#Children's Rights
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Sex with children has become part of the economy of many nations, including the Philippines, India and Cambodia. Vacations with the goal of raping children have become big business. Collectively, we watch the news stories, cheer the missionaries who care for and rescue these children, and cheer the police officers who move forward despite insufficient resources to deal with the scope and growth of predator activity online.

Yet internationally, Canadian government stands silent, trade relations with these countries uninterrupted. With all the power at Canada's disposal to affect change in the world, and in the face of these children’s horror and the moral outrage felt by Canadian citizens, there are zero reprisals at the federal level. The question must be asked: Is Canada serious about ending child sexual slavery?

The news is horrific, and as Canadians, historically, we stand for justice and the protection of those without a voice or the power too protect themselves. While the social factors contributing to this issue must be addressed, we, as a country, must first place the same value on the lives and well-being of these children as we do on our own. Parents who feel forced to sell their own children because of extreme poverty, and the greed of governments willing to turn a blind eye to the violence inflicted on their children by sex tourists.

We are aware that some of our own citizens are preying upon these children, yet we, as a country, have yet to act substantially in addressing this problem? What could be a more important issue to act upon? What government legislation could be more urgent or needed?

The booming industry of child sexual slavery is the greatest human rights atrocity of our time. The following cbc news links example the sheer lack of government funding against the growing specter of online child rape images and foreign brothels full of children.





These news stories reveal, how missionaries rescue children, one by one, where there are hundreds of thousands and where cyberpolice catch predators, one by one, there are hundreds of thousands.

The Canadian government, as imbued with the power of people it serves; as an extension of the people's will, passion and commitment, must act against these child sexual exploitation atrocities.

1. We, the undersigned call for embargoes of export and import against countries unwilling to prosecute child sexual predators and those offering up children for sexual exploitation.

2. We, the undersigned call for censorship of child pornography on social networking websites accessible within Canada.

3. We, the undersigned call for mandatory prison sentences for those convinced of child crimes, conditional sentences do not protect children.

4. We, the undersigned call for the automatic registry of convicted child predators open to the public and law enforcement agencies.

5. We, the undersigned call for foreign travel orders removing the ability of those suspected of sex tourism to travel to vulnerable countries.

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