Channel 4, 'Big Brothers Little Brother'.
United Kingdom

Zezi Ifore is in my opinion a terrible presenter. Last Sunday, she did not attend to host the show and left George Lamb to do the show himself. Apart from that, her presenting skills haven't been improving at all. She struggles to read a cue card.

It came as a let down to many fans of the show. She has been having many negative reviews on Digital Spy, Myspace, Bebo and so on.

There are thousands of people who will agree with me when I say that Zezi is a absymal presenter.

That is why I'm making this petition to confirm that her duties as presenter are absolutely useless.

She is a nice girl but BBLB is not suitable for her.

Thank you for your consideration.

All joke or horrible comments will be removed.

We the undersigned call on Channel 4 to strip Zezi Ifore off her duty as presenter for 'Big Brothers Little Brother' due to her ridiculous presenting skills plus her absence from last Sunday's show.

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