Hackney Council
United Kingdom

Zero tolerance to discrimination & bullying must be put into practice
Reinstate Natasha Now - stop the persecution - standing up to discrimination & bullying is not a crime
For a fully independent investigation into the Call Centre.

Hackney’s Unite Equalities Officer Natasha Johnson has just been dismissed by Hackney Council. Her only crime is to stand up and report racism, sexism and bullying. One of the allegations against Natasha relates to a Unite leaflet which identified that such harassment is taking place. The Council are now making it a crime to report harassment. This cannot be allowed to stand. Workers are coming forward – for example the collective letter signed by black workers in Lambeth identifying institutional racism. Based on the treatment of Natasha by Hackney Council every one of the Lambeth employees would be facing dismissal!

Hackney Council is at a cross roads, will it be an authority/employer that will lead from the front nationally in making the change or be dragged to the bottom? We believe that Hackney can, as it has done so in the past, take the lead on issues of equality, but it will requires that words are put into practice. Hackney Council must it make clear in practice that workers can come forward and report harassment and be safe from persecution!

We therefore call on Hackney Council to:

• Immediately reinstate Natasha.
• Agree to conduct the independent investigation as proposed by the unions.

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