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1. Revolutionize Transportation Technology in New Zealand

Alternative fuels, Bio-fuels, H20 powered, electric cars.

2. Stop the Dams in Sudan!

Having experienced the effects of the Merowe Dam on the environment of the Fourth Cataract region (flooding), the local people (forced resettlement), and their past and present culture (drowned), we are extremely concerned that the Sudanese Government seems ready to implement four more hydropower projects in northern and eastern Sudan.

This means that there will be three dams constructed on the River Nile, one at the Dal Cataract, one at Kajbar in the Third Cataract, and one at Shereik in the Fifth Cataract. The fourth dam will be built on the Atbara River, the last tributary of the Nile. None of these dams is actually necessary given the existence of alternative sources for energy production.

None of these dams has the consent of the local population who will be the ones most affected by the dam implementations.

3. No Nuclear Jordan

أشـهد أنا المـوقع أدناه بأنني أردنـي الـجـنسـيــة تجاوزت الثامنة عشر من العمر و بكامل قـواي و مؤهلاتي العقلية. أوقع عـلى العريضة أدناه مطالباً حـكومتي في
الـمـمـلـكـة الأردنـيـة الـهـاشــمـيـة تــوقــيــف الإجـراءات و الإتـفـاقيات المعمول بها حالـياً و للمستقبل لإستخراج عنصر اليورانيوم المشع و المسـرطن من الأراضي الأردنـيـة كونه يـؤدي إلى تطاير غبار اليورانيوم المشع بالإضافة إلى غاز الرادون الـمسرطن و وصوله إلى قصباتنا الهوائية و أجهزتنا التنفسية كما أطالب بعدم بناء و إلـغـاء مـشـروع مـحطة الطاقة النووية و التي أثـبـتـت الـمـأسـاة الأخـيـرة في الـيـابـان خطرها على السكان أينما كانوا في الأردن. كما نـطـالب حـكـومـتنا الـرشيدة بالتوجه إلى تحويل كافة هذه المشاريع إلى مشاريع الطاقة المتجددة من رياح أو أشعة الشمس.

Sign the petition below calling on the government in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to cease all procedures and agreements currently in force and for the future for the extraction of the radioactive and carcinogenic uranium from Jordanian territory. The extraction can be a source of radioactive uranium dust in addition to radon carcinogens which threaten our air and our breathing.

I request not to build and cancellation of the planned nuclear power plant, which has been proven by the recent tragedy in Japan, to be a threat to people wherever they are in Jordan. We also call upon our government to go to convert all of these projects to renewable energy projects from wind or sun.

4. RePower Alberta

RePower Alberta Launches Across the Province
Building the Green Economy

Sierra Club Prairie and Greenpeace Canada have launched the Province-wide campaign, ‘RePower Alberta: Building the Green Economy’, to spread the word on the growing economic and community benefits of moving to a green economy.

RePower Alberta is calling on the Alberta Government to implement a Green Energy Strategy.

After decades of riding the roller-coaster of the fossil fuel sectors’ boom and bust cycles, the time has come for Alberta to forge a new energy path. Renewable energy resources and green just solutions are ready and waiting to meet our energy demands.

Diversifying our energy economy will provide tens of thousands of new clean and green jobs for Albertans, and has the opportunity to create just solutions to our province’s contribution to the climate crisis.

The government of Alberta, however, continues to drag its heels on introducing real policies, strategies or legislation that would set Alberta on a proactive course of strengthening the province’s position with one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

Building the Green Energy Economy - We know that Albertans agree! In 2009, an Ipsos Reid poll showed that 78% of Albertans prefer that the Alberta Government provide subsidies for Renewable Energy over the Oil and Gas Sector.

Alberta can continue building a strong economy while maintaining a healthy environment for all of us to live in. We call upon Albertans everywhere to raise their voices and demand that the power be put back into our hands!

Check out and please help us spread the word, and sign the petition.

5. Support Renewable Energy Feed In Tariff

An eastern Province has taken a proactive approach toward Renewable Energy and those who use it by implementing a Feed In Tariff for those who chose to make renewable energy part of their lifestyle.

Feed In Tariff's allow Albertans to financially benefit the way business in Alberta benefits, in that the flow of electricity over and above use is provided to others at the same rate it is charged. Several European countries use this method to ensure ample utility for all residents.

This would be an excellent opportunity to promote renewable energy in a Province known for "dirty environmental techniques" and to instead be known as "Clean Energy For Albertans, by Albertans."

6. We The People Commission the Greening of America ~ Now!

We must utilize logic as it concerns the use of genetically~modified organisms. Limits must be defined in terms considering public health, rather than financial considerations. We now have clean technology available to replace toxic plastics, agricultural poisons, and fuels; even jet fuel.

Governmental administration is called for to subsidize proper alternatives to environmentally~destructive practices. Please limit incentives to those corporations and individuals who are willing to "go green" in every way possible. Require that all investments [s.a. mutual funds] be limited to truly ecological sustainable projects, businesses, cooperatives, and corporations.

Empower and morally support "bioneers" who wish to implement new approaches and create jobs. Projected time~lines for transition to sustainable technologies would take too long and compromise of quality is wrong.