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Over the years there have been piecemeal amendments to the Electoral Law, culminating in the General Laws Amendment Bill [H.B. 3, 2015] that is currently before Parliament.

The General Laws Amendment Bill was, however, preceded on the 10th of April 2014 by an undertaking made before Parliament by the Hon. Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, that the Executive would table a Bill containing thoroughgoing and comprehensive amendments to the Electoral Law in the following words: . . . "this [Electoral Amendment] Bill [H.B. 7, 2013] does not purport to complete the constitutional alignment process. This Bill is only preliminary to another Bill which I will soon bring before Parliament to complete all the remaining matters in the Electoral Act that require alignment with the Constitution . . . I, therefore, reiterate that this Bill marks the beginning of the constitutional alignment process with respect to the Electoral Act. I undertake to Hon. embers, to complete the consultations on the outstanding alignment issues before the end of the year".
Hansard 10 April 2014, Volume 40 No. 53

As more fully appears in the annexure to this petition, your petitioners appeal to this August House to take into account the following issues for the democratic overhaul of Zimbabwe’s Electoral Law:

1. Enhancing the Independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

2. Reviewing all legislation that negatively impacts on the Political Environment, hence on the electoral process and its outcomes.

3. Reviewing provisions relating to Voters Registration and the Voters' Roll to ensure they enhance the credibility of Zimbabwean elections.

4. Enhancing Voter Education by creating more space for stakeholders other than ZEC.

5. Extending the franchise and the Right to Vote to all citizens of Zimbabwe, wherever they may be.

6. Reconstituting the Electoral Court in compliance with the Constitution.

7. Ensuring that the invitation of Election observers is an exclusive function of the body entrusted with the conduct of the polls.

8. Enhancing the role of ZEC in electoral boundary Delimitation.

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