Petition Tag - airfares

1. Cheaper Airfares for Mount Isa

I am a proud Mount Isan, I love the town, the people and the lifestyle.

But I believe it is un-Australian to have to pay such expensive airfares to fly in and out of the Outback.

Nobody has been able to give me a plausible explanation to why these airfares are so ridiculously high.

The local airport has gone from 100,000 passengers to 200,000 per year in the last 10 or so years, so business growth is huge, particularly in the last few years.

2. Military Fares

We are asking that airlines provide reasonable airfares for the active soldiers, so that when they get their leave (because they have no choice) that they can get fares that they can afford so that they can visit their families at holiday times.

For example my son spent a year in Iraq, and survived many close calls. Many of his friends died including his captain. He did receive a purple heart, but now he is in Germany and for him to come home for Christmas it will cost him $1200 which he does not have. Is this fair??

He puts his life on the line everyday for americans, and what does he get back????