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1. Allow The Secular Student Alliance At Paradise Valley High School

I’d like to thank everyone for their support. I never imagined that the petition would gain so much attention. However, this whole situation has been a large misunderstanding between myself and the administration.

I never meant to shed Paradise Valley in a negative light. PV is an accepting community of diverse students and staff. I have met with my principal and this situation has been resolved.

The misunderstanding was completely on my end of things. Again, thank you all for your activism and support.

2. Marist's Atheist, Deist, and Agnostic Youth (MADAY)

This group exists for the small, but vociferous, minority of atheists, deists, and agnostics at Marist College that are tired of their constant misrepresentation here. It's our objective to begin putting a face on our personal beliefs, to commit ourselves to assisting those in need, and demand equal representation alongside Campus Ministry.

Our organization, that should be applying for club membership with College Activities this Spring, should be respectful of all religious beliefs, and be ambassadors of our spiritualities as model members of the Marist community.

Let's show everybody that atheists, agnostics, and deists are capable of doing good things, just not necessarily in the name of God.

Our slogan?

"Good People, Doing Good Things...Just Because."