#Media Issues

Under the cover of anonymity, more and more Nazi propaganda gets uploaded on You Tube every day and every hour. These videos are racist, fascist, anti semitic and against the human dignity.

For this reason those videos are violating the law of many countries. You Tube peddles these problematic material freely on its site.

The flagging and review mechanisms are wanting.

Enforcement of the (only officially valid) Code of Conduct is lax and inconsequential.

Given the de facto reality that the net is a mainstream media of youth culture, the poor and irresponsible policy of You Tube on Nazi propaganda material strikes us as an outrage!

These things considered, we demand:

Stricter reviewing and filtering of the "NS-section"!

Stricter policies on materials violating the basic dignity of the human person resp. stricter ENFORCEMENT of existing political guide lines!!

Please support our request.

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