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The Ministry of Justice is planning to raid 25% of the general damages and past losses (often including money to compensate to parents for the years of care they have provided) awarded to babies' who are brain damaged as a result of clinical negligence in order to subsidise the cost of legal aid in other areas of law. This is known as a 'Supplementary Legal Aid Scheme'.

In effect it is an extra tax on the most vulnerable and deserving victims in society and would make it unrealistic to take cases forward on legal aid, making a mockery of the so-called concession made to leave these cases 'in scope' for legal aid. In other words it is as good as scrapping legal aid for all clinical negligence cases through the back door.

The MoJ has admitted that in cases run under 'no-win no-fee' there will not be a 25% deduction, although solicitors will be permitted to in successful cases to deduct upto 25% as a success fee. (They can use their discretion not to, whereas there would be no discretion at the Ministry of Justice) .

For a copy of AvMA's submission to the MoJ click here:

2. Investigation regarding University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

Joshua Titcombe died in 2008 as a result of failures at the maternity unit of University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust. There have been at least 7 deaths there recently.

Whilst there has subsequently been an investigation by the Care Quality Commission and currently there is a police investigation, information has emerged which shows various official bodies knew of serious and systemic failures at the trust, wider than maternity services, and did little or nothing about them. The trust was awarded NHS Foundation status in spite of this and information has been suppressed. This comes AFTER Mid Staffordshire.

It is vital that lessons are learnt about failures in the CURRENT system of regulation to protect patients in the future.

Action against Medical Accidents ("AvMA" - the charity for patient safety & justice) supported the Titcombe family with Joshua's inquest and continues to work with them to campaign for an independent investigation into the wider issues concerning the trust.

3. A legal 'Duty of Candour' in Healthcare - "Robbie's Law"

Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA – the charity for patient safety & justice) is campaigning for the introduction of a legal duty of candour in healthcare in the UK.

In other words, we are calling for the Government to create a law to make it a legal requirement to inform patients or their next of kin of errors or incidents in their healthcare which have or may cause harm.

We are calling this “Robbie’s Law” in honour of Robbie Powell and his parents Will & Diane. Robbie’s case and their courageous campaign over 19 years has come to symbolise the need for such a law. For full details see our website: