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North Yorkshire Highways agency
United Kingdom

Our children, who are of primary school age, have no allocated road crossing to access their school safely. Due to the rural location of the school, the majority of children travel by car and have to cross a busy, fast road from the school’s only parking option.
Children, parents and pushchairs, bunch up on a narrow, overgrown pavement, waiting for gaps in the traffic to cross, or for cars to voluntarily stop and allow them across. This is further complicated by a T junction. It is only a matter of time before an accident occurs, with several near misses already.
All we ask is for our children to be able to access their education safely.
A zebra crossing would ensure all cars have to allow children safely across, not just those who choose to. The crossing is used approx 40,000 times a year by children alone, surely this warrants any funding.

Please help us achieve a safe crossing for our children and sign our petition for a zebra crossing for Scotton Lingerfield school.

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