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1. We want Warden and Matron regular posts in Navodaya Vidyalayas

a) The House system should be looked after by a ‘Warden’. A warden post should be created by NVS as per the the ratio and strength of every Vidyalayas.

(b) This Warden post could be filled by a criteria such as any retired JCO ( Junior Commissioned Officer) , having completed 15 years of service in Army, for instance.

(c ) Similary for girls house it could be a permanent or regular post such as a ‘Matron’.

(d) The teachers are not at all interested in carrying on with House Mastership., even if HM/AHM Allowance is enhanced to 1500 or 2000. They don’t want to be H.M or A.H.Ms

(e) Morever, they can teach more effectively and devote more time to the students’ academic performance, if relieved of this onus and responsibility of House Mastership.

(f)If the post of Warden and Matron is sanctioned in NVS, then the Safety and Security of the Vidyalaya would be better looked upon. The Warden/Matron having no task in his/her hand apart from looking after their wards, would meticulously and painstakingly take care of the students, and their needs.

g)The teachers having teaching task and other responsibilities such as CBSE incharge, JNVST incharge, etc ,and being members and co-ordinators of different committees of the Vidyalaya are unable to attend to the psychological and emotional needs of the students. They are unable to give time to each and every wards of their house individually though they want to, due to the dearth of time.

h) Hence for Safety and Security of the students in JNVs, to avoid untoward happenings Warden post should be sanctioned in all JNVs.