SteveWillDoIt hit 1 million YouTube subscribers in almost 30 days, and YouTube will not send him his 1M plaque that every over youtuber who has over 1M subscribers. The problem is that Steve does some weird stuff: uses drugs and alcohol in his videos which is against the YouTube guidelines, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve his plaque, he is one of the fastest people to reach 1M subscribers ever on YouTube. We need your signature to make YouTube send SteveWillDoIt his 1M subscribers plaque

Please sign this if you are a SteveWillDoIt fan and think that he is being mistreated by YouTube for not sending him his 1M subscribers golden plaque. We need to make this happen beacuse Steve is a good man and he deserves the plaque like every other YouTuber who has reached 1 million subscribers on the platform

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