Petition Tag - assistants

1. Proctor School District: qualified educational assistants

Special education students are assigned assistants who are unqualified to support their needs.

2. Stop the Ill-treatment of Assistants and Coordinators

We, the undersigned, demand fair and proper treatment of Assistants and Coordinators!

The physical and mental abuse must stop!

We demand our basic rights:
-More desk space
-Direct natural light
-Quiet working conditions - no nagging managers, no repeated announcements about delayed pizza delivery
-Climate control that is actually controlled
-Privacy in case we need to call our doctors to discuss strange growths in strange parts
-Food that is easy to digest and no more bread in garbage bags
-Salary increases that amount to more than $50 per paycheck
-End of GrantSQL, PRS, Concur, E-Budget, E-Bridge, Trouble Ticket, SUN, Travel Request Forms etc.