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Victor Hugo Yogane had a successful business in Cameroon selling music CDs and cassettes. He was arrested and tortured in 2006 when he sought a permit to sell a CD of political songs critical of the government. He fled the country leaving his daughter behind in the care of extended family members. He claimed asylum in the UK in 2006.

Madeleine Naka is Victor’s partner. She had already been detained and tortured for her political affiliations and had fled from the threat of further violence a year earlier. She arrived in the UK while she was six months pregnant and claimed asylum. Eventually Victor and Madeleine were reunited by the Red Cross. Their two sons were born here and have never known life in Cameroon. The family has begun a new life in Sheffield, where they attend church and have made many friends.

However, the Yogane family now live in fear of being forcibly removed from the UK to Cameroon, which is a dangerous country for people like them, active opponents of its corrupt government. They fear for their lives if they are deported.


We the undersigned are deeply concerned about the situation of Victor Hugo Yogane and his family, currently living in Sheffield but in fear of deportation to Cameroon, a country the children have never known.

They have submitted a joint claim for asylum based on new evidence. This evidence shows that the authorities in Cameroon are still looking for Victor and that his young daughter was sexually assaulted in April 2008 by security forces unable to find him. There is also evidence of Victor and Madeleine’s affiliation to the Muna wing of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) whose members are recognised by the Home Office as being at particularly high risk (Country Guidance case FK (SDF member/activist – risk) Cameroon CG [2007] UKAIT 00047).

We ask that this claim be allowed and that the Yogane family who were reunited in the UK after suffering so much in Cameroon be granted the right to stay here.

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