Petition Tag - anfal

1. Recognition of Genocide against the Kurds in Iraq

Canadian Parliament passed a motion on 16 March 2010 recognizing atrocities took place in the Kurdish city of Halabja on 16 March 1988 with Iraqi planes used poison gas to kill thousands of Iraqi Kurds; as crimes against humanity as the first nation in the World recognizing the suffering of Kurds in Iraq.

"On 16 March 2013 when we will remember these atrocities on the 25th anniversary; a new motion will be submitted to the Canadian Parliament asking for the recognition of this event and the Anfal campaign as genocide against Kurds of Iraq. Canadian Parliament's approval of a motion which recognize these atrocities as genocide will give hope to humanity that the justice will prevail."

2. Prosecute Iraqi genocide charges in the International courts without delay

Our understanding was the genocide perpetrators in Iraq could be brought before an international court, so as the court verdicts could have shaped an international dimension and the offenses were approved according to the international standards.

Besides, the charges could have been implemented as emerged. Confined criminals will be a proper way to bring the big crimes to a halt.

During July 2007 the Iraqi high tribunal of crimes decided to detain and act against 423 of those accused, later on the Iraqi tribunal on August 10 2010 in a new outcome distributed arrest warrants to 258 individuals living in Kurdistan region, although some of the accused are now living in: Germany, Austria, Swiss, Holland, Briton…etc.