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I as Flintshire Crisis Centre are renting the Annex part of Ysgol Y Fron school in Holywell. The council still own the other half of thos building.
I have asked can I rent it so that it can become part of the crisis Centre and serve the community. They are planning on selling the ground to builders who will knock it down and build more flats.
It will serve better to stay as it is and become part of the community. We need services which will benefit the community.i know we need houses as well but we also need thos crisis Centre to help people of the community be able to access help day or night as the centre will be open 24 hours a day also as a walk I centre as well as a referral centre. We need to take action and sign this petition so I can take it to the council, maybe.they will listen if we speak out now. Thank you in advance.

Please sign this petition so that I can take it to planning and show them that the people of Holywell are behind the Crisis Centre and would rather the school stay and become part of the community. It has been part of Holywell for so long and would be an ideal property to help the community. The crisis Centre will home a mental health crisis Centre as a walk in.and referral for people who live with a.mental health condition an office to get your dressings.changed by a nurse, ambulance service will use it for training purposes. We will offer training to people who need to change their career path, first responders will use the centre, we are hoping to get other services involved.but we.need.the rest of the school and.not just the annex.
Please please sign this petition and get tour friends and family to sign it as well.
Thanks for your time

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