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1. Save Free Anti-Bullying And Empowerment Centre From Closing

Beyond A Joke Incorporated is a not for profit centre built for young people so they have somewhere to turn for help and guidance.

We offer a free drop in centre, support groups and social club. We also offer a volunteering community service to bring people together to end bullying in a non-violent manner. Government will not support this project after stating they would. The founders funds have run out and the doors of this centre will have to close if help is not forth coming.

Many parents are approaching Beyond A Joke Incorporated in shopping centres when fund raising crying because their children as young as 12 no longer want to live due to bullying at school. Beyond A Joke Incorporated is trying desperately to stop any further suicides by young people who feel suicide is the only way to escape bullying. Please sign this petition for us to see support and recognition from Government on the importance of this service for parents, young people and communities.

Government official simply states not for profits are closing due to non funding. This is not good enough. The Government has a duty of care to people who have no money or support to seek help.


2. Teens against Bullying

I wanted to start this petition because I feel that schools are not held accountable enough. Schools don't provide a safe haven for students to come to.

There are a lot of neglected or brush to the side comments that are being made and nothing done about it.

I want the schools to create a safe haven for students, somewhere where they can feel safe to vent, and an outlet where they can feel confident that something will be done.

3. Support Anti Bullying Education in Schools

I'm starting a petition for anti bullying education to be part of the UK curriculum. It should not necessarily be solely aimed at the act of bullying but should also include general care and consideration of fellow pupils.

All laws and regulations regarding anti-bullying for schools to do on the Department of Education website are optional. With growing numbers in teen suicides each year this is appalling. According to the Tellus 4 survey carried out by the Department in 2009/10, the number of children there are currently in UK schools that could be the subject of bullying is 28.8 per cent

All teaching staff should be thoroughly trained in how to handle bullying in a positive way, again this training is currently optional in all UK schools.

4. Australian Anti-Bullying Law Reform

This petition is to gather all the people of Australia to press for nationwide reforms in relation to psychological abuse in the Criminal and Workplace Codes.

Due to the increase of suicide, complaints and the economic cost of bullying reaching into the billions, the current legislation has been proven inadequate in dealing with the matter. Prevention only works when there is an incentive to implement the proper procedures to eliminate it.

Therefore we also seek an amendment of the Penalties and Sentencing Acts, so that mandatory counselling and rehabilitation programs are implemented, with an option of incarceration made available in cases where suicide or other extreme outcomes may occur.

5. Stop Bullying!!

Since I was in school- There has been bullying,
People Crying sighing and Now that I am moving to Older school!! Next year- I want this Crap to Stop!!

You want to go to school in the morning with a smile on your face, You have to enjoy Your breaktime instead of being Worried that someone will hurt or abuse you,If you fell This is Vital,sign-If not thats your calling!

Thanks for reading,