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1. Boycott Aquababies

This petition is against the legality of Aquababies; these are tropical fish kept in cold water, in a very small tank. The owners are told that the tank only need be cleaned out every six months -- the reality is it should be cleaned out once a week or more. "Aquababies" KILL fish with their instructions and provided 'equipment'.

2. Anti Aquababies

These little boxes that are at the register at the impulse area are for people without a heart. If you have any biology background, youll know that a self contained ecosystem is near impossible. There is just a fishy or three in a box. Supposedly the fish are supposed to live and be healthy with 360 degrees of clear plastic, very little care they insist is needed, and they stick frogs, snails and fish in a plastic box and basically seal their death. This is cruelty to animals and it needs to be stopped. Ask any fishkeeper will tell you that this is not right and if you search anti aquababies, you will find many many people are against the things and I personally as well as others think they need to go.
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