The accumulative greenhouse gas emissions from cradle to grave of plastics can exceed 56 gigatons by 2050 and account for 10-13% of the total remaining carbon budget. This seriously threatens the ability of the global community to keep temperature rises below 1.5-2 degrees C by 2100, which is crucial to prevent irreversible chain reactions, large-scale destruction of ecosystems and devastating natural disasters.
Plastic is also destroying our oceans, the largest natural carbon sink for greenhouse gases, absorbing 30-50% of atmospheric carbon since the industrial era. 8 million tons of discarded plastic enter our oceans each year, choking wildlife and habitats.
Plastic causes alarming feedback loops. Heat causes plastic to release powerful greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. This then causes the planet to get hotter, breaking plastic down into more methane and ethylene, increasing the rate of climate change which increases the breaking down of plastic, a vicious cycle.

I call on the Singapore government to end single-use plastic bags nationwide. Get everyone into the habit of using reusable bags and be strict. Charge at least $5 for a plastic bag. This will have a huge positive tangible impact on the climate.

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