant environmental value has been appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) by a group of Kanata Lakes/Beaverbrook residents as well as the Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association and the Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital.

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Hearing of the appeals will be held at the Walter Baker Centre (Kanata Recreation Centre) on Terry Fox Drive (100 Walter Baker Place) and will commence at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, November 7, 2005.

The evening of November 9, 2005 has been set aside to hear the views of the public at large. The Public Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 9, 2005 for the Walter Baker Centre commencing at 7:00 p.m. You can attend both the formal sessions during the day and, in particular, the public session which we encourage you to attend and to give your view to the OMB - verbally, in writing, with photographs or a combination.

If the development proceeds as proposed, a significant portion of the community heritage and its forest will be lost along with the attendant recreational and natural environmental amenities.

The OMB gives serious consideration to the views of the public, particularly when there is a strong contingent of the public making representations to the Board on issues being considered.

4. Save Barrhaven/Walter Baker Sk8park

Ok, so... Apparently our skatepark is not being put up this year. We need as many signatures as possible so tell everyone you know that has gone to the Baker skatepark to sign!

5. Bring Dr.Who To BBC Canada

All we are getting are the cut Tom Baker doctor episodes and not all of them please sign this petition for us to actually get all the doctors shown and to show the future episodes of Doctor Who as well.

Thank You.

I signed The one for BBC America